Fixed Stars Astrology

Beyond visible planets that look a lot like stars in the night sky, there lies a series of those we can’t see with the naked eye. Most Astrology branches focus on this first line of celestial bodies that belongs to the Solar system. Fixed Stars Astrology goes far beyond these boundaries and into other galaxies and enormous stars that shine a light on us, existant millions of years ago. These stars that don’t move around the Sun and seem pretty much static from our point of view are appropriately called fixed stars.


Just like the light from each star dates way back, as far as the distance from the star to our planet in light years, this whole branch od Astrology is closely linked with our own history. Their light will manifest through stories and myths that once were. Those that weren’t forgotten, that have many ways of expression, and serve as incredible pointers for the path one’s life can take. In general, other constellations, just like astrological ones, carry in them ancient myths that were once told by the fireplace while gazing at the stars.

Mostly, Fixed Stars Astrology will rely on Greek mythology, since it seems to be well remembered and more colorful than many others. This is not in any way exclusive, and we will see that there are many constellations that would remind us of the Romans, or the Bible. Whatever the case, there are multiple ways to interpret one’s natal chart in correlation with these stories, if we only discover the main connection of the person to the outer Universe.

Natal Chart and Constellations

Constellations are often confused with signs of the zodiac for some reason, and we will use this opportunity to accent that these two are not the same. There is nothing that a sign and a corresponding zodiacal constellation have in common except a glimpse of history when they were close, and a story that hides beneath their nature. This story will usually be one (or more) of the myths too, just like it would be for other constellations we know today.

Each constellation in the observable Universe has its projection to the ecliptic, the Earth, and the zodiacal belt. Some of the constellations are visible only from the Northern hemisphere, while others will be visible from the Southern. Still, there are enough resources and ways to discover where our personal planets, the Moon or cusps of houses fall and connect to one of the points of those constellations. We will search for strongly set conjunctions, that carry stories supported by a natal chart, and this should help us find out which story fits one’s life path. If an orb between a personal point in a chart and a fixed star is larger than 2°, we will rarely see it as relevant.

Stories and Myths

All of the stories from ancient times seem to be in some wonderful correlation to the sky. There is no way of saying if people imagined and built all of them based on looking at the stars, or did they just link to one another by pure “chance” as if they wanted to prove to us that synchronicity does exist. Each storyteller is an artist in a way, a pillar that needs to ground something that vibrates “up there.” These stories are not always “catchable”, and they are certainly not always ended with a sleeping beauty being kissed or any prince arriving on a white horse. But if we understand which of them is ours, we might find a way to play it out, live it in a way the Universe needs us to, and eventually find our happy ending by simply moving forward and resolving its tasks.

Take a look at fixed stars in your own natal chart and see where they fit in. Check out your planets for support and see if you can conduct their larger story that will ultimately color your life and help you learn how to bond with the society on a higher scale. Once we fit into this web of stories, we become one with everyone else living them out. All we have to do to take control over our lives is accept that in them, there is no good or evil, and dualities are simply made up when it comes to human Soul.

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