Body Of Finance

Date: 2019-10-13
Body Of Finance

The financial realm is the ultimate manifestation of our work and effort, as well as the ability to receive the energetic impulse from other people, typically those who support and feed us every day. From a young age, the image of earning is built from scratch, just as our body grows and develops, and this gives us information and convictions that we will hold on to later in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that our spending and earning habits will resemble those of our parents and guardians, but that we are absorbing beliefs regarding our self-worth and existential fears on an unconscious level that support or obstruct our financial situation later in life. 

Taurus and Venus Translate to Earning

Western Astrology in its basics will teach you that majority of financial issues is seen through the position of Venus, Taurus and the second house, but this isn’t entirely true. The significance of our sense of self-worth in the process of making money is quite vivid and extreme, showing in our ability to summon and evoke what we need to begin with. This is a passive approach to financial gain, one that only creates the feel of what we deserve to get, rather than speaking of our actual financial truth. While numerous information can be brought to light through the second house, along with its ruler, the issue that hides below the surface when we have a problem won’t necessarily be found here, even though this is a place we solemnly rely on to provide us with everything we need to eat and spend in our lifetime. 
Interestingly, with the element of Earth in charge of everything we can touch and materialize, the roles that will follow in the rest of this article are often cast aside. The importance of our physical houses (second, sixth and tenth), as well as all signs with earthly nature (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) is in no way lessened by the fact that a wider image might give us more information on the matter. 

Mars Stands for Grounding

Different traditions show that our approach to the material world depends on our first chakra and our masculine energies that give us the initiative and readiness to make money, fight to protect what we have, to be safe and secure, as well as self-sufficient. Such matters are all governed by Mars as a pointer to our unconscious energy and approach to the physical world, and this may be viewed as sometimes an even more significant factor in determining one’s ability to earn or possess anything at all. While what we have in the element of Earth may come from any source imaginable, Mars is the fear that creates instant circumstance and makes us fight for gain or maybe even against it. Depending on aspects and the dignity of Mars, even if we don’t get into details about the first house and signs of Aries and Scorpio, we can see that one has a certain range of fears that might wear them down even if their sense of personal value is intact. On the other hand, with enough primal energy to push things through, one will fight for the security they need and find it under any circumstance, no matter their emotional limitations, professional dilemmas or struggles with self-worth. 

While assessing someone’s wealth or lack of it, always remember that the physical reality we create, the one that depends on our initiative and focus, is seen through houses, signs and entities that serve as the foundation for the situation itself. In a practical sense, this means that if we are to look for the core of someone’s money troubles, we are to see what hides in the house preceding the second as those are the moves made that don’t bring desired fruits to the table. Mars and our ascendant ruler hide information about the energy we are ready to invest in our physical realm in any possible way, and this will reflect on our finances much more than anything else ever might. If we lack the force, organizational skills and initiative, we might be satisfied (when Venus is strong) with very little and never care to fight for more. When things are reversed, we may feel bad about our salary however big it gets, and still use the world’s resources aggressively.

Polarities and the primal balance of giving and receiving energy are at play here, and there is no way of bringing something as wide in its manifestations as money to something too simple, especially since it belongs to the material realm. Just as we don’t understand the body in its details or entirety, we may with certainty say that we don’t fully understand money with all its underlining processes either. All we can do is work on matters that make us feel unsafe or undervalued until we find our healthy routine. 

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