Split In Half

Date: 2019-12-12
Split In Half

To understand the connection between desire and its manifestation, we must turn to Taurus and Scorpio for assistance, and understand that on this axis, grounding comes from Mars and the fall of the Moon in Scorpio, as well as the fall of Pluto in Taurus. These are typically seen as negative, the fall is THE FALL after all, and what we often fail to see is that the fall can only occur when there is a discrepancy and a tearing between our emotional and physical worlds, one that we can all affect to some point. 

The Strength of the Axis

It is of immense importance to understand the shuffling natures of Taurus and Scorpio, as the one with the element of Earth shows our cravings and desires, while the one with the element of Water gives us the true core of power to materialize things we wish for. If we observe this closely, we may come to find that desire is the same as reality, that they stand as two sides of the same coin, and the only thing truly standing in our way is our inability to see our unconscious, physical cravings that keep us away from things we want. It is much easier to imagine a pregnant woman through Moon’s exaltation in Taurus than it is in Scorpio, but the fact is, conception itself comes from Scorpio, as the foundation for what we easily touch and feel in Taurus. This network of incredibly deep information is the one we all reside on, for it is the connection between our Soul – the Moon, with the collective (we may call it “ancestral” or “past life”) Soul – Pluto.

If we try to see them as one same thing, both being the bearers of life and death, both being the deep desire and its manifestation, we will realize that both of these signs are grounding us in their way, one of them through the feminine, Venus and the second chakra, and the other through the masculine in its connection to feminine frailty – Scorpio’s Mars. 

Shared Trouble

If they are one entity with the same goal – to lead us to satisfaction, we must observe their points of dismissal and the thing that creates the problem to begin with. Our physical and emotional realms that are meant to ground and materialize things we wish for get stuck for a reason. Peek into the eighth sign from each, the eighth derivative house from the point of view of Taurus and Scorpio. We will see that the eighth house for Taurus is the sign of Sagittarius, and the sign of Gemini for Scorpio. Now remember that the eighth house is what we perceive as a “trash can”, something unnecessary, to be thrown away and set apart from. This is what Sagittarius and Gemini represent here.

Our entire focus comes down to one point – the mind. Overthinking, communication without freedom of expression, convictions that are turned upside down, they all pose a threat to our natural connection between emotions and body. We must admit that this is kind of absurd, considering the fact that it is only our conscious content that we CAN affect, and when it stands opposed to our natural emotional and physical needs, we don’t really stand a chance in creating what we deeply crave for.

Practical Solution

In a practical sense what we need to do is learn (Sagittarius) to listen (Gemini) to our body and heart. Instead of spinning in loops of our mind and making a move to talk (Mercury) with others and see (Jupiter) what others do, we must take the time to hear and see our own inner being. If the body yearns for food, it isn’t the mind that will stop the craving. If it yearns for sleep, we won’t talk ourselves out of it without consequences. If we get stuck and hit a wall, maybe the time has come to rest. If we get sick, maybe our boundaries have been compromised. If our chest hurts, maybe we are simply sad. If we choose to smoke or get destructive in other ways, maybe our body doesn’t want to live in the creation of someone else’s convictions that we join every day. Maybe we are constantly trying to tell ourselves something but fail to take the time to listen to what we have to say. 

So leave all outer material, emotional and verbal issues aside for a moment, spend some time alone and simplify your thoughts bringning them down to You. Dive in and listen to your own doings, to your own body, and to your own feelings. We have the right to do whatever it is that we are doing today, and we all have a consequential responsibility to learn from our own doings. Give yourself time for healthy activity, and time for healthy rest, and observe how your body will react as you put it on top of your priority list. This is where natural emotions begin to freely unfold. The information you get if you look closely will be one of your most valuable assets. 

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