Self Defense And Moral Dilemmas

Date: 2019-11-13
Self Defense And Moral Dilemmas

Self-defense is a state in which our deepest shadows hide, as Mars and Saturn serve to protect us throughout our existence on Earth. Both of these “maleficent creatures” has the power to keep us safe in numerous ways, both in personal bonds as well as collective and circumstantial intrusions on our fragile inner world. While we mostly speak of following the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in their purest form of manifestation, the effort could distance us from the benefit of building our structure without fear, sometimes keeping us tied to spin in the same circles, repeating life until we embrace our shadows. 

Guilt and Shame

The problem with awareness of self-protection itself comes from guilt and shame. They come through Venus and the Sun, depending on their relationship with maleficent planets in one’s chart. When Venus is challenged more and the Sun is strong, one will bravely act outwards but constantly fall back to guilt and sacrifice to recuperate for inadequate doings. When our Sun is weak and Venus potent and strong, we tend to seek balance on a low end of the scale, running from self-criticism and constantly feeling ashamed for not being able to cope with the world or bring ourselves to light. When they are equally challenged, or equally strong, we will see these matters intertwining as it is not as easy to separate only one issue to work on and heal. 

Instinctive Defenses – Cause and Consequence

The long-term trouble here is primarily the theme of Saturn, coming as a consequence of our instinctive boundary set through Mars. In a practical sense, this puts us to shame and to a position where we cannot hurt another person, even if they are already hurting us, due to an intense feeling of guilt or self-judgment and shame coming after we set a boundary. This feeling conditions us and as we grow, we “learn” like mice that we shouldn’t repeat what brought on such negative self-imagery in the first place. One of the most important things we learn in any kind of therapy (Pluto and Neptune) comes through collective awareness that it is our right to set our boundaries, and that our defenses are in fact healthy. On a personal level, this basically speaks of our ability to accept Mars and Saturn in their pure form, one giving us the instinct to stay safe, and the other giving us the right. We cannot rationally know or control the details of us belonging to a much larger whole. 

The burden of responsibility is often invisible, as a ton of stone pressing on our heart that each of us is used to carrying throughout an entire lifetime as an inevitable and “normal” emotional state. This comes from the defenses we put towards ourselves, keeping ourselves away from hurt by not dealing with it. While many say that “we should look within” or “turn inwards”, it is not such an easy step to take, as it requires honesty and bravery larger than any fight with another person or circumstance ever might. 

Unconscious Healing

Just as the Moon and its contact with Divine love heals all, so does our approach to the daily routine. These are really two sides of the same coin, and both Mars and Saturn want us to take care of ourselves in THIS incarnation, here and now, using our relationship to daily obligations towards our body. To start with healthy responsibility, we must start with the responsibility we have for our own physical state, and while numerous collective and ancestral influences make us sick, hungry or imbalanced, we are to make those small steps of self-care that make a difference and be proud of them as we move along. This challenge isn’t always easy, for even the smallest change made in our physical routine may trigger numerous anger issues or sorrows - all those things that we never dealt with and tried to bury using unhealthy physical choices. 

Still, for a day, two or a dozen, we can be proud of trying, knowing that we are working on our deepest unconscious issues. To dive in as deep is worthy of acknowledgment, even if we do so only for a short while at a time. Take your five minutes to meditate or make a salad, drink several glasses of purified water, and realize that even if you don’t repeat this tomorrow, you have still done something good in the long run. 

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