Energy Astrology

One of the Astrology branches that came with its development in the 21st century is the one that connects celestial bodies with our chakras. Energy Astrology is based on a claim that each planet and light we use in our basic astrological approach corresponds to one of the chakras, while all signs and houses simply add their color to the story of planets.

Basic Principles

There are seven celestial bodies that can be seen by the naked eye in the night sky (or by day if we speak of the Sun). In Energy Astrology, each of them shows the flow of energy in one of our energy centers – chakras. The first chakra, or the root chakra, will be connected to Mars, and from someone’s chart we can find out where the problem lies from its position, dignity and aspects. The more challenging one position is, the more the energy will be obstructed and its flow disturbed.

It is incredible actually how these things are intertwined. If you check how the lack of balance will manifest in one of the chakras and compare it with the lack of balance that a corresponding planet brings, you will be surprised to discover that they work in a perfect parallel. So if we see that someone has their Mars in a challenging position, as astrologers we will instantly understand that this person has a problem with energy, fears and aggression, and these are all manifestations of a problem on the level of the first chakra.


The positive side of this approach lies in the fact that it gives us more room for healing. Work with the energy field is quite common in Eastern medicine, and the approach of bioenergy healing has many followers from different professions and sides of the world. If nothing too serious, we can all at least relax our body and pay special attention to the spasm in the area where the chakra in question is located. Even the smallest change in our perception of it could lead to some benefits and changes.

The greatest thing this approach to Astrology has to offer is a connection it makes to our physical body. While most of the other branches focus on the mind, mental deduction and understanding of one’s life and character, Energy Astrology will remind us that we are all human, made of flesh and bone, and we need to take care of our physical needs first. This is a branch supported by meditation and all sorts of relaxation techniques, as well as typical Natal Chart Astrology that will give us a tool for understanding basic astrological data, and help us interpret different dignities and positions.

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