Information on the Aries Symbol and Ruler

Aries Symbol

Aries Symbol

Aries Symbol

The symbol for Aries represents a face and horns of a ram. This image is based on the historical view of the appearance of stars in the constellation of Aries. It was considered a ram since late Babylonian times and was later in correlation with Greek mythology and the ram with the Golden Fleece.

Aries Ruler

Aries Ruler

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars. The ancient Greeks were fascinated by the blood red color of the planet and they attributed it to Ares, their god of war. When the Romans conquered the Greeks, the name was changed to a Roman god of war called Mars.

The symbol for Mars was shown in Greek personification of planetary gods first as a spear. It was an alchemical symbol for iron and it is interesting to observe that centuries later it was discovered that the surface of the actual planet Mars is covered in rust. Later on, this symbol was “upgraded” to the image of a shield and a spear and got the shape we use today.

An arrow represents our drive, an action or direction. It is pointing high, from the circle denoting spirit. The combination of the two corresponds with the nature of the planet in the astrological sense. We can easily deduct it stands for our active, passionate nature that needs to follow the mission our spirit needs to fulfill.

Aries Information

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