Free From Compromise

Date: 2018-09-24
Free From Compromise

Mars is currently set in the sign of Aquarius, along with the Sun, sparking the light of electric energy in all of us, and giving energy to break the barriers of restriction and self-imposed shame that hold us back. Many new things will be developed, but aggression seems to be the natural way to create outbursts that will shake up the system and lead to much needed change. However, there is a gentler way to deal with the issue, and we are to understand signs of Aquarius and Leo well enough to know how our physical strength and the rush of earthly energy of Mars may be used in a pace that soothes our souls. 

Masculine Nature of Aquarius

The myth of Aquarius leads us all to believe in the archetype of freedom that is sexually undefined in some way, for Ganymede was a boy, yet beautiful and feminine, water bearer with a smile and a figure, and presumably Zeus’ lover. Still, there is no point in denying the masculine nature of the sign of Aquarius, any less than that of its opposing sign of Leo, even though the two carry their secrets with the fall and exaltation of Neptune coloring their bond. We cannot seem to know anything about these two men who face each other, one with a goal to find Unity and one dot of satisfaction for everyone involved, and the other there to tear apart and bring even more distance to those who are already standing opposed one another. 
In addition, the traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, a planet often observed as an “old man with a beard” even though it primarily rules the sign of Capricorn in all its feminine glory. The confusion in the symbolism seems to start right there, on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn, where Saturn and Moon reside, for strong female energies tend to stand opposed and tall “against” Capricorn. Even though it is also a source of cardinal feminine strength, this sign seems to have lost its feminine dignity along the way and left its responsibility and all the hard work for Aquarius to deal with through breakoffs, stress, riots and rebellion. Freedom seen in Aquarius may as well be the freedom of the sexes, as if the feminine reliee on freedom itself to clear the air and light the way towards perfect balance and the true exaltation of Saturn in the masculine sign of Libra. The foundation of the feminine shadow in its pure balance with the masculine. 

It is no wonder that Aquarius reminds us of all those who are cast away, astrologers, homosexuals, trouble makers, or simply eccentrics and weirdoes, when they seem to be chosen for roles that will eventually set our sexuality free and lead our physical existence onto an entirely different plane. 

Compromise as the Source of Injustice

Each day of our lives, most of us will make many compromises around other people, swallowing our gut feeling to be nice and supportive of those who annoy us most. Thankful, educated or simply relying on fine upbringing and tact, we will tell ourselves that we best respect the other person by simply putting up with their character, and this explains well why the Sun falls in Libra and finds its detriment in Aquarius. Communication apart from our instincts and emotion, respect given when no respect is truly found, drains our energy away and makes us wander how many “vampires” we need to face until we surround ourselves with the right people and the right tribe. Many will compromise daily in their home, working mothers and wives doing dishes every day while their husbands watch the game, husbands putting up with nagging that comes from projections and dissatisfaction from somewhere beyond the actual relationship, and all things you can think of we decide to “bear with” feeling seemingly strong while they eat our stomachs away. 

Imagine, for one moment, a world where true respect was found, one without compromise, where middle ground is the only normal answer for each of these relationships. Imagine a couple doing dishes in shifts, a woman heard when she speaks clearly, resolving her emotional issues instead of shoving them aside until she bursts. Imagine that all of us had that point of true balance where we accept our own responsibility in each situation and make no compromise at all. There must be such a place in our future, if not in our present surroundings. 

Level of Awareness

Uranus and Aquarius are always intertwined with stories of personal growth, spiritual advancements and enlightenment. But what if our enlightenment was found in the simplest of compromise we refuse to make? The Sun is in charge of healthy, or unhealthy, ego we all carry around as a beam of bright light. It is the child within that has no sexual concepts just yet, a creative individual who does things to make their own world better. Once Mars is healthy and set in its place, we will find no trouble it typically leaves in the sign of Cancer, the sign that Leo relies on to continue the circle. This means that our practical individuality and true self-recognition comes from our ability to cope and embrace our aggression, and care for our physical body with no distraction from our emotional world. 

There are two ways to deal with the situation. We are to work on our emotions, our Moon, cleanse, cry out, get angry, and accept all those things we carry in our hearts. The other is to care for Mars, for our body and our physical strength, until our spine is upright, and we are ready to face the world with our physiology nurtured and pure. This is a two-way street that leads us to specific results either way, but one of them tends to focus more on our strength of character in the physical world (Leo relying on Cancer) and the other opening us to our higher Self by accepting truths found in our heart (Aquarius relying on Capricorn). 

Support for Growth

When we speak about any system of support, we usually start to think about our family and ancestors, our Cancer-Capricorn axis, and it is no wonder that these signs carry important messages for our personal liberation and finding the right tribe to belong to. One of them brings Mars to its fall and Saturn to detriment, thus speaking of our physical needs unmet, our frustration and our refusal to take responsibility for our bodies. The other brings the Moon to detriment and Jupiter to fall, forcing us to give up on our purest emotional needs and our true Divine nature. Once we see that both of these signs represent our routine and the way we live in our home, in our workplace, on the foundations we set for ourselves or those that others set for us, we find that it is up to us to change our habits, embrace all our dirty and unacceptable feelings, to be able to truly grow in balance.

The next time you decide to compromise and swallow your instinctive inner need, go for a run instead, change something in your routine that will be healthy and supportive of your body. This will ultimately lead you to your own middle ground where all questions can be answered, removing the tainted filter standing between your personality and differences of others that you feel the need to stand against. There is no reason to put up with disrespect any more than there is to suffer for the sake of others. We might avoid instant bruises by telling little white lies and pretending to listen, or we might actually listen to the symbolism behind the words, check on our emotional state and our own triggers, and change our outer world from within.

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