Astrology Codes For A Job Change

Date: 2017-04-23
Astrology Codes For A Job Change

Saturn is in the center of our galaxy and seemingly moving backwards, putting career choices and our ability to plan our professional lives in focus. If this transiting planet touches a personal spot in your natal chart, you might have just stumbled upon the right article for your current situation.

Professional Choices in the Natal Chart

Basic Astrology teaches us that we are supposed to look at all „earthly” houses to interpret professional matters. These houses are 2nd, 6th, and 10th house in the natal chart. Depending on our ability to focus our energy on our goals, the need of our tenth house will live in the material world, presenting itself in the field of our highest strivings and career goals. Our tenth house speaks of our superiors and everything we wish to become in time, as well as our plans to reach these destinations.

To add to our personality in the realm of professional goals and issues, the sixth house is there to point to our working habits and a job our daily routine is ready to take in and manifest. One might have an excellent tenth house, with exalted Mars inside it for example, but this won’t help much if the sixth house doesn’t support this symbolism through work and dedication. This would speak of our ability to make a good plan, followed by weakness to face obstacles and stick to it until we reach our goal.

In the dance of the houses, it is the second house that brings the nature of Venus in the equation, as a final reward for everything we have done in the field of personal growth. It is our built-in sense of personal value and our paycheck, there to show us how we handled emotional challenges that were trying to move us away from our goals.

Career and Time

To discover if the time has come for our career path to change, we are to use several predictive methods and find the exact point in time where several similar symbolisms will intertwine. We will mostly rely on movements of planets that rule these three career related houses but also observe the progressive Moon and the transit of Saturn. Every change in the field of career and profession is usually seen very well through the Solar return chart for the year in question, for it gives the image of the Sun’s return.

The Sun itself is a strong signification for matters of profession, for it represents our initiative and basic awareness, the energy we put into creativity and our core personality we are here to express. This is an active principle closely tied to professional matters and our ability to be assertive and confident enough to make the change in the first place.

Changes, Big and Small

Changes of workplace seen through the sixth house will mostly speak of a simple change in a routine, such as different working hours, different working environments, from the color of our desk and our trash can, to the timeline of our activities. The sixth house still leaves us in the same submissive position that allows life to guide us through circumstances, superiors, and someone other to lead the way. If one’s natal position of the sixth house is strong and supportive of their ascendant ruler and their personal points, they might find this to be enough on their path of personal development. These people have a purpose in life to serve others with certain ease, or might have stronger priorities in areas of life other than their profession.

Truly big career moves and changes are always in connection to the tenth house of a personal horoscope, followed by changes seen in the sixth. This is the house that speaks of the direction we want our basic energy to be put it. Very often, people with an emphasis on the tenth house have a life situation that leads them to a complete professional transformation, getting a higher education in one area only to end up working in the other, with all matters of professional status prone to change. It shouldn’t surprise you, for example, that a football player with an interesting tenth house chooses to become a corporate lawyer, just as a researcher with their focus here, might exchange experimental science for Astrology.

When considering a job change in a personal chart, the first thing you need to do is assess the dominance of one of these houses relative to the other, and see what is the guiding symbolism that needs to be observed. Once we determine the primal mechanism and the pathway that will make a person creative and genuinely happy (always in connection to the Sun, the fifth house or the sign of Leo), it becomes a lot easier to spot a moment in time when planetary movements will trigger the inner need of an individual.

Codes for a Job Change

The repetition of similar symbolisms is something that will lead the way in our attempt to predict the moment when something will happen. Even if we turn to election for the perfect time when one should quit or start their own company, we need to find the supportive moment for all the appropriate planets, house cusps, and other personal points in the zodiac. To predict your own job change, search for the significant repetition of these in at least three predictive methods combined with your natal chart. Always remember that number three gives meaning to all things we are trying to visualize, so everything you see needs to be confirmed from three different perspectives.

Here are the predictive codes to be considered:

- First house ruler on the tenth house cusp;
- Tenth or sixth house ruler on the first house cusp;
- Tenth or sixth house ruler in conjunction, square, or opposition with Saturn;
- Tenth or sixth house ruler changing signs in secondary progressions or directions;
- Secondary Moon in exact aspect with the tenth or sixth house ruler;
- Secondary Moon in exact aspect with the tenth or sixth house cusp;
- Pluto on the sixth or tenth house cusp;
- Uranus in aspect with tenth or sixth house cusp;
- Jupiter in the tenth or sixth house;
- Jupiter in a strong supporting aspect with tenth or sixth house ruler;
- Sixth house ruler in the natal tenth house;
- Tenth house ruler in the natal sixth house;
- Solar return Ascendant in the natal sixth or tenth house;
- Solar return Ascendant ruler in the sixth or tenth house;
- Directive Saturn on the last or first degree of a sign;
- Directive Sun on the last or first degree of a sign;
- Directive sixth or tenth house ruler on the last or first degree of a sign.

Search through the codes in several different methods to find the point where they all create a certain image. In Astrology, it is not clairvoyance but repetition that makes perfect, so don’t rush to conclusions and instead – find your confirmations.

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