Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is a special branch of Astrology that provides answers to questions that an astrologer becomes aware of in a certain moment of time. No birth chart readings are necessary for this technique and it is solely relying on the Theory of Synchronicity and the astrologer’s belief in the causality of time.

Purpose and Benefits

In ancient times, it was often impossible to determine the exact moment a person was born. This resulted in the development of astrological teachings and techniques that are not dependent of the moment of birth, but relate to the specific moment in time – now or in the future. In general, two branches of Astrology don’t depend on our natal chart and these are Horary and Electional Astrology.

Horary Astrology reads an answer to any question based on the chart of the moment the astrologer clearly understood the question. Its basic principle lies in the fact that it is no coincidence that the knowledge of a question makes it in a way born in the head of an astrologer. Although this seems to be a bit vague in its primary basis, we really have no reason to question the synchronicity of each moment in time, and this includes each one when a certain question is asked. This is especially true for questions that have been building up and accumulating until finally becoming the turning point in someone’s life.

There are several truly positive sides to Horary Astrology. Not only does it work without a natal chart, or any additional personal information shared, but it is also fast, to the point, and quite literal in its interpretations. So if you decide to find a lost keychain and ask where it is, you might get a simple answer that defines its location. Also, you could discover whether you are going to marry someone or not, for as long as roles in your relationship are well defined within the question.

Traditional vs. Modern

As a branch of Astrology that was abundantly used in history, Horary Astrology is often the one to dismiss any progress made in the discovery of the Universe or simply progress of Astrology itself. In the traditional approach, the basis of a horary chart is defined within limits of seven visible celestial bodies and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren’t taken into consideration. Disposition of each planet will be shoved aside as unimportant, and only rules used in distant past would apply. Traditional astrologers will usually view modern approaches as too “scattered” or “lost”, and missing the point and the real purpose of Astrology.

On the other hand, modern astrologers tend to see traditional ones as stiff and “Saturnian”, forgetting the gifts Saturn actually has for us, and dismissing it as a maleficent pressure-maker that only makes us old and in the end – dead. This is the other side of the same coin when you think about it, for without Saturn and its circles, nothing in our lives would be as it is.

Astrology is ruled by Uranus and as such, it has to embrace the new and find excitement in change. There would be no basis for building up anything in Aquarius and remotely connected to Uranus without accepting the preceding sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn. This being said, it is smart to start with the basics, with the traditional approach, and truly learn it. Once you do, it might be a good idea to spice it up with some advancement in space and time, and see if it still works for you or not.

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