Drive Your Desires

Date: 2017-10-01
Drive Your Desires

There is a Universal truth we were all born with – desire. It is seen through Neptune in every person’s chart and that magical place some of us run to, while some of us run from, depending on the amount of fear of impossible choices or the impossible way of life we perceive in our everyday existence. In your lifetime you will meet so many people who are disappointed by life because they cannot get what they wish for badly, and this inner state of constant loss and inability to manifest takes away pride, confidence, inspiration, and motivation as time goes by. Luckily, there are those who carry the torch of light within even though they might be lifetimes away from their own manifestation and the dreamland they wish to live in.


As an astrologer, I have met many people who came to my door with the same facial expression, waiting for me to say something grand, something incredible, and something to change their lives forever. On very rare occasions I have had a chance to explain that their life isn’t defined by movements in the sky but simply synchronized with them, and it is certainly not defined by what a person in front of them predicts. In most cases, expectation will still glimmer in their eyes, and even when there is no single prediction said, they will find it, ask for it, and dig it up in the strangest of words they choose to hear.

If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you will find a similar situation. People around you will speak about their problems in a passive tone, unready to make a change that would set them free. They are expecting someone, or something, to provide them with tools necessary for manifestation, for “skies to clear up” for “time to be made” or any other thing you can imagine. Transferring so much of their painful experiences on God, others, or planets, they are in fact pushing their own responsibility away, unready to deal with their own part of the story out of fear or simply tiredness.

Why Do We Refuse to Take Action?

We could debate on the reason in our upbringing to give our lives so easily into other people’s hands, or in the hands of destiny, but this probably isn’t why we you came to this website. Our patterns are written deep within our being and yet, freewill of Uranus shouldn’t be dismissed in any case. Fear holds us back through Saturn and Mars, our habits and situations that taught us that we cannot win no matter what we do, negative convictions we were told and built in, and our proof found in repetition of things we never tried to change in their true core. In short, if we have heard the word ‘no’ one too many times, we will hear it in our head throughout our entire lifetime and it will guide our circumstances, too.

Freedom of Choice

True liberation comes as we realize that we CAN in fact choose where our lives will go. Although physical circumstances might be something we cannot affect, and other people stay in charge of their own decisions, our state of comfort and the ability to embrace what is coming our way is our own responsibility. It is also up to us to show the initiative to resolve our troubles, to lead ourselves towards lives we wish for, coolheaded and ready to take risks time after time. The task of one healthy Mars in our chart is in our knowledge that we have already won, and that there is nothing holding us back except our own shadows. Negative emotions are only signals that we need a change, and for as long as we bury them deep in our subconscious world, they will come back to haunt us through troublesome relationships.

The big truth we all need to acknowledge when relating to others though, is the fact that every single person on the planet is already doing the best they can. High hopes, demands and expectations are obsolete from this point of view. They are just a reflection of our inability to truly connect with another human being and see that they are good enough just as they are, although maybe not for our personal plane of existence. We will live on different planes of awareness and consciousness, have different aspirations and wishes, and we might not share many roads together even when we are madly in love.

Still, our own path is worth treasuring and our progress our own choice, decision, and responsibility. Grab the wheel today and do something to change that one thing that burdens your Soul. It is sometimes hard, but you have the strength to achieve it, or you wouldn’t have been born with the desire that is burning in your heart.

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