Local Space Astrology In Your Home

Date: 2020-11-09
Local Space Astrology In Your Home

Our entire approach to reality and circumstances in our lives is defined by the world of habits that we take on every day. This is presented by the Moon, its position, dignity and aspects in the natal chart. With the Moon being a clear indication for the home we live in, Astrology is a potent tool to help us feed certain planetary lines and help the energy flow by the routine we create. We already brushed on this topic here on our blog and wish to commit to it in a more practical manner this time around. 

Finding Your Lines

Step 1. To start with, create your horizon chart for the city you reside in. It is a special chart that uses planetary projections on a smaller area of planet Earth’s surface and speaks of our subjective feeling and connection we have with our grounding in a certain radius. Keep in mind that this chart must be oriented correctly to fit sides of the world, and depending on your software, you might have to invert it to have its West side on the left hand side, and the East on the right hand side. Once you have this chart, draw colorful lines for each planet through the center of the chart and towards the opposite end of the zodiac circle. 

Step 2. Take the scheme of your apartment or house with correct proportions. The center will be found when you make a rectangle that includes its most distant angles and draw diagonals to cross paths. Depending on the scheme, the center may even be found outside of your home. Set the compass in the center of the apartment and on the center of the scheme and draw sides of the world as precisely as you can. 

Once you are done, set the center of your horizon chart in the center of your home, overlap North with North, and see where planetary lines are so you can feed their needs, one by one. The effect is the strongest within about 10 centimeters on each side of the line, but it cannot hurt to cover a greater area for beneficent settings that you wish to emphasize or problems that you wish to resolve with a bang. 

The Basics

Horizon chart mostly provides information about the way we perceive a certain area on a subconscious plane. It shows the way we feel and what we evoke with sensations our heart goes through on certain pathways and in certain positions, not only in our home, but also in the city that we live in. It gives us an opportunity to find the right spot, stretch some challenging aspects and see them in a new perspective, and change emotional barriers and blockages through our world of habits and a simple shift in perspective. It takes time for us to adapt and accept changes we implement in our routine so be patient and observe how your emotions change. It is best to move through the process slowly so you can shine a light on inner changes and metabolize them one by one. This brings self-awareness to a whole new level and helps us see just how deep we can influence our lives through effects we have on our daily surroundings.

The center of your home should be empty in an ideal case and always clean. It is the place of your potential and the seed of everything surrounding it. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a spot we can affect much, especially when set in a thick wall or our toilet. Such settings require special attention, as they speak of karmic debts and involvements in matters that are too much for us to carry. The wall set here points out boundaries that must be established before life can continue to flow in a tender way and gives a special accent to matters of Saturn in your chart. 

First Steps

Before you start working on your lines, clean your home of things broken, out of function, or without purpose. Even though beauty may be found in what is broken and glued, perhaps this isn’t the energy you wish to preserve. Follow the feeling and remain aware of it if you choose to hold on to such items. Some areas might be prone to lead to dysfunction, holes in the walls, faded colors, or water leakage. They need constant attention on your part. It comes handy to stay stubborn here and hold your ground when the line needs regeneration and to be brought to function however hard or demanding it might be from time to time.

Terraces and gardens, if you have any, open our perspective but play a smaller role in line alignments within your home. Observe the interior world first and add details to the outer world later. Make sure your home has enough ventilation, fresh air, and light daily. Although you may enjoy a cozy, shady place, sunlight is essential for your vital energy and should be let in, at least during morning hours, when you wake up. Although this falls in the realm of general information, it is a part of your astrological approach as well, for each of us finds creative potential and joy in realms of the Sun and we always need more light to our everyday lives. The flow of air is in relation with Air signs and they aren’t that generous with the Sun. The practical daily connection of the two allows the mind to connect with your authentic inner source of creativity and personal power – the Sun, raising awareness one small step at a time and setting you free from unhealthy influences of other people on your train of thought and your confidence. 

Energizing your lines should begin with changes to burdened planets, those that are in fall or detriment, your eighth house ruler, to give their symbolism more room to develop in a healthy way. It is quite common for these lines to be neglected or overcrowded, so don’t be surprised if your Jupiter line found its way to a trash can when it is your eighth house ruler, or your line of the fallen Sun passes far from any lighting or windows and straight into the toilet. Things we cannot affect much can still be mended and healed to some point, so simply embrace your current settings, as is, and discover ways to bring small changes that will make a difference. Over time, new options will inevitably open as stuck energies from the past begin to flow again, and some knots are tenderly untied. 

Potent Role of Astrology

We will publish a set of articles to describe each planetary line in its specific tone. Each of them needs to be respected on both sides of your home, in color or other symbolism that fits its need. Think of these areas as small altars that serve to respect pieces of yourself that need healing and change. Keep in mind that each one requires attention, and it is perfectly normal for some of them to be found empty, unfed, crowded or clogged. Untidy places and those in the dark are pointers to things we wish to avoid dealing with and matters that easily spin out of our control. 

Each home can be considered a living, pulsating organism that changes over time. Some of your needs for it are healthy and in place, others might lead you straight into issues that you would rather avoid. This is a direct reflection of unconscious needs and circumstances we create on our Soul’s path out of convictions and perspectives that might be off, found stale in our ancestral line. Perhaps you can choose your life in detail, and if Astrology is bound to bring freedom through its Aquarian role, this seems like an excellent way to start using its practical benefits. Although it is impossible to find a perfect setting, you will find that even small changes affect your inner world over time. 

Enjoy the process, set free from everything you no longer need, and we will provide you with more information in weeks to come.

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