Yearly Aries Horoscope for 2021

2021 Aries Horoscope

Spirit: Innovative, Surprise, Friendships, Freedom.
Color: Raspberry.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Spain, Mongolia, Miami.
Things to learn: Programming, Project Management, Paragliding.

The General Feel

As 2021 begins, Mars will finally step out of its shadow in Aries and announce a better year for Aries representatives. The future will no longer seem as hazy as it did by now and there will be a lot more hope to hold on to. Your sense of direction has been tested for a while now and many of you already worked on the foundation that will serve as a steppingstone for numerous plans that will feel exciting, liberating, and adventurous. You are brave and ready to try out something new and completely different from everything that you tried to rely on in the past. Although this shift won’t be instantly visible, as soon as March arrives, you will once again feel potent and ready to take some inspiring steps forwards.

The spring brings communication and love matters to focus, and you must be careful not to get carried away. This is also a time when incredible new things might start in any area of life. By the end of May, your feet will return to the ground and bring promise of warm summer months spent in close contact with those who stuck around on honest and healthy foundations. You will see issues in a wider, profound perspective and could find it hard to communicate with many people in your life. Make sure you don’t spend too much energy on things that can be delegated and partnered around for shared goals and beliefs.

The Greatest Challenges

May and October bring special challenges into your emotional world, just as you gain speed and rediscover that you must do numerous things alone. Although the system, circumstances and drastic liberation of the world support you in a way, close relationships could pull you back and hold you tied when you would set free in any possible direction. Hold on to solid and long-term friendships and rely on trust that is deeply felt inside your belly. Pay attention to business proposals and projects that may get stuck somewhere at the end of June. This is a time when patience is of the essence, primarily patience with yourself.

The Greatest Rewards

A long struggle for authentic expression is due and your beliefs are finally showing as constructive and true in a greater order of things. Your social circle and other people will begin to understand the position that you have been holding on to, and by the end of the year teamwork and new social contacts push you forwards, probably further than you imagined and expected.

Physiology and Body

Immunity reaches a low point by the end of spring, so improve your vitamin intake and pay a lot of attention to your daily routine. Do something healthy and tender in the morning, get enough sleep, and try to hold on to a meal schedule that will be gentle on your stomach. Although you can metabolize nearly anything, there is no need to push yourself over the edge and create problems that can be avoided. Stay on the move and stick to a timeline that will help your body know what it can expect without much stress or pressure.

Love and Family

This is a time when friendships will thrive, and many good things could come out of it. New love stories might be found right there, in your social circle, or online, over social networks, and modern technologies. Try out something new, experiment, just make sure you keep your feet on the ground and your body relaxed however intense emotional contacts might get. Idealization could take the best of you if you are not careful and well-grounded.

As close as you would love some people to be, there won’t be as much support from them when times get rough. Don’t take this personally as everyone has their deep battles to commit to at the moment, with all processes that are deep and extremely burdening on the heart that started in the midst of the world pandemic and everything it carried our way. Be patient, tolerant and tactful, but also make sure that you give enough distance to those who distanced themselves from you in times of need.

Work and Finances

As spring brings its incredible potentials, along with all the difficulties that are still floating everywhere around you and intense opposing energies of other people, you will be ready and inspired to start something new. It is wise to choose teamwork in a way that gives everyone enough personal freedom. All those online and freelance possibilities look way better this year than they did in the previous one. Still, you should hold on to a routine, a schedule, and make deadlines for yourself to follow if the outer structure doesn’t provide any. The end of June challenges your foundation and circumstances might shake you to the core if you are not stable and as grounded as possible. You need to remain organized if times get chaotic, especially if people you work with don’t do well with boundaries or disrespect your personal time. Progress will come in large waves, sometimes out of the blue, through unexpected situations and when you let yourself think outside of the box and act accordingly.

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