Yearly Taurus Horoscope for 2021

2021 Taurus Horoscope

Spirit: I, Opposition, Inspiration, Sharing.
Color: Salmon.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Germany, Japan, California.
Things to learn: Solo Singing, Painting, Photography.

The General Feel

However stressful and intense issues of personal space and liberation may become for most Taurus representatives in 2021, the beginning of the year brings promise of healthy relationships that will see you through any process that might come. While at times everything may seem like too much to handle, practical matters serve you well, as well as grounded, solid boundaries on a daily plane. The rush of energy will come, and fear has nothing to do with what this life has to offer when you observe your circumstances from a wider perspective.

Many doors will be closed but those that are open will prove to be even better for your current needs than those you tried to push through at first. You could have trouble setting goals that give you a sense of accomplishment while not messing with your personal freedom, but there is a golden middle to be found as you get organized and leave enough time for everything that you wish to achieve. Expansion is possible with healthy responsibility taken and the rest of it delegated where it belongs, accompanied by enough rest that is needed more than it usually is. Physiology will not fail you for as long as you put your basic needs on top of your priority list – colorful food, sleep, and a healthy schedule to rely on.

The Greatest Challenges

Things will get chaotic too often, chaos may become drastic in February and October, and strong opposing energies easily lead to conflict, misunderstandings, and intrusions on personal space. It will be easy to give in to loss of control and try to swim around in numerous issues you do not really understand as you would like to. It is time to accept that you are only human with a narrow ability to control the outer world. What you cannot affect should be left for destiny to untangle, leaving more time and room for you to commit to personal matters and joy you seek in your everyday life. Things that can be affected are what you should really focus on.

The Greatest Rewards

You have the opportunity to become even more stable in your plans, regardless of anyone\'s opinion or desire to join in on your quest. You may take on the role of a lone wolf in the following months, but this will serve a higher benefit and open numerous doors for personal development and loving activities. Dependencies will be broken, as you are about to realize that the one able and supportive person that you are to turn to in times of need – is yourself.

Physiology and Body

Months of June and August make you prone to overthink and distance yourself from physical needs that require immediate action. It is important to pay attention to balance you are to maintain from day to day, taking in what you can metabolize easily and in as wide variety as possible. Choose colorful and different food every day, activities that suit your current need instead of forcing one repetitive motion and pay attention to the way you breathe when you are stressed out and tired. You need sport and a lot of movement to keep your immunity high and avoid psychosomatic problems, keeping your liver safe. Avoid all unprescribed medication and for any acute condition collect several opinions instead of one.

Love and Family

You are entering this year with just the right support system. Relationships you already have can be deepened and gain stability. The middle of March brings special contacts that inspire and open new perspectives. Emotions will be intense and should be kept private. However, from February to April, focus will drift away from personal contacts to much wider collective planes. If you are not stable with yourself, seeking validation from others while not on good terms with yourself, you could stumble upon limitations and circumstances that are stressful and difficult.

This is a time to seek inspiration and see what you can share with the rest of the world, spread good news and love on social networks, write, paint, or take a course in photography. This will allow the inspiration of love to guide you towards purer and not so tying contacts with other people and open doors for new relationships as 2021 progresses. In general, things are looking up and your emotional world may shine, but you must leave enough time for self-love and activities that make you smile in order for your life to reshape to let all forms of love into it.

Work and Finances

This is a year when work will be done for a higher cause rather than personal profit, and you must think wide if you wish to earn enough to put something on the side and take care of personal goals and plans. It would be wise to avoid any new credits and loans, especially if you already have something to pay off and carry financial burdens from the past. If you are tired from your routine and have been in an unhealthy one for years, this is the perfect time to enroll in courses you are passionate about and work on a foundation to set free from chains of usual ways. Freelance projects need stability over time if you are to commit to them fully and you are practical and careful enough to see what can and what cannot be done.

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