Travel Plans

Date: 2019-03-15
Travel Plans

When deciding on our next vacation and locations we wish to visit, we can always move by hunch and the calling coming from the heart, but we can also consult our natal chart, as well as relocation and local space astrology. With Jupiter currently in the sign of Sagittarius, the need for travel is strong, and Mercury in Pisces reminds us of great distances we wish to visit and our need for isolation, areas of the world that aren’t inhabited, islands secluded deep in the ocean, wilderness, jungles or ice-cold locations where our human limitations are clearly seen.

The Sky is the Limit

Imagine the world as an open book to read from, before settling for a well-known location. Experiments and open doors to new places will enrich our hearts with color and information supportive of personal growth and affect all other areas of life consequentially. When financial circumstances allow it, we shouldn’t close doors by holding on to routines and comfort zones that limit our horizons, for Jupiter wants us to be unlimited and uninhibited in our search for the truth in seeing the big picture. The only thing that stands above its expansion is a matter of Saturn, of daily circumstances, materialistic and financial limitations and the world of security we have managed to build. Keep your mind open whatever your circumstances, realizing that any plan to move is to be colored with initiative to see something new.

You will find certain trails more probable than others. Wealthy people from the west coast in the U. S. will often choose to visit Hawaii for their holidays, just as someone from central Europe has a common routine to visit Greece, Italy or Spain. Still, depending on our personal need and what we truly want to see or live through, we might choose our next destination based on our horoscope and the symbolisms inside it. When in search for rest or isolation, we are to seek places in symbolisms that support our natal Saturn and Neptune. When we desire to learn, we will rely on positive aspects or the natal position of Jupiter and Mercury. When in search for love, music and giving in to pleasure, we will seek symbolism of Venus and of course, the Sun.

Numerous Options

Depending on things you wish for, seek positive aspects, things supportive of your needs, and the position of the planet you wish to emphasize for your journey. When seeking solitude, ready for closure or a visit to your own shadows in life, go to India, Greenland, the mountains or the Arctic Circle. Northern European countries and Canada will support Jupiter’s travels and expansion of knowledge, especially for those who wish to move for higher education and new opportunities, but only when Jupiter is not pushed in the corner of one’s natal chart. Greece, New York and China are excellent places for Mercury related desires, movement, car drives and changing sceneries day to day or any activity that Mercury is supportive of in one’s chart. For strong grounding and the energy of Mars one should choose Africa, and Venus can be strengthened by a visit to Argentina or strongly Libran Austria.

Interestingly, they call Paris the city of love and it belongs to the country governed by Leo, just as Venice is the jewel of romance with its Scorpio-like qualities, black gondolas that used to carry the dead, and masks meant to protect one from smells of death. Get well informed if you have a certain goal to acquire, for not every interpretation is as obvious as it seems at first sight, and while Venice definitely is the city of deepest unconditional love and passionate giving into oneness as Scorpio would like, it is still the exile of Venus and might be burdening for someone on search for their carefree and unburdened Venus in Taurus or Gemini. Keep in mind that each choice is a personal decision and there is no general rule that will make a country fit for you, no matter how others perceived it. With your Neptune hiding in the shadows, Italy might be rainy for the most of your journey, and if Jupiter isn’t strong in dignity, Dubai might seem like a rich and lonesome waste of energy and money.

Consult with supportive aspects and dignities to begin with, and check out your horizontal horoscope for the location you are considering. Keep the angles of your local space chart lit by lights you wish to see, and see where aspects from your natal chart improve, or at least, aren’t strongly challenged by their natural weakness. Although every journey is a lesson in itself, some of them are to strive for, such as strengthening aspects of the ascendant ruler and squares turned into trines in a local space chart, and others might be a warning sign that your sense of direction is a bit off.

Solar Return Relocation

A fun way to influence our life on a solar level, year after year, is to seek the best possible location to be in on our birthday, affecting the way our solar return will look like. This can be incredibly valuable when our solar ascendant is stuck in a challenging spot, such as the natal eighth house or on a planet we’d like to avoid. Solar return travel opens a door for us to create our own life, governing our energy the way we think might be best.

Still, we are to remember that whatever we might change on this level comes from the element of Fire and the power of our mind-governed initiative. Aspects and planetary challenges that tend to be seen in a year won’t ever be completely avoided even though their way of manifestation might be influenced and changed. Such travel requires a truly open mind and to align our circumstances for the goal, this including finances, mental focus, localities and our time off that is to fit our personal schedule. Still, the smallest change in location for just a day or two might make a huge difference, so why not try it out this year and commit?

Whenever and wherever you choose to go, just keep in mind that Jupiter exalts in the sign of Cancer and in all our travels, we are learning about our heart and in all its simplicity – looking for home!

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