We Are All Doing The Best We Can

Date: 2018-09-28
We Are All Doing The Best We Can

Signs of Cancer and Capricorn often intertwine in their symbolism, unlike other signs of the zodiac, as if they carried the key of merging the opposites and finding things that show how one mirrors the other in all other oppositions. Both these signs are connected to our ancestors, our heritage and our family tree, they are both our structure and our roots, and it is impossible not to ask ourselves what their main tasks are, and how do they exclude one another in our daily lives and our emotional world. 


Our fourth house and our tenth house, as well as Cancer and Capricorn, the Moon and Saturn, all speak of our family relationships, feelings and deep shadows that we carry as a suitcase in this incarnation. Saturn will speak of karma and our primal baggage, but the Moon represents the Soul itself, and it is impossible to separate the two when you think about it. The important thing is to understand how their different roles manifest in our everyday life and all those relationships we form, beginning in our closest family and branching out to our partners, social circles, systems we belong to and the entire society. 
It is best to observe the connection in our close relationships and people we have a hard time accepting for who they truly are. Starting out with our parents, if we do enough digging, we will see that some very similar rules appear with our neighbors, our boss, and our partners. Focusing on troubling relationships in our life, the first thing we stumble upon will be our shadows and the mark of Saturn in our life. All those things that annoy us most are carried within, or we wouldn’t recognize them at all. This is the unconscious world of our own inner personality. With this in mind, every judgment and seclusion of another person leads to us shutting doors for our own inner world, and in a way – limits and breaks our heart (the Moon). 

Responsibility will be shared in each and every contact, and this is what Saturn tries to teach us through all its painful lessons. We are to take responsibility for our position, no matter if it is the one of the victim or the aggressor. Running away from it inevitably leads to negative emotions towards Self and often to self-pity. The real struggle begins with our position in our primal family, where responsibility is shifted from parents onto children where it shouldn’t lie, through limitations that are obsolete and restrictive of one’s true nature and strivings. Unfortunately, education is often linked to these matters and most of us are being taught at a young age that we are to separate what we learn from our heart, through structures that don’t really give enough meaning to what we are learning in the first place. This representing the fall of Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. 

Break the Circle

To break the loop we constantly spin in, repeating relationships that don’t make us happy and approaching people expecting they are something they don’t have the potential to be, we must first be honest with ourselves. Next time you are pushed into a corner and feel like someone didn’t give you a way out, remember that their limitations aren’t your own. Then, try to see the struggle in their eyes and be aware of the responsibility you have towards yourself in such a contact. Each and every one of us does the best that our circumstances and upbringing allow us to. What cannot be found with one person will be found with another, as soon as we feel in our heart that we are ready for such a contact. Improved relationships will inevitably be brought on by us taking full responsibility for our own emotional state, and this cleanses our heart in the process as it gives us permission to feel what we typically shove aside or deep under the rug. 

Some people should be left at a safe distance. Others should pull in closer. We are to find the balance of relating by giving ourselves the permission to stand in a position that feels right instead of pushing ourselves into situations and relations that make us weak. This is what the exaltation of Saturn in Libra wants us to see. The purest link of Cancer and Capricorn is found in the golden middle, in the point where we believe our feelings to be true and take responsibility to protect ourselves from the influences that aren’t in tune with them. People are all good, even the weakest and most aggressive ones, but they are to carry their suitcase of responsibility on their own to be able to resolve their issues. If they have acted in ways that hurt us along the way, this is up to them to cleanse, just as we are to carry our own baggage for staying there and watching it happen. 

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