Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope for 2021

2021 Sagittarius Horoscope

Spirit: Powerful, Movement, Flexibility, Mind.
Color: Teal.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Russia, Cuba, Texas .
Things to learn: Web Design, Regression Therapy, Sailing.

The General Feel

Year 2021 begins with drastic relief in lives of Sagittarius representatives, not only because Jupiter is finally coming out of its fall in Capricorn and your house of finances and self-worth, but also because ideas feel possible and easier to materialize. You will not have much trouble doing whatever it takes to reach goals that have been out of reach for a while, and any price will seem small in the face of what can be accomplished if you only believed in steps that you are meant to take to reach your inspiring destinations.

Seriousness and dark ideas will fade during the first couple of months of this year, bringing new opportunities and reminding you of personal freedom that is your truest imperative. You have tried settling for less than what you wish for and feel like some things have lost their purpose and no longer satisfy you in any way. Think big, as a true Sagittarius, inspiring others to chase for personal freedom, but holding on to the sense of safety and the structure that you have learned to respect in the past. It is your task to use the knowledge from the past instead of forcefully running away from it, as much as you would like to.

The Greatest Challenges

It is not exactly easy to find balance with everything that you felt you had to face before, and now being free not to. The urge to get excited, the need for risky adventures and choices that are too intense for your tender heart should be in some sort of balance with tenderness and self-care. Give yourself time for intimate bonds and relationships that nurture your sensitive side, make room for cups of hot tea, bubble baths, enjoying contact with Nature, and spending time with children and those you can share your excitement with. It is important to not disconnect from what was always healthy in your world, or distances could leave consequences that will make you feel lonely over time.

The Greatest Rewards

June and July remind you of family, emotional ideal that you are on the quest to find. Dreams are to be thought about and pursued. Numerous doors will open as your faith in them changes and you realize the power you truly possess to fit into any system or norm with flexibility and ease. The higher goal will once again be the higher goal, worthy of everything that you are working on every day. Your strength will return, and initiative will take you much further than you expected, adequate to the foundation that has been set in the past year.

Physiology and Body

This year brings numerous opportunities to heal both your body and your Soul. Work on past trauma will bring unexpected results, release the tension on your nervous system and your spine, and alternative methods could change your entire view on problems that have been chronic and possibly lasted for years. The connection of your mind with the body is extremely strong, allowing productive work on any physical problem with simple positive affirmations and thoughts. If you rush too fast and too far to chase for your creative future, you could deal with headaches, spasms in your neck and spine, and troubles with ligaments that require more flexibility. Give your past its rightful place in your life, learn from it, and launch yourself forwards only when you are truly ready to.

Love and Family

The summer brings matters of trust and honesty into focus and all romantic thoughts and relationships will be tested for consistency. Parallel relationships may be an option, but they won’t serve anyone\'s heart and the need to set free goes way deeper than that. Be honest with yourself, with emotions that you wish to chase for as well as those that you no longer want to settle for. What bruised you should not be the reason for you to return the favor, but a steppingstone to proceed to something well-deserved and more rewarding.

These are unstable times when contact with the heart is necessary all the way through any motion, action, or static expectation. In some relationships, doors may be open to unexpected pregnancies, creative efforts that easily turn sour, and all those things that require a lot more structure than given at the moment. You could get stressed if you simply chase for a goal while forgetting the history that binds you, releases you, and gives you the right tools to stay protected and in tune with personal responsibility towards loved ones and those who depend on you.

Work and Finances

Be careful with risky investments, especially with the beginning of autumn and close to this year\'s end. Things are only becoming clearer day by day and this entire year is still colored with slowly developing circumstances that you are meant to rely on. Freelance opportunities should find structure within the system, a solid contract, and taxes paid. Surprises will keep on coming and you can expect bonuses and a raise for work well done, as well as the change of your professional path that hits the core of what you feel your mission should be. By the end of the year, you might discover that by making yourself happy, you grow to seek a career that allows you to make others happy too.

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