Rivers Of Ancestors

Date: 2018-06-30
Rivers Of Ancestors

If we imagine our entire existence to be made out solely of emotional content that affects all things in our material and mental realms, we will have a bit of a clearer image of the truth hiding in the sign of Scorpio. Standing as an officer of death itself, but also representing the primal spark of life found in sexuality, it is the core of integration into one as well as the core of absolute darkness and disintegration. Our Earthly existence allows us to touch it only up to some point, or we would truly overcome death in our physical bodies and be immortal, forever flowing in a perpetuum mobile of infinite life. On the scale of our collective growth, this may as well be perceived as life in death, eternity of Heaven, and all those things that we must believe in beyond our physical existence, in order to live our lives every day. When we are in panic and can’t fight our fear of Scorpio, we seem to be on a death sentence, simply waiting for our time to come. If something more exists and our Soul truly transcends, we are immortal on an energetic level, and this deep faith gives us absolute power over our lives and all circumstances that we need to overcome. 

The Underworld and Our Shadows

Although Saturn is often observed as a king of unconscious shadows, we need to recognize the true depth of Scorpio as an eighth sign of the zodiacal circle, killing us slowly with what we failed to cleanse, change and embrace. It is a vacuum cleaner or all trash in our emotional world and won’t find it hard to push us into pain without any compassion or holding back, until we learn. The process of learning from the point of view of Pluto and Scorpio is always one of deepest emotional darkness, rage, hate, loss, death and black holes that swirl us in without any option left for us to run. From this point of view, Saturn is a bit less maleficent, for it always leaves just enough room for our awareness to rise to another level through Uranus, so we can jump over its fences and overcome ordeals it carries out way. On the other hand, Pluto leaves no options. It is the point of absolute truth that Universe is here to teach, and cold, distant, with the darkest motives, it seems to push us into criminal, destructive choices and habits that we can’t anticipate or understand for the most part. 

As the deity of the Underworld, this force is to push us to see the light in abandoned qualities, find flowers growing in our trash can, and see how everything we shoved aside carries incredible treasures when we embrace it. This is a world of all emotions we don’t want to have, and typically speaks of anger, resentment and pain, sadism and masochism, as well as all those things that we are “not allowed” to enjoy and look forward to. As we close our eyes in front of its themes, we destroy our potential for happiness too, and Pluto will kick us without mercy until we see just how much we can love our pain and suffering as a natural part of our human existence. 

To Love What Should Never Be Loved

Dignities of Venus and the Moon are low at this point. This speaks well of its internal need and things we are to respect if we are to truly connect, find grounding, and share our sexuality in the material world on a purely emotional level. The need of Scorpio isn’t to torture, but to incorporate the evil within into our whole, authentic, loving personality. Those of us who are cursed and blessed with Moon or Venus in this sign fall in love and find childish joy in things that the society has thrown away as bad, and it is no wonder that there is so much sorrow to lives of these individuals as they try to be “a better person” by simply shoving their authentic emotions aside. As an appendix that is to be taken out of our body, everything in this sign presents a threat for others, for life itself, while at the same time carrying a potential for magic and finding oneness with others in a deepest point of intimacy where all is accepted for what it is. 

Scorpio represents the river of all our ancestors and the level of collective consciousness defines the way it is incorporated, with beliefs regarding it built in our mind through every corner of our upbringing, socialization, and emotional growth. A child has no concept of death whatsoever and every one of us learned about it when we came of certain age. A child can be happy at a funeral, until the force of empathy burdens the aura and pushes guilt on it for behaving “badly” by simply being a child. Our most vulnerable points are found here, and although they are quite personal, they act on a much larger scale, with our deepest humane frustrations leading to terrorism, destruction, war, and all horrors of the world we live in. The only thing each of us can do when it comes to this dark lord of death is to make small steps towards personal liberation. It is our primal task to embrace our darkest needs, the joy found in our own pain, and the love for those in our family tree who have been aggressors or victims that ended up dead – for this is only a natural course of life. 

It is a sign of change, and our inner change is the only one it really cares for on an individual level. Circumstances will change accordingly when untrue choices become too much to bear for one’s heart. Scorpio allows you to cry, to be weak, to be damaged with no sense of guilt or shame. It is a dark tunnel where everything is truly good and bright, but also the place of a final judgment where your Soul has already been measured and sent peace by peace to Heaven and back into painful realities. To grow without procrastination and without compromise. 

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