Houses In Astrology

The Sixth House

The Sixth house of each horoscope represents the carrier of health and physiological issues and conditions in this lifetime. It is the state of our body with its energy and stamina defined by the first house. Whatever the situation presented through our sixth house, our presumptions need to find confirmation through the intensity of problems or qualities of the Ascendant and its ruler, for they give out the first physical image and our primal, animalistic strengths and weaknesses. In its core, the sixth house of a natal chart is a place of routine that provides us with good nutrition, health, and satisfaction, corresponding to the sign of Virgo and speaking of our practical, everyday life. Its Latin motto is Valetudo, meaning “health”, defining this as its primary role in our chart.

Areas of Life

When it comes to matters of the sixth house, we will see a place of work and our daily organization, including our food intake, sleep pattern, schedules, lists, cleanliness, and our overall readiness to take on daily responsibility. It is important to understand that similar to the sign of Virgo, it is a house of modesty and accomplishments that are reached only for the wellbeing of others. This is the exact spot that teaches us where to find our limits and our balance in what we give and what we receive, and one of the most challenging positions for the seventh house ruler, making our partners fixable, incomplete, and often immature.

The sixth house is a house of routine, tasks and duties that we take care of every day, our job and our ability to value our work, especially in connection to the second house. It speaks of caretaking, but primarily the care we show for ourselves, and all manifestations through help for other people only speak about our tendency to fix ourselves, our own state of heart and mind, and the flow of our lives. It connects us to the Earth in those practical ways, through small things in life that need to satisfy us and help us support ourselves without anybody’s help. As such, it represents all helpers that come into our lives, starting from our employees, cleaners, babysitters and cooks, to all of our pets who help us hang on to our healthy routine and ground us with their inability to wonder off into mental spheres.

The Sixth House in Aries

When the sixth house starts in the sign of Aries, we see someone whose energy is closely linked to their working routine. This is a position that puts an accent on one’s need to practice, start something new, exercise daily, and usually speaks of the energy rise that is triggered by changes to one’s routine. The sign of Aries gives initiative, and it is often “too modest” when related to the sixth house, giving a person the ability to work very hard, but stealing their ability to find joy in their achievements, always pushing forwards without stopping to see if they got something in return. The main problem of this position hides in Venus, wherever it might be located, for Aries is its detriment, and the sixth house represents its accidental fall. The important thing in this situation is to find personal value and avoid pro bono activities that other people might expect as a given.

The Sixth House in Taurus

With the sixth house beginning in Taurus, we see a primal challenge of food, meaning it is imperative to find a good routine in this lifetime, eat healthy while also enjoying what’s on the table in the best possible way. Even though Taurus is a lot different from Libra, its ruler is still Venus and speaks of balance that needs to be found, in the field of material issues such as food, money, and physical activity. This is someone who should never become lazy, and needs to stop bouncing to and fro, up and down, when it comes to activity, weight, spending, or emotion. Since the element of Earth is an unconscious category, it is not always easy to approach matters set here through an Earth sign, and a lot of self-control is needed in order to balance out all of these things. A good start always hides in a healthy diet and an hourly routine that satisfies the stomach and the heart equally.

The Sixth House in Gemini

The sixth house in Gemini speaks of one’s mental occupancy and the ability, or the inability, to separate from the world of imagination and thought, and come down to the real world where grounding in found. As Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, there is a link here to this two-faced magician, and it often helps the person to understand “the other role” they need to play to make their physique and their circumstances work for them. This is a chatty position with a tendency to draw one to gossip at a workplace, but also brings a talent for trade and small financial matters that cumulate to create wealth. For as long as mental problems don’t preoccupy a person, this is a practical position that allows multitasking and a realistic approach to daily matters and work.

The Sixth House in Cancer

The sixth house in Cancer links one’s deep emotional roots to the house of work and health, and speaks of the unconscious tendencies that lead to certain conditions and practical circumstances. It is a strange connection of emotion with practicality and reason, giving a task to jump out of a family, inherited routine, to find the right one for our own body. A person with the sixth house in Cancer often approaches household chores as obligations, and the real question is hidden in the joy behind daily activities. Once they find true joy in cooking and cleaning, turning their heads to family matters and seeing them in all their glory with qualities that they often fail to see, they will find a way to be healthy. The motto “clean house makes a clean mind” is perfectly suited for these individuals and their routine needs to stay enjoyable and clear as much as possible in order for them to feel good.

The Sixth House in Leo

With the sixth house set in Leo, childish joy needs to be found in a workplace. This is a position that emphasizes physical strength in some way, and its manifestation is mostly seen through the position of the Sun. If it is strong and vigorous, a person’s energy serves other people and creates an atmosphere in which advancements are possible and managing positions there for the taking. In case ego problems take over and one’s creativity and self-image is low, it can lead to problems with authority, all sorts of health related issues and even heart conditions triggered by a simple lack of energy and joy in one’s life. The best way to improve the energetic state hides in creative activities, for talents need to be employed daily and in the best possible way to truly feel the joy of Leo.

The Sixth House in Virgo

The sixth house finds its natural position to be the one in Virgo. The connection between them is incredibly strong and grounding found through this link is truly an imperative in one’s life. When this is the case, answers to almost every physical issue are hidden here, and you can see that a person has the ability to heal and materialize anything at all, for as long as their energy is focused in the right direction. When we speak of modesty, it is extreme here, and takes some of the joy and color out of a person’s life if they don’t choose a career path they truly love and deeply care about. Work has to be loved and Venus respected more than in other natal positions, so that health can be maintained and one’s routine enjoyable and healthy at the same time.

The Sixth House in Libra

With the sixth house in Libra the key to one’s health lies in balance, as in all things connected to Libra. With enough information these individuals get to eat healthy, taking responsibility for their state and easily adapting to new working environments. The problem will arise in the field of relationships, for Libra wants marriage and official vows, while the sixth house takes away their potential perfection and turns them into fixable, changeable bonds that always have to be worked on. Since the sixth house is the house of work and our tendency to clean, fix, and make things functional, these individuals will usually choose partners that need to be approached in this manner, damaged, fixable, or unclean in some way. Even though a lot of intelligence is hidden in their relationships, there is always a lack of satisfaction and choices that seem to accent one’s inability to understand that they deserve to love and be loved in return.

The Sixth House in Scorpio

If the sixth house is set in the sign of Scorpio, self-destructive behavior is the greatest enemy to one’s physiology and psychological state. Challenges that hide in this position are not at all easy to handle, for their core rests in emotional dissatisfaction, forgiveness and change. If there is denial, dismissal, and resistance towards change, Scorpio will not make one happy and a lot of anger will accumulate here. This is a position of prejudice and the breaking of sexual taboos, often speaking of the importance of sex in a person’s life. Not only will it speak of repression, but also of unused nuclear energy located beneath our feet, giving practicality a special essence, and sometimes leading to obsessive compulsive disorders and in general, obsessive behavior. Once deepest emotions are accepted, a Scorpio-set sixth house becomes a pool of endless energy and everything gains sense and becomes as easy as a breeze.

The Sixth House in Sagittarius

The sixth house in Sagittarius is in its basis a protective force for someone’s health. This is a position held by people with large pets, big goals, and dreams that can be brought down to Earth by a simple set of convictions. The entire organization of life mostly depends on a person’s focus and the ability to find the right calling and the right direction. For as long as things done have a strong purpose, health will be strong, as well as all that happens in their daily routine. Although this position can lead to weight issues, it won’t present a permanent problem or lead to chronic conditions for as long as there is something to look forward to tomorrow. The main problem with Jupiter is the uncontrolled growth of things, and this can manifest through large cists, benign changes, and pressing internal problems that sometimes have to be resolved by drastic measures.

The Sixth House in Capricorn

With the sixth house in Capricorn, rest and a repetitive routine are the only things that can help one regain energy and feel confident and strong. Career seems to be dependent on outer circumstances, authorities that are hard to accept, and this is extremely challenging if the Sun has any sort of trouble with Uranus, Aquarius, or the eleventh house ruler. Capricorn will make this person take too much or too little responsibility, bringing matters of competence and abilities to focus, even though strength and endurance are usually not a problem. What a person always lacks with this position is rest, and the problem gets really serious if one starts to search for substitutes for it instead of actually establishing a healthy sleeping routine. More often than not, these individuals need more sleep than standard norms would state, and time needs to be made for peace and serenity in order for the body to properly function.

The Sixth House in Aquarius

When the sign of Aquarius is at the sixth house cusp, it is always a signal that a routine found in the primary family isn’t healthy or supporting for the physiology of the person. Changes are necessary and fast food, light sleep, and mental preoccupation won’t help the stress or problems with nerves. With a strong foundation and a lot of physical exercise, this is a position that allows one to get in touch with the infinite intelligence of their body, making it easy for a person to ground ideas through a simple train of thought and this is when materialization becomes incredibly easy. With enough jobs changed, these individuals usually find their group of people, their cosmic brothers and sisters, only to end up in circumstances stranger than imaginable to any of their ancestors. If they remain open for change and find acceptance for all circumstances with as little stress as possible, they can become true innovators, able to ground any idea that comes to their mind.

The Sixth House in Pisces

With the sixth house in Pisces, there is something shady about the approach to a healthy lifestyle. Energy can get really low and reality can start seeming faded and lost, as if it was impossible to keep both feet on the ground however hard one might try. This is a position that speaks of psychosomatic problems and as such, always gives one the talent and the ability to heal, others as well as themselves. However, reaching the point in which the secrets beyond the sign of Pisces are entangled can be difficult, and unless a person already has a strong basis for medical or humanitarian work, it won’t always be easy to find a path that leads in the right direction. Faith and reality will intertwine, and one has to have infinite wisdom and patience, always ready to follow what seems like their mission in order to remain vital and strong.

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