Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology doesn’t have the same meaning in different parts of the world, even though its purpose always promotes financial wellbeing of an individual or a group. In the United States, this is a branch used to determine the flow of the stock market and overall economy conditions, while in countries that don’t have a high standard it rather points to consulting and advice on money making and the economy of an individual, their company, or simply offers a mundane view of the financial situation in the country.

In the United States, this is a branch also called Business Astrology or Economic Astrology, and it is one of the most popular branches, used and even studied by non-astrologers to be implemented in their financial decisions. Schools and lectures are available in a rising number, and many economists that have to handle risky investments choose to rely on advice given by a professional astrologer using this branch.


In 1992, 1994 and 2008, a magazine named Wall Street Forecaster was considered one of the top forecasters on Wall Street. Copies of this magazine were delivered in “brown paper” to avoid mockery, as users rely on superstition using its forecasts. The Astro fund trading company claimed that over 10% of fund managers were using their service or a service of a similar company, to gain insight on the market flow. The majority of the market demand has come from the U.S. and Japan.

Financial Astrology in Other Countries

Lower standard and different economy approach in different countries of the world doesn’t allow the use of this approach connected to the stock market. Even though the term will mostly be used for this specific purpose of Financial Astrology, we have to understand that there are financial astrologers who simply work with individuals, their career path or their companies. In case or personal interpretations, advice is given for a specific situation, investment or financial decision, or the overall path that should be taken to find satisfaction in the material world.

In this approach, this branch will be intertwined with Electional Astrology to determine the best possible moment for starting a company, making an investment or taking a loan. We could say that from this perspective the branch of Fianancial Astrology is simply a part of Natal Astrology as well, for it simply turns attention to one specific area of life, but they don’t really share the same goal. While Natal Astrology will focus on rising overall awareness of the individual, help in making large life changes in a direction of one’s evolution, Financial Astrology will stick to houses and signs in the element of Earth and focus mainly on practical issues that lead to the material satisfaction of the client.


When speaking of these two approaches, we should keep in mind that their timelines and use are quite different. While “Wall Street” Financial Astrology gives unchangeable circumstances and a simple “go-with-the-flow” way of implementation, other approaches are flexible and will allow the client to choose the right time for an action using election, help in recognizing future events, and give room for a personal change that will lead to a life change in regard to finances.

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