Yearly Pisces Horoscope for 2022

2022 Pisces Horoscope

Spirit: Progress, Emotion, Flow, Practicality.
Color: Tangerine.
Places to visit if possible: Sydney, Easter Island, France.
Things to learn: Painting, Make-up Art, Piano Playing.

The General Feel

In the world of Pisces, 2022 is a year filled with riches and love. Openness for life and faith in yourself brings opportunities that should not be missed. It is more important than ever to not drift away into the world of daydreaming and idealism you feel unreachable, for this is a time when anything is possible in the real world, and you need grounding and specific steps taken to make a change. Avoid toxic substances and interactions, to keep the body and mind clean. This will allow critical thinking to get you through practical issues that may lead the way in incredible directions.

The past couple of years have been rough on the psyche. Your sensitivity to collective matters and feelings of others can finally be supportive in months to come, but only if you bring order into your own life first. If you aren’t at peace, scattering your empathy on those who take it for granted will not make you happy. Use your idealism to build the actual world you wish to live in. Plan a trip where circumstances and limitations allow, enroll in courses or colleges that seem inspiring, and use your talents and art for self-expression. It is time to bring your emotions to a physical plane, releasing them and making room for new ones. You are ready to shine and flow in loving feelings that no longer stand as a burden on your heart.

The Greatest Challenges

Selflessness and empathy are always praised by the world, and they are in no way your flaw. Still, they may drain the energy you need for your own life, and this may be an extreme energetic shortcoming for your plans in months to come. The trick isn’t to get colder or more reserved. Instead, you need to observe from a safe distance before jumping in to save the day. Give others a helping hand only when they ask for it and do not allow being taken for granted. Doing good is only good when you are also doing good for yourself in the process. Doing good for those you feel sorry for may be founded on disrespect. If they are capable, let them be, and mind your own business, creating your own loving world.

The Greatest Rewards

When deep issues of the winter shake up your foundation in January, resolutions to problems become easier. You are ready to breathe in life with joy and wonder, and 2022 carries supportive energies and feelings for incredible progress in all areas of life. New love stories and inspiring partnerships are ahead of you, to remind you that you are loved and still capable of healing, new adventures, and intimate contact. Whatever might come as burden, conflict or problem, flows towards resolution with a lot more ease than before.

Physiology and Body

Turning a blind eye to any problem could lead to health issues that don’t have a common explanation or those that don’t seem to have a cure. It is extremely important to avoid toxins, especially alcohol, as it is extremely hard to metabolize it at this time. Your brain requires chemical balance, so try to keep your meals organized in specific times of day. Chaotic signals from your digestive system may affect not only your moods, but your entire way of thinking about issues at hand. Chiropractors and physical therapists for back pain or muscle tension may do miracles for your overall wellbeing. Check blood sugar levels before the summer and do what you can for your usual habits to give respect to the actual strength of your physiology that already endured all sorts of energetic demands.

Love and Family

Positive change of beliefs for your own abilities will certainly make changes in your emotional world as well. Some relationships are not healthy enough and require a safer distance, while others might push too many buttons until you lose interest for them and move on. If you must shake off what is burdening before opening your heart for something new, it is best done in the first couple of months of the year. Some opportunities are once in a lifetime. Aspects in April and May might bring such love stories to your doorstep when you weren’t even looking for them or trying to stumble upon intimacy.

Coziness of your home will not be enough. You need movement shared, family time that is creative and bringing laughter into everyone’s world. Circumstances that don’t allow positive atmosphere and support are no longer an option, but it is your choice to deal with them and move on in a different direction. It will seem like holding on to any form of loyalty is obsolete if you don’t feel respected and supported in positive and joyous activities. Do for yourself, what you would love to do for your children, and win satisfaction as a reward.

Work and Finances

Financial benefits are directly connected to your specific and practical steps. As productive and prosperous as 2022 may be, things still won’t fall from the sky and straight into your arms. Stay open for change, ask for a raise, or choose to follow an alternate profession if the journey feels inspiring. Progress comes in waves, especially in the first half of the year, but you are to ask, dig, and move towards a goal. Inspiring projects are on their way, those that really emphasize your talents and expertise. Big plans will be rewarded when you take good care of their material foundation. Put things on paper and create a solid plan to get things done swiftly and without much fuss.

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