Yearly Aries Horoscope for 2020

2020 Aries Horoscope

Spirit: Express, Initiate, Materialization, Walk.
Color: Bright Red.
Places to visit: Botswana, Switzerland, Indonesia.
Things to learn: Sewing, Kickboxing, Speleology.

The General Feel

Energies of Aries representatives will be high in the beginning of 2020, and with all the ups and downs, this is a year when numerous practical issues could get resolved. It will be impossible to outrun certain shadows and traumas from the past that you haven’t dealt with by now, but the stress on the emotional plane has a purpose to pull you out of matters that got you stuck in the first place. The first half of the year will carry numerous collective stories, social encounters and new ways of sharing information you carry within. This is a time when what you’ve learned so far needs to be materialized and brought down to Earth. Even though the meaning of your struggles could become shady from time to time, you will still find a way to ground yourself, mostly by relating with your body in healthy ways.

Just before spring, you will collect everything you need to manifest your visions and start thinking outside the box to search for the right solution to static circumstances that tire you out. March will be an exciting time, allowing shifts, changes and deep transformations that bring a sense of personal freedom in the long run. Although pressure might become a lot to bear, you are ready to face it and rely on loving emotions as your ultimate resolution. After numerous adventures in the first part of the year, the autumn will bring a time for peace and contemplation. Unfinished inner processes are to be metabolized, and the Universe will give you permission to take as much time for rest as needed.

The Greatest Challenges

The end of March is an extremely stressful time when you might bump into unexpected walls to personal freedom or fail to be seen by others in the right light. This is a good moment to separate from troubles that aren’t your responsibility and to think about healthy boundaries that need to be set towards the outer world. Careful planning will help, and a solid foundation will push you forwards even if your entire surroundings seems to be stuck. Still, the greatest challenge comes as you dive within with Mars in retrograde motion in the beginning of September. Outwards movement and your usual proactive approach could come back to slap you in the face, and you’ll be reminded of the necessary tenderness with your own heart. Whatever happens, return to Self, before relying on any outer circumstance or any other person’s attitude, belief or opinion.

The Greatest Rewards

Interestingly, the greatest reward coming in 2020 is You. This year carries a special focus on Martian energies, instincts and personal boundaries, and it will teach you how to use your energy to manifest a vision without much overthinking or dilemma. While you are typically fierce, balance has a chance to be created. You are now aware of the direction you must take with your eyes set on much higher goals, ones that you are motivated to hold on to until you succeed.

Physiology and Body

With self-expression being one of the most important topics of the year, spoken words could cause quite obvious issues with throat, vocal cords and neck. Stay flexible, exercise, stretch and move, so you can hold your head as high as you need to. Pay attention to your eyesight, with focus turned on your emotional states and directions chosen apart from the idea of status. Childlike needs are to be met if you wish to keep your health solid.

Love and Family

There is something to 2020 that reminds you of much needed space and solitude. This isn’t meant to separate you from other people, but to help you create solid and healthy boundaries. Although you can do a lot and compromise senselessly, you will find that there is no need to. February brings strange challenges to your world of relating, putting you in a position where you feel excluded or pushed away from your own system, family, and your own love life. Think of this period as a good opportunity to change perspective and see the entire situation from a new and truthful position.

Engage in solitary activities and spend some time alone if you feel summoned to, realizing that you aren’t to give in to emotional blackmail, and don’t owe what you never took away. You could get drained by things that seem to be understood, even though your energy is spilled away onto issues that aren’t yours to bear. Create enough distance to be close without toxic inputs and strange situations that are difficult to resolve.

Work and Finances

Now that Jupiter is in your tenth house and the sign of Capricorn, the biggest part of this year is reserved for productive projects, possibly a bit smaller than you’d like, but still satisfying. With the desire and an opportunity to professionally expand, learn, and implement your knowledge in your everyday routine, everything should fall into place once you find focus and follow the true inner calling that makes you joyous. Creative work will be rewarded, even if it isn’t recognized straight away.

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