Why Do Healers Feel Lost?

Date: 2021-09-10
Why Do Healers Feel Lost?

Scorpio, the sign where Venus just entered its detriment, is also a place where the Moon falls, and Uranus and Pluto exalt. Primarily representing the place where life stops, it is also a sign where sexuality is stored, as well as conception itself, so the connection between life and death comes down to one point, where all is summed in Oneness. What all energetic healers have in common is a deeply accented planetary link to the sign of Scorpio, Pluto and the eighth house. The more connections found in their natal chart, the “merrier” their powerful role will be. 

The Basic Challenge

To become a true healer, one will have to deal with generational trauma (exalting Uranus) and some dark, secluded matters, castaway individuals in their family line, repeating patterns and possibly repeating trauma, until feelings are finally aligned, and the personal sense of purpose is recognized. Scorpio can be an extremely lonely place when one feels unseen and may show extreme cruelty in lack of support and contact in individuals sensitive, on a mission of becoming a healer, but born with their ascendant in Taurus, Cancer or Libra. Technically, this puts them in an emotionally invisible spot, as they stand to show their role of a healer, both physical (their first house ruler) and emotional (the Moon and Venus as ascendant rulers), through entities that are not supported and loved by Scorpio. At the same time, they will feel strongly (and usually through planets set in Scorpio or their eighth house) that helping others heal is exactly what they should be doing. 

The primary challenge here is to not strive for recognition, but for the ideal of love within. This brings extreme sensitivity when love for Self is damaged, so one must always work on their own heart, the way they accept their body, emotions, and thoughts, so they can be stable enough to help someone else and love someone else, without getting dragged through the mud, getting lost in other people’s ways or other people’s judgment when the light shines of their wounds. Even those who seek assistance and ask for help are not always ready to face the responsibility that comes with seeing the depth of pain that conditions them.  

Fifth House in Pisces and the Love for Getting Lost

It is a good thing, and an extremely challenging one, that the sign of Scorpio loves Pisces the most. This is the fifth sign from Scorpio, its fifth house, and the one giving it a chance to get creative, have fun, and give life itself. It is the image of relating with others on a plane of Love Divine, where inner children play in an emotional utopia, following a strong ideal of pure connection. This gives each healer a strong urge and passion to show initiative and follow what they sense to be their mission, even if they don’t understand it. They will crave for more sensitivity, more emotion, an ocean of healing energies that may be found in any simple thing in life. 

On the other hand, and as an obvious downside, such a big mission brings a lot of confusion. As healers, they are tied to destinies of other people, and they might feel tied, always choosing to serve wellbeing of those they are close and intimate with, getting lost in stories, journeys and ideals that belong to someone else. Supportive of what they feel in the authentic core of another, they could forget to care for their own, and fail to recognize their actual role and their own identity in the process. Once they become confident and stable, embracing their healer’s robe, they manage emotions better as well and start providing help only when asked for help in the first place. Very often, they spend years and decades learning to bring their "savior’s complex" to a healthier plane, where they offer answers while also respecting themselves unconditionally. Energies must flow both ways.

Unaccepted and In Denial

Very often at a young age, a healer will follow a certain path for as long as they have company. If they study what isn’t fit to their actual personality, they could become extremely successful in cooperation with others while struggling to study on their own. The problem comes when success shared carries them to believe that this is their actual passion as well, their place and their journey, as they have an identity crisis, unaware that they already have a job, a role that is deep and important. Losing sight of their own importance, they begin searching for “more acceptable” social roles through relationships with others. Not only does this take away their value, but with the sense of self-worth fading, they start feeling lost and as if they had no identity at all. Willing to die for the ideal, they become burdened by rigid negative beliefs of others that have shown them that they should not be who they really are. 

Since Scorpio is all that is dismissed, these individuals won’t often find approval in their family members. Out of best possible intentions, their parents and those closest to their heart could tell them not to go to those dark places with others, to choose not to love who they love, to not give in to sadness while reaching for resolutions and light. The need of others to move on, to not fix or heal but to live life looking away from pain, will inevitably blur their image and make them vulnerable. This often leads to searching for their path elsewhere, instead of where they feel they should. To untangle their heart from feelings of inadequacy, not belonging, getting lost, sadness, loneliness, they must first be allowed to feel all emotions entirely, and this often comes easier with solitude or separation from their primal family.

Destructive Shame

With Scorpio standing for sexuality as well (in its pure emotional form through the element of Water), it is the field of our collective taboos and greatest instinctive desires, and all individuals with a path of an energetic healer are supposed to have strong sexual energies. This is a challenge itself if they are in any way shamed for it or judged by people they love. If a sexual partner uses their energy to outgrow a painful situation while making them feel guilty for expressing their sensitive and deep sexuality, defenses could easily rise until they start feeling like their only choice is to close their hearts. 

Difficult romantic relationships, jealous or cheating partners, those who refuse and demean their deeply emotional sexuality could hurt them to such extent that they become loners, losing faith in themselves and their path. Their bruised, deeply empathic hearts, find it easier to trust someone they love than to trust their own gut feeling and this is where Scorpio becomes self-destructive and dangerous. 


Every healer must accept the fact that in Scorpio, the Moon falls. With it, gratitude falls. They must embrace the fact that lack of recognition is not their failure, but a mere capacity of the person in front of them to tend to their own wounds. Since every significant aspect of energetic healing comes from the unconscious world, one cannot expect others to be aware of it, just as they are only human and unaware of boundaries of those in front of them. As painful as this may be, true reward comes from a simple inner knowing that someone’s life is now aligned with more meaning, carrying more peace, and easier than before, even if they don’t realize that the process of healing required more energy than they had on their own.

A selfless healer stands to be someone’s bridge on the spiral of consciousness out of pure love. The most important thing they learn is how to protect themselves, restore their energies, recharge, and give only as much as another is willing to process. At some point, their own rewards will be found in a deep sense of connection, intimacy and peace. As those favored by the Universe for fighting for healing powers of love, they become blessed by clear and joyous energies in their home, and cleansed emotions summoning exactly what they need. Striving for Cancer as their ninth house, all healers who believe in themselves and the purity of their mission, are already on their journey home. 

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