Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is a branch of astrology commonly used in astrological consulting. It sets focus on a person’s natal chart with its possibilities, potentials and problems, and ways for them to be embraced or resolved. Many astrologers think of it as inseparable from different predictive techniques, but natal and predictive astrology are very much different and mostly differ in the intent of the astrologer to speak of one’s personality or one’s future – two very different things.

How does it Work?

Like all branches of astrology and each specific approach, natal astrology is based on the Theory of Synchronicity, or a claim that our moment of birth and the first breath we took, is in correlation with the Universe and positions of celestial bodies at that time. Many people will be born on the same day, but very few of them at the same time and in the same city. Even among these, differences will be made based on their family members and their upbringing.

The main thing to keep in mind when practicing Natal Astrology is that every single thing in a natal chart has many forms of expression. We live out our natal chart stories every day, and we can recognize them in many other techniques through psychological patterns, energy blockages, daily routine “mistakes”, etc.

About Fear

You will see that many times clients come scared of what their astrologer has to say. But fear doesn’t stop there. Many astrologers will start their panic spree as soon as they see a maleficent planet approaching their Moon or their Ascendant ruler. No matter if you are a practitioner or a client, what you need to keep in mind is – you live out your chart every day. Every aspect and position in it is deeply seeded in your being. You were born with it and just like you can’t run away from your physical body before you dye, you won’t be able to escape your natal chart either, nor should you.

Natal planetary position serves as our base, our airport for anything that will land into our lives throughout them. Challenging aspects will carry their lessons just like beneficent conjunctions will bring us joy, but we cannot live out any scary story that isn’t written in out chart to begin with, and confirmed with at least three predictive methods.

Astrologers and Clients

Every Astrologer has a responsibility to understand the connection they make with a client. This is a bond of two people who both represent planets in each other’s charts. Every astrologer speaks with their own planet in each consultation, and every client listens to one of theirs in return. Pretty much like all the other relationships in our lives, this one will be based on respect and mutual understanding.


Astrologer has a task to help the client understand their purpose, their abilities and passions, without interfering in decision making processes explicitly or taking initiative for their client’s life. This contact brings two strong challenges to each practitioner.

The first challenge lies in the fact that a client comes open and fragile to seek help and guidance. This is the emotional challenge that has to be fully understood at all times, so that no hurt is caused and full compassion is established at the start of this relationship.

The second challenge is triggered by trust and responsibility mixed in this complicated mush. While many clients know how to set clear boundaries, their belief in Astrology and hope for a glimpse of an incredible future makes them sensitive to pointless bruises to the ego. An Astrologer has to explain firmly that no event is written in stone and that the client is fully responsible for their own life.


The first thing you want to do before reading anyone’s natal chart is read your own. Everything can be found there, including clients, opportunities, difficulties and astrology. Every astrologer needs to know how to interpret their own chart in order to approach a client in any ethical way. In addition, this will lead to many discoveries and a lot of excitement in each of us as we discover how astrology works in our own lives.

Natal Chart Reading

A natal chart reading always begins with the interpretation of an Ascendant. This is the explicit representative of the first breath we took and the point that defines our physical body in this lifetime. The first house will naturally be a part of this physical and basic character interpretation, while the Ascendant ruler represents our guiding planet and points to our greatest focus in this lifetime. We will be sure to observe the first house and its ruler in as much detail as possible, including all the positive and negative aspects to our interpretation, and trying to understand the energy of this incredible mix. It is important to understand planetary symbolism, dignities and the importance of the first house ruler in defining our personality and nature.

Still, it is even more important to never forget that each person is represented by every celestial body, house and sign in their chart. Every single bit of the circle will speak of a bit of our personality, and it seems impossible for the human brain to connect them all into one whole. In lack of a better intellectual tool to bring so many variables together into one image, we have to find other ways to “connect the dots”.

With this said, we have to understand that the only way to truly understand a person is to listen closely and hear what they have to say, sense where they are at the moment, and translate their words into the symbol language of their chart. Only then will we be able to swim out with information of relevance and give all the necessary compassion and respect to the person standing in front of us.

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