Seven of Coins Tarot Card

Seven of Coins
Tarot Card: Seven of Coins
Planet: Saturn
keywords: Endure, Hard Work, Losses
Affirmation: I am focused on my goal.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Seven of Coins Meaning

There is a feel of failure in the Seven of Coins, but the essence of our personality will keep us going if we are committed to an inspiring goal. This card speaks of times of hard work when we don’t have a moment to ourselves, when rest is essential and there is very little to be done to overcome certain limitations in our path. Obstacles are to be embraced so we can work through them, and reality shows us if we are in tune with the times and the need of the Universe. Guilt is easily transferred to other people with this card in our reading, or we might take too much of it on our own shoulders. Count your losses, move forwards, and make sure you still want what you chose to move towards, so you can dig up the motivation that got you here in the first place. Respect the system and its deadlines, aware that you are governed by much higher forces that are out of your control.


Seven of Coins will show in a love reading when a person is in a long-term bond that is in need of healing, repairs, and serious discussions, or when someone's solitude brings them to doubt all their options in life. It accents one's responsibility towards Self, in a way that allows personal growth and transformation however hard it might fall on their heart. This isn’t an easy card for affairs of romance, but it does bring a serious note to the table and shows commitment to resolve a certain problem that is weighing us down. Here, it is our task not to shift blame or take too much of it ourselves, for it is no one's fault that we are all only human, bound to be in need of repairs.


When our professional world is marked by the Seven of Coins, there is very little to do but focus on hard work, tedious details, and things that no longer seem interesting. It requires a final push and dedication when we would rather give up and pursue something entirely different. It brings a dark tone to the working atmosphere, especially if we are a part of a team, where boundaries have been broken and everyone might be shifting blame where it doesn’t belong. Focus on what is truly important and make sure you are paid for what is already done before starting any new projects with same people involved.


Seven of Coins is a difficult card to find in a health reading, as it shows the overall tiredness and drop of immunity that our system needs to regenerate from. Its advice is to rest, get all the self-care we need, and make sure that too much work hasn’t taken its toll where we never intended to pay. Chronic conditions could light up all over again, burdening us daily, and we are to see the mistakes we made when we tried to move up the stream instead of following the intent of the Universe. There has been too much struggling and it is time to accept the circumstances and let go until you swim out to a different shore. This card shows quite clearly that the time has come to forgive ourselves for not being perfect and always capable of following in tasks that were never our own to carry in the first place.

Seven of Coins Reversed

In its reversed setting, the Seven of Coins poses for resistance that is unconscious and taking our energy away as we try to fight the forces of the Universe. It comes as a warning that we are forcing ourselves to be gods instead of allowing our own human nature to make a mistake or two. Some things are unclear and certain goals shouldn’t be pursued if they are too hazy and distant. There is no need to take on too much of other people's work and obligations when there is already so much to do for your own world. Turn to personal issues and joys of life so balance can be restored.

Seven of Coins Time Line

Past - With this card in our past, we have found faith and pursued certain goals, while facing losses and limitations in connection to others. It is time to count our losses, see where fate has pushed us so far, and embrace the fact that some doors haven’t opened in our history because they weren’t meant to be opened yet. Things you truly desire today and tested for consistency, and your truthfulness and dedication to your spirit's path are seen in your past mistakes and successes.

Present - Present is marked by the Seven of Coins usually when we are considering to give up, lift our guard and show ourselves out of the door of our own prior choices. It isn’t a gentle time when everything flows easily, but the final rewards are worth that final push and you are to realize what you truly wish to fight for and what drains your energy away. Some moves have been made for status and admiration of others, and your motives weren’t in place to lead to success as fast as you’d like to.

Future - Seven of Coins will be set in our future when the projects we are considering or starting today seem light and easy, but they really aren’t. It reveals the mystery of what we might lose and the time and effort needed in order to reach our destination. Ask yourself if the goal is worth all the possible trouble and make all plans today to include setbacks and tough times when you will need to do much more than you have anticipated.

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