Electional Astrology

The branch of Astrology that focuses on choosing the right moment for any future activity is called Electional Astrology or Event Astrology. Its main objective is to help someone calm their challenging natal aspects by a simple choice of the moment, and accent positive natal positions to turn the image to their benefits. It cannot change one’s natal chart and it is impossible to run from the scope of one’s ability, but we can create something easier to work with and rely on the flow we are able to create.

The Purpose

Election isn’t a tool for overcoming everything “bad” we have in our chart. In no way can it help us completely avoid everything brought on us by the time we were born in. The only way for a person to overcome their natal chart is to get enlightened, take responsibility for everything that goes on around them on a wider scale, and truly make moves that are in sync with the Universe.

On a lower scale, Electional Astrology has a task to help us choose the most beneficent time that pushes us in the right direction, and helps us avoid negative aspects from our chart to some point or handle them with a little more ease. If a person has a challenging sixth house positioning and its ruler, it will be hard for them to have respectful (respected) and loyal employees. By choosing a moment that will emphasize at least one positive aspect or show a better connection of the same planets in the sky than the one in a natal chart, a person will be able to deal with this calm and with more flexibility.

There is no such thing as an ideal electional horoscope. Every moment in time has its challenges and our main objective will be to find the one where personal challenging aspects won’t be the same as mundane ones.

Choosing the Right Time

The most important thing to observe for the moment we choose for any event is the position of the Moon. It has to be well adjusted in correlation to a person’s natal chart, and also well positioned in the chart of the moment. This is why we will rarely choose a descending Moon for any activity in which loss is not required (diet, quitting smoking, etc.) The first aspect the Moon will form is of outmost importance as the gravity pull of the creation of this time. Our only interest will be on applications since separation from an aspect speaks of events that already took place. When using Electional Astrology, we are always turned to the future, and we simply set the moment as a base for the future, looking only at what comes after it.

Maleficent planets such as Mars and Saturn shouldn’t be at angular houses or close to the Ascendant, Descendant, IC or MC. The Ascendant of this chart specifically represents the energy of the moment and it should be positioned in a sign that fits the activity and the nature of the event, while also supporting a person’s natal chart in the best possible way. We will also avoid retrograde planets and planets or lights void of course.

There are many things that should be well adjusted in our choice of the perfect time, and although this approach might even seem magical, it is a simple valuable tool, with its existence already shown in our horoscope. It allows us to make a few shortcuts and use the best things we have in our charts in the best possible way.

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