Lights In Local Space Astrology

Date: 2021-02-02
Lights In Local Space Astrology

When speaking about the Sun and the Moon, we are speaking of special, primary influences on our personal world that are not planetary but essential, standing for the core of our personality in the natal chart. Here we have a star that whole life depends on, and a small satellite, significant only from our earthly point of view, to control all waters on our planet and give us the eye at night, constantly hiding its dark side. Before we choose the right thing to put on their lines and feed them, we need to understand and feel their energies and understand their differences as well. 

The Sun and the Moon

In a way opposing as active and passive, passionate and emotional, eager to have fun and joyous for simply being alive, these entities differ on numerous levels but have something important in common. They are both joyous, a light shining on our way during day or night, and while very different, they are both the purest representation of our authentic Self, one of them aware and the other subtle and subconscious. The Sun is preferred as the leading deity in Western Astrology and the Moon is chosen for the same role in Eastern Astrology. They are the duality itself, action and reaction, light and reflection, pieces of humankind that seem to oppose but really share the same goal – to incorporate Saturn, rules, structures, and faith in the Universe itself. This is where Local Space Astrology comes in handy, as it has rules and structure within those narrow lines that each celestial body rules regardless of its magnitude in the Solar System. 

While the Sun is always to be gravitated towards, without a cleansed and healed heart – the Moon, our chase for the Sun becomes a simple chase for status, and rewards won’t be that rewarding if there is no passive childlike joy to incorporate the experience in the essence of our hearts.

The Line of the Sun

Not only does the Sun take 99% of the mass of our entire Solar System, but it is also the source of light and life. It is a creative force in our chart and our home, a spot that everything revolves around, something we are enslaved to in a way, the essence of our authentic Self and the core of our personality. When you draw the line of the Sun, give it just a bit more dominance and width, and make sure that its needs fit your personal needs for confidence, self-esteem, loyalty, self-respect, and passion for things that bring excitement and inspiration into your world. Here you should put something big, gold, round, or dominant, something to rule the room. It is good to have light on it, a chandelier, a bright reflector, or something with big value or representing a big brand. This is a line of glamour, personal power, warmth and light, and needs to be seen and recognized as an important energy flow in your home.

Since the Sun rules the truth and openness of all information, it is best to avoid closets and closed spaces of all sorts on its line. Instead, go for something that may not be practical but keeps you entertained, something without hidden compartments, shiny, open, throwing in light, or giving warmth, always clean and under control. This is an excellent line for a powerful image, a creative and colorful painting that brings out your sense of personal power, in a golden or colorful frame. As with all other lines, pay special attention that the energetic need of it is met intensely on both sides of your home where it passes through. Sun loves things in yellow, children, youthful reminders of your successes, happy times, as well as all sorts of medals and rewards for things done well. Keep in mind that the Sun does not mix well with Neptune, so move alcohol, any toxins or medication, from its line. Instead, put a bowl of oranges and grapefruit here and healthy lifestyle choices that you are proud of. 

The Line of the Moon

The Moon has a much tenderer and entirely different energy from the Sun, feminine, romantic and watery. It speaks of our compassionate nature, one that is ready to embrace things that come into our life without control, passive approach, reactivity and presence of an open heart. This line also loves light, but does best with dim and fine lighting, small, romantic lamps and candle holders, as well as silver and white details, shiny and sparkly items that carry a lot of memory to them. The line of the Moon wishes for coziness and enjoyable moments, a bedroom for a good night’s sleep and family trinkets that bring out times of closeness and sharing of love among people close to the heart. 

This is a line for a clean, always tidy, comfortable bed with pillows soft and smelling of mother’s care. It is important not to put too many rigid fences and boundaries on this line so if you put a bed there, make sure its frame isn’t too heavy, big, or dark. Beware of frames altogether and don’t put a watch here, unless it is a timer for bread baking. A good place for a happy bamboo with water always clean, a small fountain that is continuously flowing, or perhaps a perfect mirror – the choice is yours. This is also a good line for baking and cooking, putting off your teacup or your glass of water, and one where images of dreamy places that feel like home come in as inspiration. Since the Moon also represents our memories, you can put family photos up on the wall or photos from your own childhood where your inner child is happy and content, in white or thin silver frames (or no frames at all), with fine lighting shining on them. Give this line its romantic, cozy glow, and the heart will instantly find more ease.

What Can Be Changed

Although some small attempts to heal the space you live in may not seem like much at first, their essence brings energies within your entire being into balance. When lines of the lights are well fed and supported, this makes room for our authentic personality to shine out and the process of such liberation is not always easy. Make sure to keep them as light and breathable as possible, as they are our greatest tendency to hoard beyond need, hold on to memories and broken things that are best left in the past. It is not always easy to implement changes to things already set on these lines, as they represent the primal contact with our parents, our father and mother, and stand for the flow of these principles in our lives in their most honest circumstantial form. 

Accept what is and do what you can with it, without judgment, blame, or pressure put in the process. Energize them tenderly and with devotion, keeping in mind that something as simple as their colors or even astrological symbols drawn on the wall may bring important changes to the routine and emotions felt. Give them respect and show them that you know they are there and what they need. The process of astrological healing begins with recognition.

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