Protected By The Zodiac

Date: 2018-12-20
Protected By The Zodiac

Roles of Jupiter and Saturn may both be perceived as beneficial, as they stand to protect us as authentic beings, from the outer world. When these planets are strong and supportive in one’s chart, we can see people with strong and healthy mechanisms to keep their inner world safe from outer influences – emotional (when Jupiter is strong) and physical (with Saturn in high dignity). If Saturn was the ultimate fence in the physical world, a shield held by our best soldier, than Jupiter would be his eyesight and his flexibility and readiness to always know where to turn. 

Our Borders

Jupiter and Saturn are the last two planets in the Solar system that can be seen with a naked eye, and Saturn represented our physical border to the outer Universe for centuries before Uranus was discovered in 1781. On a personal level this translates to Saturn standing as a symbol for our skin and our physical boundary to the outer world. Jupiter, on the other hand, stands as the biggest planet in the Solar system with its own field of gravity surpassing that of the Earth immensely. It is the attractive force for all those asteroids and smaller objects that might threaten us if it weren’t there to pull them into its atmosphere. 

We can see that there is a large difference between these entities in their role in the Solar system, one of them simply being the border, as it is, and the other being the protector by taking on punches that would otherwise endanger us. Although Jupiter is often promoted as the most beneficent entity in the sky and Saturn considered the bad guy, they both have an intensely powerful role in the way we relate to the outer “world”, the Universe, and everyone outside of our own sphere of Self on a personal level. With this in mind, we must acknowledge the most positive role of Saturn – our healthy boundary in all relationships we create. 

The Power of Jupiter

When Jupiter is positioned well in one’s natal chart, we see that the individual has their beliefs to protect them, trusting themselves and their vision with full understanding of space they can use to expand, learn, and manifest their desires. Some call it a “guardian angel” or a “lucky star”, but in fact this is our mental ability to connect our pure inner beliefs with our logic, so our mind can serve as an airport for ideas we wish to work on and bring into the real world. Its strength is in its ability to dismiss all those damaging and toxic influences from the side, “asteroids” and trinkets entering our personal space that aren’t necessary, or those that would taint our ideals and make our morals weak. 

Things we lack when Jupiter is fallen or exiled is a clear vision, and the ability to differentiate between positive and negative influences of others and circumstances that the world outside has offered. This leads to overthinking, projections and disappointment, as expectations become either too big and demanding, or simply unrealistic and set on a plane separate from reality. When projections take over and we feel things too far ahead of the road, we lose our grounding and become overly invested in issues that aren’t there while real life might pass us by. To find direction in life, emotional clarity is to be achieved and our hearts cleansed, for Jupiter exalts in Cancer and our learning process needs to find its core in our feelings and our heart. 

The Power of Saturn

With a strong Saturn in one’s natal chart comes the understanding of the essence of time. Although it is deemed as maleficent most of the time, it is in fact our ability to feel realistic limitations and goals we might set depending on our true circumstances. Nothing is hazy or unclear in the world of Saturn. It is what it is, and it won’t change unless our world changes. Simplicity of its equations is protection itself, for it tells us every day, in each of our relationships and any hardship that might come, that there are no dilemmas when our personal space is in any way disturbed. Saturn says that one plus one equals two, and when it is our strong point, our awareness of the simplicity of right and wrong guards us from much more than we can imagine, safe behind our walls. It gives structure to all things in life and gives us the ability to understand when we are tired and when we need rest, allowing us to feel the essential core of our material existence as separate from that of anyone else. 

The fall and exile of Saturn primarily speak of a person’s inability to understand how important it is to rest our physical body and know its limitations. Making us push over our limits until we finally feel them, breaking our thoughts, hearts and bones, it is the pressure made by resistance to signals coming from our physiology. If we pretended that the Solar system spread outside of the Milky Way, the reality of the system wouldn’t change but our pain when we try to fit into the box of the real world might be grand. Jupiter is our view on reality, but Saturn IS reality itself. This is exactly why acceptance comes as its highest task in life, and faith in being right where we are supposed to be becomes essential for its magnificence to let us build our real lives the way we wish to. 

As For 2019…

With our gatekeepers currently at home, Jupiter moving through Sagittarius and Saturn through Capricorn, we obviously have an important opportunity ahead of us to learn. Circumstances that surround each of us these days are filled with clear boundaries and beliefs that are in touch with realism, while still positive and turned to beauty and love. Whatever our weak shield of protection to the outer world, we have a chance to fix it, see how it was always meant to work, and implement our findings in our everyday lives. With Jupiter flowing through elements of Water and Fire as the ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius, and Saturn ruling Capricorn and Aquarius governed by elements of Earth and Air, we can see that their effect comes down to teaching on how to passionately and creatively love ourselves more, and how to, dignified yet down-to-earth, respect ourselves more. 

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