Yearly Taurus Horoscope for 2019

2019 Taurus Horoscope

Spirit: Movement, Share, Goals, Become.
Color: Castleton Green.
Places to visit: United Arab Emirates, Washington, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Things to learn: Transcendental Meditation, Contacting Animal Guides, Speleology.

The General Feel

This year comes down to important relationships and romance, and you are about to rush through it as if making up for time lost in 2018. Stay realistic and make sure that each new contact you make has the depth and the potential of emotion to move where you want it to go. It won’t be easy to stop projecting too far into the future, and on the other hand, you might lack vision and purpose stuck in relationships with people that have been around for a while. Try to find a fine point of balance that allows your social contacts and close bonds to intertwine and make a sensible whole that supports your heart instead of turning it to stone.

The end of April brings an entirely new cycle of purified Venus, and this is a good time to start something new, invest your energy in large accomplishments and goals, and find the right grounding for anything you wanted to do for a while. Professional and financial issues seem to be less relevant in months to come, although they might be quite rewarding if they are in fine tune with your most creative emotional world. Be childish, prove yourself through light and positive issues, and know your worth every step of the way.

The Greatest Challenges

You might get stuck in February, trying to do a lot more than your surroundings supports. However, this shouldn’t be much of an issue if you don’t sink into inadequacy and degrade your sense of self-worth along the way. The end of summer brings some dark moments, when your mind needs to meet your heart, and your heart needs to meet and face the real world you’ve managed to create for yourself. Don’t lose your grounding over emotions that you wish to cast aside. Let them all out and act accordingly no matter the response of your surroundings.

The Greatest Rewards

As soon as the year begins, Taurus representatives are about to collect fruits of the work they put into deep and dark issues in the preceding year. The flow will be gentle and kind to you for the most part of this year, even if you sometimes lose sight of the positive path that is unraveling in front of your feet. Goals will be reachable, and your common sense is set in place. For as long as your emotional nature is respected and valued, all problems will seem small enough to be metabolized and resolved.

Physiology and Body

Health could get shaky and changeable, your immunity rising and dropping on a monthly basis. Take enough vitamins and care for the body you’ve been blessed with no matter what happens in your professional world. This is a very bad timing to neglect your physiology, get lazy, or eat junk food. Your mind is blessed with the opportunity to cleanse and work on great and important issues if you keep your physical plane as clean, strong and functional as possible. Headaches, even migraines could put pressure on you in April and May. If they do, get enough rest and organize time and activities to allow your body a good night’s sleep.

Love and Family

This year begins with the accented importance of emotional matters and close relationships that require initiative and some loving, joyous moments. Hug, dance, sing and enjoy yourself and it will be easy to connect even to those who are cold or distant. You need to hold on to your mission and role in this world to find your real role in individual relationships you tend to build. Sexuality plays a large and important issue at this time, and all of its contexts should be seen through an emotional lens first, so you can experiment and let go to the purest of intentions and feel free in your own skin. Family life might suffer if you don’t find enough time and organize well enough to give priority to those who need you to be slow, mellow and as tender as possible.

Work and Finances

Keep yourself out of new debts in the first couple of months of 2019, as well as in October and December. Financial situation will significantly drop only to recover in incredible ways. All the turns and changes in this segment of life are about to teach you important lessons on the value of your work and your talents, and however stable your job might be, some shakeups are to be expected if you don’t see yourself as giving and deserving as you truly are. High ambitions could lead into important long-term projects in February, and some might round up before the beginning of winter. Let go to the flow, be creative, and put your emotional world first on your priority list so you can balance out all areas of life with more ease.

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