Invisible Aggression

Date: 2019-07-10
Invisible Aggression

People with a challenging aspect of Neptune with their Sun or Mars, as well as those whose Jupiter isn’t in a position of strong dignity, could find themselves in numerous “invisible” situations that they don’t know how to approach. They easily get lost, not understanding why they feel the way they feel, as the real world doesn’t feel like others tell them it should. This is an important topic to think about, as what seems invisible and what isn’t obvious to everyone around us is what makes us feel lonely, or even crazy, if we don’t attend to our feel of the actual truth. The overall sensitivity brought by Neptune and weak emotional boundaries Jupiter is meant to provide, make us susceptible for the outer world’s aggression, anger, and judgment in much subtler ways than those that most people seem to be dealing with.

The Primary Opposition

Luckily, the entire ordeal of shady and strange issues that pressure us in life through the atmosphere surrounding us, is in opposition with only one thing and just as important. This struggle represents the main opposition of the masculine and feminine, of Mars and Venus, of Sun and the Moon, and as such, it has a much bigger value than we tend to recognize. When you look at the issue in a collective realm, we may see that the suppression of the feminine is just that – the suppression of emotion, taking away its “strength”, dignity and value, putting in focus “the man’s world” we all need to live in to not be dependent, weak, or too fragile to survive. Mars supports the Sun to be vivid, obvious, to shine brightly and be the one entity that everything circles around.

On a practical, daily and our personal level, we will see that these masculine principles show issues that are obvious and clear such as problems that are financial, struggles with health, physical violence, signed divorce papers, children who fail at school, etc. So how can the feminine ever be as important with its invisible emotional struggles, hurting, depression, anxieties, loneliness, loss and the “unfounded” feeling of abandonment? People with “real” problems and their physical, rational, or obvious entities challenged (Mars, Sun, Saturn and Pluto), will tell you that these two cannot be compared. But these people are – wrong. For what should we do about balance with all those who feel sacrificed and take away their own value to serve and support, with less obvious entities triggering their wound (Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune)?

True Balance and Co-Creation

The real point of resolution and balance can only be found as we cleanse our Mercury and reach the point of healthy Uranus, of our enlightenment, steady progress in personal evolution, and understanding of the world around us in all its diversity and connection. This is where many will find Astrology handy, for it provides answers such as this – to seek balance between our visible and invisible problems, primarily within, so we can reflect them on the outside. This balance and given value is the only thing allowing us to see all people as truly equal, just as they are. The moment we start thinking that our problems are bigger than anyone else’s just because they are “more obvious”, we fall in a spinning loop of our own ego where none of those who feel invisible can connect with us and use their feminine talent to heal issues shared. On the other hand, if we see our troubles as smaller than those of others, we start spinning in the same ego loop, taking on the pain that isn’t our own, as if others don’t have the capacity to carry what’s theirs, protecting all those who don’t see us for who we are as a sacrificing mother to all.

Co-creation and the point of mutual understanding can be achieved with intimate communication, with an exchange so subtle that respect is never disturbed, and this will inevitably happen through a close contact the moment we are ready to heal a part of our Soul. True intimacy requires true bravery as well, so we can finally swim in the pool of unity where it becomes obvious that the physical and seen is completely the same as the emotional and unseen. One leads to the other, and they coexist in the spinning cycle we are all constantly a part of. Balance between the two is always there, if not in our thoughts and cognitive processes, then certainly in our relationships, contacts with the outer world, and all those circumstances we meet with every day. It is impossible to avoid the balance of the Universe, and the only thing we can do is try to find a way to adapt and synchronize ourselves with it.

Start by asking yourself – are your problems bigger than problems of people who make you restless? Or are they smaller? Are you the aggressor who is “more important”, or the victim who is “less important”? Interestingly, everyone seems to be hurt just the same in this state of inner imbalance. Aggressors will hurt themselves by the initiative to show their own importance, while victims get hurt as if this is understood, quiet and not setting clear boundaries towards others. In different relationships, you will probably find yourself on different sides, as this shows our need to seek balance between our own inner extremes. Still, there must be that one point where the two meet in the middle and it is possible for each human to truly feel equal to another. We all seem to be on a quest to find it anyway, so we might at least try this while aware of our role.

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