Astrology Behind The Pandemic

Date: 2020-04-11
Astrology Behind The Pandemic

The first thing we must understand at a time like this, when lives are endangered on a mundane level, is that the essence of Pluto is being presented in its purest form. We may shove it aside, say that it is no longer a planet, hold on firmly to Traditional Astrology, but it cannot be seen as less relevant and non-existent anymore. With it, fears and all that suppressed content cannot be shoved aside either. If you observe the image of the sky for the date of the widely known beginning of this whole worldly ordeal in China, it becomes clear that the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto triggered it all. This reminds us of ancestral rivers, everything that led to this point in time, pushing numerous panic fears and destructive tendencies into the open, as well as sexual repressions, instincts and desires. One fight over toilet paper might turn into war, just as one step away from a person might save a life. It is time to discover if we are warriors, healers or trying to be unicorns in the real world. Delusions must be faced in order for fear to leave our side and for life to unfold in all its glory.

Announcements of the Moon and New Year’s Eve

Depending on your local midnight, the yearly chart for your country will differ a bit from others and the Moon will move. Still, our Earth’s beloved satellite remains isolated in the first moment of 2020, sick and toxified in Pisces. It represents the people as a collective spirit, a Soul yearning to heal and connect with its exalting truth in Taurus where we take only what we need to be happy and have no other agenda but to be in tune with the Earth. The Moon is there to remind us of the ideal, of modesty, of the emotional flow, support, belonging, and of possibilities wider than we ever dreamed of. It is the pillar of actual faith needed to overcome the problem we are facing as a collective today. The Moon, the ruler of our heart chakra and the source of all intimate love that ever was.

To make things significantly tougher, one of Moon’s yearly rulers leaves it in Pisces (Neptune) and the other takes it to the sign where it is in dark detriment of sadness (Jupiter in Capricorn). The fact that Jupiter is fallen doesn’t exactly seem to help the human heart until we are all ready to face the consequences of our heartless choices, routines and inertia governed by status, and all those shadows we hide from every day. We all tried to be rational about things when we would rather scream and go in a different direction, just as we have all pushed ourselves over our own emotional boundaries, unaware that we deserve more love, understanding and closeness. 

Now with all fast transits aside, we are to see that the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is at the orb of exactly one degree, application, without any room for us to look away, as Saturn is set in the sign of its rule. There is nowhere to run or hide from shadows, ancestral debts, karma, and possibly – death. Unless our heart chakras (along with our lungs) heal. Physical reality and personal responsibility become a widely spread issue that everyone must face on their own. Economy is changing drastically – Pluto speaking of large financial systems, loans, banks and vouchers while Venus in Aquarius gets ready to finally make that unexpected twist of value, towards new creative ways and connections. 

Maleficent Planets Met

So, what seems to be the main topic of the overall atmosphere, one that is triggered by the conjunction of maleficent and dark rulers of the underworld, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn? While they obviously challenge the Moon and Jupiter, facing us with sadness, loneliness, past emotions, isolation, beliefs that have been dogmatic and got us stuck in the past, they are also there to push our energy high, teach us about the physical world, needs of our body, immunity, protection, safety and existential fear that makes us more or less vulnerable. What Capricorn needs to fight for all the right causes is the exaltation of Mars. Lucky for us, Mars was on a wonderful and regenerative 28th degree of Scorpio at the beginning of the year, deeply rooted in ancestral energies and strengths. Functionality is of the essence, grounding and sexuality, approach to physical movement, energy and touch, and we may come to find that it is isolation in fact that is giving us the strength to live according to our personal beliefs rather than relying on any collective belief, goal, premise or religion. 

Beneficent Jupiter Becomes Real

What seems to be the toughest thing to endure these days aren’t really fears triggered by those scary positions in Capricorn (and we shouldn’t forget that Saturn will return there from Aquarius to seal the deal), but the lack of purpose and meaning to the entire setting of each individual’s personal life. Depending on your natal Jupiter and the level of pressure found in current circumstances, one cannot help but see that the world we knew of, understood, and held on to in all those firm beliefs we had a couple of months ago, is no longer the same. Not only has it changed, but the circumstance seems to be here to stay for a while, as a karmic omen for all those plastic bottles and oil in oceans, for all the animals killed in suffering, for irresponsible treatment of the body of us, other humans, and our planet Earth. As if our approach to touch, hugs and kisses, suddenly has a new story to share and it isn’t easily understood when we are shushed by all the things we unconsciously share when in touch with one another. Senses must heighten in order for relationships to stay alive and the big picture might seem disturbing from a cautious and fearful point of view. 

Jupiter in Capricorn joined Pluto to say, Where I fall, you will be afraid, you will feel loss, destruction and pain, if you don’t expand your heart to love even more, to love even your invisible enemies into peaceful coexistence. There is no kindness or ease in invisible threats nor should we hide from the fact that the world is being threatened, as fear rules millions of lives today. 

The ruler of our sixth chakra, Jupiter, speaks of our perspectives and the system of beliefs, as well as our sense of vision, lack of which is obviously the scariest thing right now – we cannot see the exact thing that might kill us. This throws our attention back to the incredible dance of giants, Jupiter and Saturn, around Pluto, especially if we got used to believing in “multiple truths” where everyone has their own opinion and faith when in fact – the truth is only one. Jupiter is there to point us towards it, but the factual side of the only possible truth is dictated by the focus of ice-cold, ringed, Lord that limits our vision – Saturn. Is there a greater truth than that of final high deity, of the Universe, God and absolute order? Without focus and touch with reality, with the peaceful existence of our bodies, we may only think that we believe in beauty and love, but for as long as our circumstances don’t play along, yes, we can do better. It may seem like injustice, a curse of sorts, but it is really our chance to get in tune with rhythms that are freeing and much more consistent than those we thought are rock solid. 

The Personal Struggle

Each of us can do something intensely liberating for Self at the moment. Since isolation is obviously pushed onto us and lack of physical contact sets us free from energetic and unconscious influences of others, we may as well let go to the flow and relax spasms in our body, especially those in our chest. There is nothing that Saturn wants more than our dedication to the spiritual world alongside a healthy routine for our bodies, opening our minds and hearts to dreams, relaxation, meditation and silence. The rougher the circumstances, the more we are to dive into physical peace, until we touch the bottom of honest gratitude for the most valuable thing that we already have today - ourselves. It is enough. 

It will also show us where we must fight for more, where we’ve been too modest or judgmental of our own ways, where guilt misled us, finally forcing us to get rid of what became rotten or in any way obsolete. On the other hand, the quality of touch between two people is finally an emotional issue to all. Many will discover its true value through fear as there will be people you would touch even if it kills you. This will magnify greatly in May, once Venus turns retrograde in Gemini to question ideals and thoughts on physical pleasure and partnerships. Suddenly, monogamy will prove to be much more than a personal choice, giving us an interesting inner view of personal boundaries and emotional depths that we want to pursue through clear ideal contact with another. 

While idealization of love could lead us towards new delusions of all sorts, it will also open doors for our true, childlike beliefs that have been tainted by limited “adult” views and roughness on our hearts’ true desires. Take in the pleasure alongside the pain, seeing the beauty of Earth’s healing, and see how ancestors just got a bit more distant than before. This didn't bring lack of love but quite the opposite. Those behind us seem to believe in us more than ever, leaving more room for our authentic existences free from traditions and routines imposed by decades and centuries of pressure. We are, obviously, ready, to move forwards freer and more independent than ever. 

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