Astrology, The Bridge

Date: 2019-04-24
Astrology, The Bridge

Astrology has been discarded from the world of exact science a long time ago, with the rise of the repressive role that Christianity and the Church had at some point. It took over the spiritual system of the collective for the most part and everything else was cast aside to give room to its much needed expansion and growth in simplicity and attainability of faith to many. This is what makes Astrology seem like an outcast, fit for its Uranus related role to awaken us, disturb our world, shake it up, and turn our perspective upside down through symbolism that isn’t commonly accepted.

Many have been fighting to bring it back into scientific waters, but the struggle has been long and hard, possibly because it belongs where it is, available in its depths only for those who are open-minded enough to dig in on their path of spiritual growth. The lack of educational filter doesn’t help, especially due to individuals who taint the image with lack of knowledge, respect and dedication to its actual purpose in their own life, let alone lives of others. Yes, Astrology is fun and we can love it just as much as we love skiing, bungee jumping or lottery, but it is also a serious research tool that gives us answers through the course of our entire lives if we commit to its symbolism and incredible depths of knowledge.

The Name

The word “Astrology” is derived from Greek words “astron” (star) and “logos” (knowledge, order, ground or discourse). On the other hand, the name of Astronomy came from the combination of “astron” (star) and nómos (law). Then how come Psychology, Biology and Ethnology are all names of sciences and should they be named Psychonomy, Bionomy and Ethnonomy to stand for something real and worth acknowledging? This might happen over centuries to come, who knows…

Scientific Proof

The paradox lies in the fact that people on “both sides” of science have tried to prove Astrology right and prove it wrong. However, the link still seems to be weak, as those who have actual scientific knowledge and understand statistical and rigid tools of the scientific process, often work from one-point research that simply goes against the core of Astrology itself.

For example, we cannot expect every person with anorexia to have their Moon in Scorpio or Capricorn, but we can expect them all to share similar troubles with any object from the trio of the Moon, their fourth house and the sign of Cancer, and we will see a problem with the Moon’s position or disposition through exact aspects, low dignity, an out of bounds role, etc. To understand the symbolism means to follow ALL details that make out the big image, not just one single reference, for if we are seeing it as a science, we must approach it as one and learn it for years until we understand its foundations. Astrology requires research in its own field in order for the statistical analysis to be valid in the end, meaning we need scientists with parallel knowledge to connect the dots.

The Misleading Role

Did you ever ask yourself why do so many individuals give statements to “not believe that people are shared into 12 categories to fit their Sun sign”? Which Astrologer said they should? Anyone with a glimpse of knowledge in the area knows that each individual’s natal chart is different, colored by so many positions and numerous interpretations. Even those born in the same minute of the same day have a different Soul, fit to different levels of consciousness driven by their ancestral line, seen through horoscopes of their parents, their parents’ parents, etc. The symbolism itself will vary greatly considering the mother who might have spent her pregnancy eating ice cream while the other one ate her way through cans and cans of pickles for months.

The role of any Astrologer isn’t to simply implement mathematical knowledge, although it is often perceived that way from those who protect its scientific core and tradition. This gives a personal point of view that may or may not be right, for we aren’t the ones to see the future as an unwinding movie for another. One’s horoscope shouldn’t be interpreted as if they were the same as everyone else born that same minute, and the job of an Astrologer progresses over time to listening, contact of souls where we sense the atmosphere, understand the connection with the person in front of us, and see their current settings, challenges to resolve and potentials to uncover and work towards. On the other hand, a compassionate, modern approach shouldn’t lack foundation, knowledge and structure, or it might get dispersed and not give the actual information a client came to receive. Hopefully, these two approaches will meet and structure will meet compassion over time, just as signs of Cancer and Capricorn would enjoy.

Our Responsibility

When learning about Astronomy, you will see that it is cited as one of the oldest sciences known to men, but there is no mention of its true primal role that has been inseparable from Astrology, with the whole purpose of the science to explain our existence through celestial bodies, stars and their movements. In history, only well-taught men with extremely high education could become Astrologers, and this was a matter of prestige, for these individuals worked side by side with kings and leaders as their advisors. It was impossible to draw a map of the sky and planetary projections on Earth without proper astronomical and mathematical knowledge and it is a shame that today this core of knowledge in geometry, physics, astronomy and mathematics is brought down to free software that defines its scientific relevance.

Every proud and responsible Astrologer should learn about history of Astrology, see how Johannes Kepler (born on December 27th, 1571) saw its laws and rules, understand that ancient Babylonians gave their primal recorded touch to its symbolism, collect information on the possible branching of Western and Eastern approaches to Astrology, and at least brush on modern views that Carl Jung (born on July 26th, 1875) left in his late years. Without the systemic opportunity of lawfully accepted proper Astrological education, we are still responsible to know how planetary positions project on the belt representing the zodiacal circle, what is the 2000-years wide difference between signs and constellations, that the beginning of cardinal signs is defined by the beginning of seasons, and that declinations vary outside of Earth’s natural angle with the Sun. This information is vital for the stability of Astrologer’s attitudes, and for us to know that there is more than just doubt and mistrust in this area of expertise, for it has been here for millennia for a reason, and shouldn’t be downgraded to superstition just because of a long gone witch-hunt.

There is a reason for its castaway role. Interpretations obviously hurt people. Suggestions and meddling hurt people. Ego and lack of awareness of Self hurt people. People hurt people. But Astrology itself couldn’t have hurt anyone for it is simply there as a language to be read by those who are prepared to learn. This is exactly what pushes us into a responsible approach to our own horoscope before analyzing anyone else’s. We aren’t above a humane science such as this one but a part of it, and to work with other humans we must be humble humans first. Our clients will all come into our world to pose as planets in our own chart that need assistance to grow.

Observing Astrology as a broken bridge between science and faith, we might manage over time to get it back on its pillars and foundations. It will then serve its purpose in broad daylight, as the Sun finds its cozy place in Astrology's kingdom of Aquarius and the humankind becomes brave enough and respectful enough to move for higher consciousness without shame, mistrust, and comparison to others.

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