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Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Queen of Swords
Tarot Card: Queen of Swords
Planet: Venus
keywords: Mature Emotions, Self-Sufficiency, Diversity
Affirmation: My life is rich with color and beauty.
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Queen of Swords Meaning

Artistic, beautiful and open to all sorts of ideas, the Queen of Swords is a tough lady with a strong mind. She is independent, strong-minded, and should never try too hard to compromise or rely on others when she can do certain things on her own. Energy could be drained if we try to fit in, and with this card in focus, we must acknowledge our own self-sufficiency and the energetic strength that is found in our heart. Since it connects elements of Air and Water, it speaks of the great struggle between emotion and reason in our lives, and shows how to balance out all those extremes and tough choices with joyful moments and a time for music and dance. She has several faces but comes down to one, authentic center of personality, and represents the feminine power that fits into any group without judgment or compromise. The source of emotional intelligence, this card advises us to listen to our heart while protecting it with our mind.


Since the Queen of Swords stands for the strong feminine and independence, it requires equality in any bond and won’t settle for less. Here, you can see a woman that is ready to spend her lifetime alone, just to protect her sense of worth against any collective judgment or taboo. She comes with admiration, focus and togetherness, where the partner in love is often a partner at work as well. Things need to be clear as she finds balance either way, reacting naturally to outer triggers and influences. An image of independence, she might show that our current relationship doesn’t meet our need for personal freedom.


As a strong feminine force floating through the element of Air, the Queen of Swords may be a tricky authority figure that others fear or judge in some way. Still, her leadership abilities are incredible, as she understands that each person in a team has their own task to commit to and sees boundaries between different people clearly. This can be rewarding for those who are being used in some way, while seemingly damaging for people who put their own responsibility onto other people's shoulders. She knows how to stay functional while committed to emotional issues and won’t get easily distracted for as long as things are allowed to flow in their natural way.


The only way to influence the strength of the Queen of Swords is to overthink things and put too many information into our brain. She has a way with words and information, but they need to be grounded and find the essence of the message so our physiology can be at rest. She signifies problems triggered by stress and compromise, stomachache that make us feel weak and as if someone took away our power, or fears of independence and solitude that lead to blood pressure issues. She requires stability of mind so we can regenerate fully.

Queen of Swords Reversed

Queen of Swords in its reversed position speaks mostly of the discrepancy between mind and heart and our attempt to trick ourselves into feeling something that we simply don’t feel. She is powerful in any setting, and this one makes her difficult to deal with, as she can get egoistic and judgmental. Her striving to be independent comes off a bit too rough as if she closed her heart for interaction instead of choosing self-sufficiency to fulfill emotional desires and needs. She needs us to dive in, stop talking and start acting on our authentic core. On the other hand, she requires openness in emotional contact, even at the price of solitude, and leaves no room for our fears of abandonment in the eyes of the personal truth that we are to share with the world.

Queen of Swords Time Line

Past - With her touch in our history, we see a place where we have known how to connect rational choices with emotional ones. This card shows a time when feelings didn’t take away our maturity or the sense of responsibility we carry today. She is a reminder that we simply knew how to express our needs at some point in time, and shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we truly wish for out of life and relationships in it. She is the founding element that gave us insights and all relevant information for the situation we have been in, and a point where things have been clear.

Present - The Queen of Swords is an open and honest discussion about the way we feel. Its positioning in the present shows that the time is here to express ourselves clearly and without holding back, as we are mature enough and ready to take responsibility for any consequence that might come. She needs to be loved and to love, but from the point of freedom and full respect. Reminding us of the liberation of spirit we seek, she might speak of a difficult breakup we are currently going through and the judgment we are subjected to because of it.

Future - With this card set in our future, the thing to strive for is open communication. Even though today we won’t profit much from certain open dialogues, there is a promise that someday we will manage to explain our core of personality and express all those authentic needs that we carry around. She announces a time of understanding, where mutual boundaries are clear and respected at all times, and where aggression is put to good use, as a protective force that won’t let anyone cross our limits.

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