The Sun As The Source Of Shame

Date: 2018-07-27
The Sun As The Source Of Shame

When we think about the Sun, we will mostly focus on its positive qualities and see the negative ones through ego challenges, pushiness, or its tendency to burn everything standing in its way. However, we rarely stop to analyze the issue behind the issue, the feeling of incompetence behind the deed, and one’s fragile nature of Self hidden by layers of constructive adaptations we had to use to survive when we were just children. Each Sun sign has a story of its own to share, and we will describe the shame that stands in our way to creatively express and be who we really are for each of the twelve zodiac signs

The Sun in Aries

This is an intense and extremely strong position of the Sun and it is widely recognized as exalted, and the strongest of all possible positions it could find itself in. Still, we are to acknowledge the fact that the sign of Aries doesn’t really like Venus (being its detriment) and Saturn (its fall) and this tells the tale of its own. The source of shame for an Aries Sun comes from one’s emotions, sensitivity to relating to other people, and boundaries they have trouble setting for the outer world. Their experience of incorporating in the first structure (kindergarten, school, and a foundation of their primal family) needs to be truly gentle and in touch with their fragile inspiration and their need for physical satisfaction to begin with. If their boundaries and their pace aren’t respected in time, they will be pushy, aggressive, repeating the pattern and rarely giving themselves or other people enough time to stay stable in their own feelings and their safe space. Ashamed of laziness and their natural need for rest, they easily push themselves over every limit they should respect.

The Sun in Taurus

When the Sun is set in Taurus, some tender and enjoyable things come naturally, however hard life might get along the way. Their story of shame is the one involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto, and this shows the frailty of instincts, initiative and their personal freedom taken away. In ultimate interpretations, this position carries the shame of change, of their need to make progress, as if something was constantly standing in the way of their movement and their liberating experiences. The greatest source of shame in a Taurus is greatly related to their sexuality as a need of the body and in an extremely challenging setting might show a child that was abused or put to shame for their first questions about sexuality. Very often, we see that this restricts their movement, pushing them to satisfactions of life and a static nature that cannot move, not because they are lazy, but because they feel it inappropriate and disturbing to move towards change and follow their gut instinct. 

The Sun in Gemini

Gemini representatives often seem like “people with no problems” or even “people without shame”. Their Sun gives them clarity of mind as if the intelligence and one’s verbal contact has been supported from an early age. Still, they sometimes seem superficial and too light in their ways, as if there’s no consistency to their multitasking or purpose in their ways. Since the sign of Gemini brings Jupiter to its detriment, we will often see that it is approached with lightness for the great benefic cannot be that bad in any sign, can it? Remind yourself of all good that Jupiter brings our way and ask yourself what would happen if you were put to shame for constantly wanting to expand, grow, and know more about life? If beliefs are shaken and seen as incoherent or immoral, one might find themselves repeating paths of others, unable to find direction in life that truly motivates them and keeps them happy. Ashamed of their beliefs and the truth they carry in their heart, Gemini representatives might lose touch with their feelings and seem disconnected, in the pain of their distances growing for they cannot believe in themselves and their own truth. The loss of belief in oneself is the ultimate Gemini challenge of shame. 

The Sun in Cancer

With the Sun set in Cancer, the touch of emotion and a cozy approach to life comes naturally. They are caregivers and those who aren’t afraid to connect and give love to another human being, in the most positive setting. Still, the sign of Cancer has a great challenge of Mars and Saturn in its flow of Waters, and this brings shame of their own body and all physical experiences and primal needs. This could make them detach from planet Earth, floating in their bubble of emotional experiences and belief that someday, things will get better. They are to understand that there is no shame in setting clear physical and verbal boundaries to other people, and learn to protect themselves from anything shady or unclear without the feeling of guilt to follow. Their need to build a foundation for a strong personality is sometimes weakened by structures, rules, and a fierce push of their parents and adults in their young life. This reflects in their sense of shame anytime when they need to put their foot down and stay stable and firm in their plans and choices in life. 

The Sun in Leo

Leo might seem as one to never be ashamed of anything, but unless they are enlightened, their bravery and strong nature still have some baggage to claim. The tricky thing about Leo is the fall of Neptune it carries along, for this gives an important imprint to the ability of those born in this Sun sign to express their deepest talents and their truth. Open and warm, social, even though Uranus is in detriment in their sign, their fixed nature leaves them in one place for too long if they are ashamed of their ideals and stick to the image they present to the outer world. Imagine an energetic child, obviously movable, rushing through things and creatively successful in many of them, given directions to stick to structures that don’t involve their truest, deepest talents or the need for rest guided by Saturn. A child with a flair for healing and sensing the unseen, that is told that they are to focus their energy on something “more productive” by their authorities and those they believe in before they form belief in themselves. This builds a strong sense of shame and the loss of boundaries for emotions and attitudes of others and makes them pushy or even aggressive in attempts to make their will count, at least in not-so-relevant situations. In its purest form, they are ashamed of lies and imagery they hold on to instead of being true to their fragile needs. 

The Sun in Virgo

The sign of Virgo is closely related to shame and seen as skeptical, intellectual, and highly sensitive in issues related to their physiology. You will find that their beacon of shame is found in the fall of Venus and detriments of Jupiter and Neptune, and since these entities stand for our greatest potential for happiness, it is clear why their personality is so often seen as “ashamed”, grumpy or a bit depressive. Their dreams and talents tend to stay hidden and things that inspire them might be too different from those found in their primal surroundings. Since this is an Earth sign, we have to acknowledge the grounded side of Venus and its greatest challenge of feminine sexuality and touch. Perhaps love was shown through words more than in physical ways, or their physical boundaries have been compromised with the pressure of loving touch they never wanted to begin with. Whatever the situation, their story always shows the need to express their feminine, sensitive nature, and embrace their truths and beliefs found in their heart, even if they greatly differ from those they were taught to nurture through life. 

The Sun in Libra

The Sun falls in the sign of Libra and although it shows tact and the ability to communicate with others on a widely accepted plane, those with their Sun here often have the hardest task – to not be ashamed of who they really are. Their personality may be restricted by too many rules, by tradition and figures of authority that are either too strict or too distant. They will love the structure they reside in, even if it doesn’t leave much room for growth, and could feel a deep sense of shame for their initiative and their innovative ideas due to the detriment of Mars found in their sign. This life gives them the ability to see others, but as children, they shouldn’t be compared to other children or they might lose their own sense of identity and build it on accomplishments and misbehavior of others. As an Air sign troubled by positions of energetic and grounding entities, their body should always be nurtured properly and their routine in place so they can find the grounding they seek and stand stable on their own center of personality. Ashamed of their attitudes and their proactive nature, they have a task to express themselves clearly and fiercely, building the inner power that tells them they CAN deal with challenges they’ve been given. 

The Sun in Scorpio

Since the Sun in Scorpio has a deep energetic impact on the world around them, the fact that the Moon falls here, and Venus doesn’t feel good either, their primal shame is found in relating to others and their own emotional sensitivity. The irony od Scorpio is in hiding from feelings that color their entire world, trying to protect themselves from pain by shutting down their heart. They will feel shame when they need to show their weaknesses, their soft side, their sadness and their truest emotions. This is exactly why their romantic relationships are so deeply intimate, for this is the place where they show all their vulnerability and don’t handle it well when the other person doesn’t embrace it and nurture it in a way they wish to be nurtured. The deepest sense of shame is usually triggered by pain of betrayal and disappointment, but it is really any form of hurt that pushes their buttons and moves them into aggression instead of dealing with sadness and finding forgiveness, for that is often construed as weakness. They are to be kept safe, but strong in their deepest vulnerability in order to become magicians and healers they are meant to be. 

The Sun in Sagittarius

What a Sagittarius certainly isn’t ashamed of is their beliefs, no matter if they are in place or not. The source of shame with one’s Sun in this sign is found in bits and pieces in their random superficiality, but more likely in their stagnant sensitivity. It is often said that it is “difficult to tie a Sagittarius down” and this sounds about right when we consider their tendency to run away from deepest painful issues and problems that trouble their Soul. They will be in shame from showing their sorrows, their pain and their truest truths to the world, simply because they are usually taught to believe that a smile on their face is the only things “that goes”. Unfortunately, beliefs summon our realities, and they will often be found in loops that don’t allow them to change this pattern, for the atmosphere they create leaves others with no choice but to detach from their painful issues and keep them distant unless they are the local clown and someone to always have a good joke up their sleeve. Their painful point of ego is self-expression and all those things they consider inappropriate to share and speak of, trying to hold on to their dignity. 

The Sun in Capricorn

When the Sun is set in Capricorn, the shame of sensitivity is once again a topic of importance, but this is mostly a sign that is ashamed of its positivity. The paradox of Capricorn is best seen through the fall of Jupiter, for they often turn to dogma and rigid show-offs of beliefs just to not show how much faith they really have in the ways of the world. It would be weird to say that Capricorns are positive and optimistic in their deepest core, but this is one of the truths that defines their most honest existence. Their lookout for the future and the direction they are about to take often stay in the realm of the unseen and unknown by many, simply because they don’t want to “shake the boat” and disturb their own set of constructive choices that will lead them towards the target they are aiming for. If they shove this sense of direction and optimism aside, they get stuck in repetitive jobs that don’t fulfill them and have trouble naming their faith, typically standing opposed to the very essence of beliefs found in their heart, out of their need to hide how vulnerable they truly are when they believe in good. 

The Sun in Aquarius

The topic of shame is very close to the nature of Aquarius, for this is a sign of all oppositions that stands to reflect the light of other people’s Sun. It stands against Leo, the ruler of confidence, and is influenced by social bonds and connecting with a network of people on a larger scale, evoking shame for anything that is socially unacceptable and unfounded, or even a deep sense of personal shame for injust ways of the world. The more their eccentric nature surfaces and pushes through, the easier it will be for them to fight the inadequacy rooted deep in their ways of expression. In their core, they are ashamed of their authentic needs, and feel the connection to other people as the sense of belonging that is more important than the power they might have if they stood alone. This is exactly why they burst and becomes rebels and trouble makers, for all information they carry within is too energetic and true to not explode and shine every now and then. They are ashamed of anything that stands out and try to prove the opposite by standing out in small ways, so to build the foundation for authenticity in small steps, while still hiding all those things that aren’t acceptable through their own lens. It is important that they build a strong core of priorities and work on their ability to say “no”, so their system can become supportive of their light instead of constantly obstructing it. 

The Sun in Pisces

Although a Pisces representative might stand tall when standing for their beliefs, higher philosophies and their mission in life, they will fight the battle of self-expression most of the time. They will feel shame for improper communication, poorly chosen words and their own “stupidity” and typically lack the strength to express their sleepy talents as a part of a tribe, a group, or the society in general. Loners and distant travelers, they need movement and a steady intellectual focus to hold on to, so they can speak their mind clearly enough. They are to let go to the flow of the moment, spontaneous and brave, no matter the opinions of others and all those things spoken about them behind their backs. Their introverted nature is a consequence of their need to hide the core of their personality that is fragile and seemingly “unexplainable” to the world. Unfortunately, this leaves them invisible and set in their own bubble for too long, instead of opening their light to shine on all humanity as their talents are unlocked and put to good, practical use. 

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