Jupiter And Saturn In Local Space Astrology

Date: 2021-06-24
Jupiter And Saturn In Local Space Astrology

With their special, protective position in the Solar system, on the edge of our visible reality, Jupiter and Saturn are the first recognized of all gas giants, acknowledged for ages. Their role is the role of faith, beliefs, unequivocal logic, masculine and feminine higher principles that we can recognize and use in our everyday life. This makes them extremely important in Local Space Astrology, especially since this entire branch belongs to their rule – Jupiter rules space, and Saturn gives order to the habits and the material world we organize in our lives. The set of circumstances they affect shows big and important results over time and is almost always in some way disturbed by our unconscious choices when it comes to decorating our home. 

Conflict of Deities

Very often, lines of these planets are colored with some form of resistance to their symbolism, especially that of Saturn, the almighty ruler of panic and fear. The myth behind these entities shows that Saturn was a father who ate his children, after overthrowing his own father, Uranus, while Jupiter was the one fortunate to overcome its nasty rule and kill him after years spent in hiding. Interestingly, in ancient Rome, the rule of Saturn was associated with humans enjoying the bounty of the Earth without labor and was celebrated as one of the deities directly connected with abundance of the material world. Today, we live in remnants of this primal father-son conflict, freedom of spirit against responsibility, travel against borders, knowledge against pressure, but they can give healthy results only when combined in their healthiest forms and both working for us, together. One giving knowledge and the other giving structure.

Although this may sound threatening, it really is not. What we already chose to put on their lines in a spontaneous manner, speaks about the quality of our belief in Self and our faith in general, as well as our relationship with time and width required to give our vision a chance to become reality. When separately healed, these entities combine to give us an idea, a plan to materialize what we envision, and are the potent core of our evolution as humans. They represent the place where we exit our personal spheres and those of ego, and become a healthy, productive, and joyous part of the collective spirit. They give us a unique chance to break our patterns and learn from stiff experiences that have repeated in cycles throughout our lives.

In Astrology, these planets have their conflict shown through dignities and rules, with Jupiter fallen in Capricorn and Saturn in detriment in the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation – Cancer (standing for our home and our family). To add to that, Saturn seems to leave something behind, does not see its twelfth house (Sagittarius is the twelfth sign from Capricorn) and from its structured point of view, Jupiter is merely a fraud, someone cheating on his wife, sneaking up behind the back of his own father to (hesitate to) kill him. The image of great injustice going both ways is seen here, as one breaks the barriers of dishonesty and chooses to show his pain, his true, dark nature, while the other defeats the darkness but has a dark story himself, one that he is not aware of, while being dishonest not only with loved ones, but with himself. 

Freedom of Both Lines

With everything said in mind, it is obvious that these lines stand for some primal conflicts and defenses, from dishonesty and toxic relationships or from openly justified aggression, as well as all sorts of circumstances that seem to repeat themselves and constantly spin out of control. Those of us with their Jupiter in poor dignity, set in our eighth house or in some way “unhappy”, could find that its line is not marked with the right symbolism. Instead of adding width to life, it narrows it down to something extreme like a garbage can, a closed closet, or a darkened window. Saturn’s line, in another extreme, could be filled with broken and unfunctional things that give a person an apparent sense of security, or clogged with obstacles with no meaning, standing in the way, steps that we constantly trip over, or thick walls that limit our view. 

Whatever you do, keep in mind that both lines require order, focus, and a special respect for space where nothing should be broken, no matter how emotionally attached to it we might be. Together, they speak of mutual attachment, the one doing the ill deed (father, Saturn) and the one tied to ancestral ways, a vengeful victim (son, Jupiter) and no matter the dualism of their internal conflict, we are always bound to heal BOTH if progress is to be made.

Line of Jupiter

Jupiter requires space, knowledge, wisdom and goes well with religious leaders and important teachers that have changed the path of our life. Its line loves world maps, open spaces, windows, travel literature and foreign objects. This is a good place for learning, studious and thorough and is also the perfect place for an amulet, a good luck charm, or a big blue sapphire that needs to be cleaned through spiritual practice often. Its symbolism requires items to be set high, so lift up the shelf and don’t lower objects under its rule, or your expectations from life might be lowered with them. Here you can also put an image of an airplane taking off, an open highway from a foreign land, or anything bought and brought from abroad. 

Make sure you give this line enough light so that philosophies of Sagittarius and the way it treats our fiery Sun are creatively expressed. You don’t want to hide things on this line, or the negative aspects of Jupiter’s secrecy and ties to fears of ancestors from Pieces could be sparked out of best possible intentions. Requirement of space and width can always be improved with a mirror, but this is primarily the Moon’s object and should only be added to this line if there is a supportive aspect of the Moon and Jupiter in one’s natal chart. This is a place to put something important on, something that brings you vision and inspiration, and what you wish to learn about more in the future. Make it big, expensive, important, and eye-opening. 

Line of Saturn

Saturn’s line is somewhat tricky as it should emphasize only positive symbolisms of Saturn and they are sometimes not as easy to understand as with other celestial entities. Its line should be organized and tidy, with responsibility given to every detail. It should carry what is functional and working. Broken things should not be put here. It is not comfortable as much as it is clean and structured. This is a good place for a refrigerator or a cooling unit of any kind. It supports old and functional things that are still in use, especially when connected with art (Saturn exalts in Libra), but this should be approached tenderly if there is a challenge between Venus and Saturn in one’s natal chart. Here you can put an old piano and play it for inner peace, a detailed old painting with a thick, beautiful frame. Saturn loves boundaries and lines, so whatever is set here can be framed and held in order with other elements on the line. 

Give it a working mechanism, a clock that is perfectly punctual, or anything in relation to time and planning such as a working schedule or a list of deadlines. This can also be a working area for big projects and some form of construction, depending on your field of expertise, although it would be wiser to set your work on Mercury’s line where things get done with a little more ease. Since Saturn stands for meditation and spirituality, its line shows good placements for a yoga mat, or anything in connection with relaxation, spiritual work and activities that require stretching, breathing techniques and meditation in any form. A rock in its symbolism, it will gladly hold your treasure box with all sorts of crystals in it, just keep them clean and energized.  

Keep in mind that Saturn has its practical form (circumstance and hard work) as well as a spiritual one (rest and our contact with the Universe), and its balance in Libra is all about these two extremes. This leaves our options open to approach its line differently on two sides, one being used for practical matters and strict routines, while the other serves as a spot for relaxation and art. Whatever you do with Saturn, don’t let it get clogged, untidy, or leave what does not function or serve its purpose anymore on it. Our ties to the past are to be cut loose for structural growth and a lot of pressure will be released when we clean this space to fit an organized and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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