Ten of Swords Tarot Card

Ten of Swords
Tarot Card: Ten of Swords
Planet: Pluto
keywords: End, Done, Transform
Affirmation: I embrace change.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Ten of Swords Meaning

A card such as the Ten of Swords won’t leave anyone indifferent, and while it might face us with some deeply rooted fears, it is also a card of liberation. Since this is the Suit of Air where thoughts and mental processes come to show their actual potential, this card can be seen as the ending of one way of thinking and beliefs that no longer serve a purpose so we can open our mind for a new perspective. Instead of worrying about the outcome that obviously won’t be light and easy, we should turn our minds to the way of thinking that brought us to this point in time. This card shows that we are ready to change our inner world, tear down our ego fences to shine with our bright, true personality, and embrace endings as the actual start of something new. Even though one might be afraid, bruised, and deeply hurt by loss and trauma, this still seems to be the best possible time to find inner peace and move on from things, relationships, and circumstances that no longer serve a purpose.


Ten of Swords will show up in a love reading when the line has been crossed and there is no going back. It often speaks of a relationship that has ended due to infidelity or difficulties with the material or financial aspects of it, while there's still a dilemma if one should go back into the same loop all over again. This card clearly points to the ending that happened for a reason, and serves as a reminder that one phase of our life is done with. No matter the amount of pain this finish line comes with, there is a sense of serenity and relief inside it, for things are finally clear.


There seems to be no new ideas to wake up what has been asleep for a long time, and in a career reading, Ten of Swords is a very good friend if we are looking for a way to be done with a project, with a job, or our entire professional direction. It typically comes our way when all options have been tried out and we have nowhere else to look but into the eyes of the truth – that we are no longer meant to stay in the same position. When we are moving down the right path, it shows us we should silently get things done and head towards our goal, as every word and a new idea might affect it, especially if we go against our own inner feel of others, and their intentions. Implementing new things into our routine is a personal matter at this time.


A health reading marked by the Ten of Swords usually shows how nasty we have been affected by our lifestyle, our lack of rest and too much stress over issues that should be less important than our physiology's limits and needs. It is a position where we tried too hard for too long to do something smart, but outside of our own inner intellect and away from what we truly wished to do in the core of our authenticity and talent. This card requires rest, peace, and to allow change into all areas of life, for the spasm of the rut we have been in leaves its deep marks on our physiology.

Ten of Swords Reversed

Announcing evolution and a point where there is no more pain, as tables have turned, reversed position of the Ten of Swords signifies our personal struggle with natural processes and cycles. It is advised that a person with such a reading reconnects with Nature, climbs a mountaintop or gets wet in the rain, as the body needs a reminder of what is true and possible, just as much as the mind needs to reset. One cannot deny the changeable nature of life however hard they might try. Allow yourself to go through the pain and evolve into a whole new joyful you.

Ten of Swords Time Line

Past - Set in the past, this is the card of compromises we made and regretted, as well as all those ideas and choices that were meant to teach us a lesson. It shows some difficult phases we’ve been through in life, and depending on the rest of the opening, it may be a warning sign that we aren’t to repeat anything similar today. It stands for a time of defeat, betrayal and loss. Even though we’ve regenerated, this doesn’t mean we should endure through another cycle of the same issues.

Present - Ten of Swords in a reading for the present tells us that there is no going back. Things happened and they are what they are, with no room for compromise, bargaining or any new approach to the same old methods that will bring back time. It is time to face reality, even if it is extremely difficult, keeping in mind that we are evolving through each painful experience that comes in our way.

Future - There is no way around this card in our future, as it represents the change that we are prone to touch as soon as our way of thinking becomes obsolete. However, for a specific situation we are expecting, it is wise to see it as a warning sign. It allows us to prepare for the emotional impact of possible loss and endings that we don’t want to see for as long as we are holding on to images and emotions from the past.

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