Lessons Of The Animal World

Date: 2020-03-03
Lessons Of The Animal World

Just as shamanic practices teach about animal spirit guides and send us off to astral planes where we can discuss our livelihood with them, Astrology can help us understand, reconnect, visualize, and even choose energies from the natural world to get in touch with. Each contact with an animal, be it our pet at home or a giraffe in our meditation, requires openness of the heart and a cleansed state of one’s Moon. If the flow of emotion in the heart chakra is stuck or blocked, it might be hard to connect, but attempts and the right choice of an animal guide can help us heal ourselves through an internal relationship with Nature itself. Our routine contact with the animal world speaks of the deep connection our physiology has with impulses of the Earth. Even if we don’t discuss our lives with astral wolves today, we can sense the emotional response on a grounded, bodily scale every day if we know where to look.

Having a Pet

All pets belong in the sixth house of one’s natal chart and find their special place in the sign of Virgo, as servants to our personal or family stories that wish to be told. Each animal we adopt or take home is to breathe the energy and life into one of our ancestors. With some, we will instantly connect and feel their energy as close and personal, while with others we might have trouble communicating. Still, their presence makes them a part of our system by a simple reality check. Each pet is a servant, in a way, showing us where our energy flows with ease or where it might be blocked. Relationships with animals in the physical realm give us the opportunity to observe relationships from our bloodline and fix what is broken or enjoy stories that we have been missing in our daily surroundings. The love for them is real, and the animal in a home is in fact a family member to those nurturing it, no matter what “rational” individuals might say on the matter. 

This logic involves all domestic and farm animals as well, and the way they are treated speaks of the way people involved relate to collective ways, wars from the past, relationships on a much wider scale that brought profit or fed those preceding us. This is an intense link of Virgo and Pisces, as Virgo rarely speaks of the collective without the mission to embark on, found in Pisces. Sometimes this mission is to feed the hungry in any means possible (and something has to serve) or to relive torture of someone who we don’t see as “human”, not recognizing their “soul” due to differences we share. After all, it isn’t that easy to find a link between our beliefs and way of thinking to that of a cow. 

The  main difference between pets and farm animals is in the sense of “distance” we feel with the latter, not sensing where our steak comes from, not creating an emotional bond with a chicken, or seeing that our glass of milk was intended for a calf, which we become as we drink it, by a natural energetic push. This is the difference of Virgo and Pisces, but also of all small, close and personal planets and those that are more distant. A cow wouldn’t be that big if simply ruled by Mercury, but it is still possible to pet it, talk to it and connect to if a person chooses to. 

The Guilt and Vegan Choices

Although it seems only natural to become vegan to rid of guilt, slaughter and lack of gratitude in our path, we must understand that all food preferences speak of something fundamental in our family line. Even though it seems to be the emotional highroad, sometimes, those turning to vegan choices of food will take the role of a victim, standing opposed to those who simply – choose to be the winner no matter who is victimized. As shame is thrown from one person to the other, triggering numerous collective and deeply traumatizing experiences from generations preceding us, typically none will get very far if they don’t embrace each other’s choices. 

However hard this might be to grasp, consuming meat is a part of our instinctive animalistic instinct to survive, and just as the tiger eats an animal to do so, without guilt, some people will too. Still, the level of awareness is to rise to the level of contact we have with each animal in our path, as our hearts may be buried by the way others have been treated before us. This is where pride (Sun) might become fierier than our own need to heal (Moon), and we will often see self-destructive or destructive tendencies in those who consume a lot of red meat to feed their Mars

If you see yourself as a predator who likes nothing more than chicken wings or a raw steak, it is a good idea to meditate on the matter and see that the ancestor giving us strength doesn’t really define the way we show strength today. If, on the other hand, you are promoting “healthier lifestyles” while depriving yourself of food you feel the urge to eat, just to fit a moral imperative, It is wise to meditate on this matter too and see that you aren’t endangered or chased by the past and no one is “out to get you” today. No vegan is meant to judge or suffer for a higher cause without unveiling emotions below the surface, just as no meat-eater should rush through relationships, primarily with Self, ignoring fear that is meant to protect them from what the heart isn’t ready to process. 

Nature Gives

Nature is bound to give, and we are not yet enlightened “solar beings” that feed on prana. There is a collective story behind it all and understanding it fully would probably take us beyond death itself. By then, it is our task to see the underlining story to our personal ways, the judgment we feel for those who make entirely different choices, and the polarities of victim and aggressor carried within. We are much smaller than we imagine, and this is the exact modesty Virgo is trying to teach, often cast aside as a simple servant sign of the zodiac. In addition, we are already Divine and grand, Pisces related, and a part of a much bigger whole. Our involvement in mundane approaches to the animal world speaks of our connection to our grandiose Self. We all have our twelfth house to commit to, to inspire us and blow winds in our sails. 

The smaller our pet to our emotional world, the smaller we feel to be in the eyes of the vast world and its offerings. The higher our hopes, the bigger the dog we will choose. In search of strength and aggressive energy to push us through painful ordeals and walls in our path, we will eat bloody red meat and fiercely pursue some goals. Out of loyalty for those lost and those who suffered unfairly, we will choose to never eat an omelet even though our mouth is watering. When observed from a mental distance that Uranus claims, these are all ties that connect us to the past and the only way to set free is to see that we are already free from any of these choices as our own heart is calling on us today. 

Stories to Be Revealed 

None of us is defined by the choice of food, but our entire body will show if it truly serves our spirit or not, and what we are to learn from it. When you eat, feel what happens, follow signals from your physiology, and you might find treasures in your emotional world. While you pet your dog, sense your belly relaxing as it gives place to someone long lost and someone forgotten who yearns to be remembered. When scratched by a cat, recognize that one, deluded and crazy ancestor who was buried and forgotten as everyone was ashamed of him instead of giving a helping hand. 

Every pet situation has a story to tell, and this is the wonder of Virgo and those shelfs with billions of books it stands for. Each animal is a set of stories that are now ready to be heard. Each meal is a matter of our habits and physiology, ruled by the same sign, carrying a story of its own. And while thinking about all these numerous details, remember that what Virgo lacks most in our earthly existence is – balance. Here, Venus has fallen to show that something is overly rational and rigid in our relationship to Self. It is the ultimate sacrifice that we take as our own victims, because we never took the time to enjoy ourselves and love our bodies more, listening to them more closely, without fear of dark traumas from distant past interfering. So instead of comparing your relationship with any animal or any meal to that of others, listen to messages it brings to you, feel them within, and see how you can learn and evolve from the special bond you have with yourself.

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