Romantic Getaway

Date: 2019-01-13
Romantic Getaway

Venus is currently in the sign of Sagittarius, balancing out our personal beliefs and moral judgments of the entire human race. It is the ideal or relating, our most optimistic view on other people, and the set of our convictions that predefine love stories in our life, potentially limited by family patterns and things we repeat seconds after we spread our wings to fly. Close touch of two souls always invites our shadows to come out into the open, and this is one of those times when there is collective faith that we will succeed in fighting them off and bringing our vision to life, making our lives colorful and happy. This trine of Mars and Venus is a distant romantic getaway, a vacation in the Bahamas with our loved one, or an attractive person we might meet on the beach just as we’ve given up on our love life. Still, there is a deeper symbolism to this aspect than meets the eye.

The Loving Trine

Mars is loved as it is, in Aries, in its primal dignity, and with this amount of support we will see inspired individuals and warriors for the right cause. Initiative will be rewarded, as well as aggression that is well-used and pointed in the direction of personal growth and evolution. There is just enough love in the world for all our instinctive needs to be fulfilled, but we all still need some focus to attend to them and ask for what we truly desire. On the other hand, Venus isn’t loved as much by Mars, but rather chased by it. While this may be a deeply satisfying time with those who have several planets in the element of Fire, it could get disturbing for Souls enriched with Earth and Water

The rush and the speed of initiative taken shouldn’t make us forget to breathe in before we act, for the essence of any trine is to connect purity of contact between two planets with our heart, our lungs, and our set of beliefs. A trine is governed by Jupiter, in its essence, and might not bring things to life on a practical plane as much as affecting our consciousness to accept certain challenges in a new light and change perspective in some of our relationships. Some will feel all earthly and practical blessings of this aspect, especially those of us who have their “grounding houses” (second, sixth and tenth) in signs of Aries and Sagittarius. However, those of us who don’t, might have some trouble accepting reality if we expect what isn’t realistic and attempt in chasing things that are too distant to reach just yet. 

Enjoying This Moment in Time

The true lesson of this trine when we take its nature into consideration and an intense square Mars has with Saturn along the way, is found in the pull of emotion and instinct enrolled into one and living in the moment. Worrying about consequences won’t get us far, and we all need to act in accordance with our deepest feelings allowing situations to unravel. Without much fear, hesitation or doubt, believing that such actions will take us where we wish to go, we will create wonders as we move along. Inspired by colorful lights of Venus, we are to catch it before it runs away and hides. If we wait only one second longer than we should, our projections into the future, onto others, and concerns about the past will throw us out of balance and make love distant all over again. No matter the possible challenge, we will all have a chance to hide and travel, physically or metaphorically, for a little while, governed by our need to enjoy life, be more flexible, and have fun as we move towards our goals. 

To fight for pleasure of relating, our faith needs to be pure, and we are to remind ourselves that limitations of the outer world aren’t really our own limitations. Be spontaneous, jump out of your comfort zones no matter the price, and don’t give up on ideals that have been burning in your heart since childhood. Although this aspect makes us instantly think of a romantic getaway or an affair with someone rough around the edges, it is in fact our muse and our inspiration to fight for our own satisfaction in life. It pushes our ideals forwards if we only believe in ourselves and the intent of the Universe strongly enough.

Sun sings most affected by this transit: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius

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