Jupiter On Hold

Date: 2021-09-28
Jupiter On Hold

Apart from an obvious impact of this pandemic on our physical and psychological wellbeing, limitations of movement it came with have a special influence on our collective spirit. All travel and open doors are presented by Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius, and it is a good idea to check on new perspectives that this situation brings to our personal lives.

The Beginning

This virus was first identified in January 2020 with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. This is a good starting point to explain the depth of limitations it was meant to impose, as well as the need of the moment that made an impact on all of us. At that time, Venus was already in Aquarius, as if to announce the freedom found in its beauties and values that will serve as guidance towards freedom. Although this is a wide astrological topic to discuss, in this article we will focus on Jupiter’s role and overcoming limitations that circumstances brought to it most, as it suffers fallen in Capricorn and has no way out through disposition (Saturn takes it to Capricorn as well). 

With the first glimpse of information about the possible pandemic, most of us did not believe this situation to be possible. This is to serve Jupiter’s manifestation through unrealistic expectations, in unrealistic times that came along. On one hand, the strongest impact of this fallen giant is in loss of hope and faith in our own ability to see what lies ahead. On the other, it showed us that even the most unimaginable scenarios are possible in this world, and through a painful manifestation taught us that anything is possible. In this case it seems bad, but doesn’t this open so many questions about the possibility of good that is yet to come? Plans went sour, we all had to adapt to a situation that is not under our control, and while this was troubling for our emotional world in Moon’s detriment, it was also a shadow of responsibility lost and acceptance of how small our role in this world can be. Not only did we face loss of control of our circumstances, but in the background, many of us also learned to relax knowing that the situation is out of our hands.

The Lesson of Freedom

Every sign in the zodiac had its special lesson to learn from this situation. To understand your own triggers better, observe your houses found in Capricorn, as well as Sagittarius and Pisces as their ruler lost dignity in the process. People with accented sign of Sagittarius and their ninth house will still find it deeply troubling that travel is limited, and many lost their sense of personal freedom because of it. Some felt (or still feel) imprisoned or even lost, this speaking of their actual satisfaction by the width they allow daily to their internal world and in circumstances at home. Capricorn carries a deep genetic element of Earth and speaks of our routine and timelines that are not in tune with our physiological needs. When these pieces of information are combined, we may presume that people who suffer and feel imprisoned for not being able to travel are in some way troubled by the freedom they feel in their chosen everyday lives and the way they approach their physiology. To give yourself a sense of calm and patience, it is necessary to establish a healthy routine, supportive primal contacts and relationships, a job that aids creativity and self-expression, and things that don’t push one to wish to runaway from their actual lives. 

The most important lesson found in the sign of Capricorn and its position in the zodiac (following wide Sagittarius) is focus. With rest, distance, and solitude, comes focus that guides us to invest our knowledge into practical things, constructive relationships, and important places. Travelling options are limited for a reason and those who embark on a journey will have a specific place to visit, one that is in touch with their core of energetic needs. Travel requires harder work and conditioning, often with bigger expenses than before. Wherever we go, we must find a way to rest and metabolize internal information, allowing it to change our perspective, regardless of possible difficulties along the way. 

Since Saturn exalts in Libra and Venus was in Aquarius in the beginning of the pandemic (where Saturn is right now), we can see the importance of relationships in our lives, both romantic and social, and the impact they have on our deepest sense of purpose and satisfaction. Emotional focus led and still leads to torn relationships and stress, but it also intensifies the love within contacts that carry qualities necessary for our healthy emotional world. For as long as Covid related restrictions apply, we are all within the collective loop of learning and gaining emotional focus on things that help us grow with structure and quality. What we really cannot runaway abroad from right now, are relationships with people in our everyday lives, especially those that require a lot more personal freedom. In the practical sense, this means that we have no other choice but to stand up to protect ourselves and to respect boundaries of those who feel imposed on, however hard this might be in some of us closest relationships. 

Good Intentions of Jupiter

It is easy to notice that Jupiter “needs family” and time spent at home as it exalts in Cancer, and this is something that this pandemic brought our way instantly, as something we all easily noticed. What remains to be seen is what we need to focus on, as individuals with personal space and boundaries, to keep on expanding in the real world. Those who chased too many things at once are faced with limited options, and those who lost faith have a chance to regain it through a specific personal goal. What we must see at this time is that even if we want to cross ten borders, the one we CAN cross leads us down a more significant path of personal responsibility and the realism of the situation we are in, in our daily lives. 

Jupiter in Capricorn does not “want us to suffer” but to release the baggage that does not have a purpose. We are not to give up on our dreams during times of stagnation, but to find a way to live with happiness in any difficulty and limitation that might come and hold on to things that truly matter to us the most. It deepens our personal satisfaction in the end, as we find one possibility that is truly valuable, regardless of everything that might be going on in the world. It might seem forceful and aggressive, Capricorn does exalt Mars after all, but in the end, we will firmly establish better understanding of our destined path and the personal mission we should embark on. 

We may be unable to outrun or hide from the intent of the Universe right now, but we can recognize its proper order and our rightful place inside it. Our journey may be hard, but it is just, as we become honest about our inner truth. 

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