Psychological Astrology

While Astrology is this wide field of incredible symbolism, the way it influences our psychological state and the depths of our mind can be quite revealing. Even since Carl Jung established the archetypal connection of the symbols with already established psychological phenomena, many open-minded psychologists have tried out his approach. In time, it was discovered that this connection between a science and a „pseudoscience“, what they like to call Astrology, can be made quite logically.


Astrology and Psychology have been connected in many different ways, but the most common and important one is the connection with Natal Astrology. Although it is a basis for almost every other astrological branch, here it has an especially important role, as it clarifies a certain problem a client might have, before the point of personal understanding and dialogue is reached. Although predictive methods are truly rarely used in this approach, mostly due to the importance of psychological profession to psychology astrologers, they can come in very handy once the root of the problem is established, and triggers for its manifestation can be foretold.


The biggest challenge this branch brings is to find balance between the two, since it is practiced by people who are diversely educated. This gives incredible potential to work with clients and with anyone’s self as well, but only if both “sciences” are used equally and their significance is clear from any point of view. From the point of Astrology, and the excitement of incredible circumstance and deep understanding of the Universe it brings, Psychology can seem to be too strict or limited by the expectations from the human race. On the other hand, something as grounded and real as Psychology often observes Astrology as a bit more of a hobby and takes away its worth.

The key to a successful relationship between the two lies in genuine passion for both, and this isn’t so hard to come by if you truly love to search for meaning in the depths of your mind.


The incredible symbolism of each dream you ever dreamt is magnificently explained through Astrology. Unfortunately, we are faced with the superficial dream interpretation way too often, and this takes away the true meaning of dreams and our way to reach for our subconscious minds. While we fail to notice, the greatest archetypal symbolism is focused right here. A dream of water has its perfect analogy in emotion – the Moon, just like a dream about flying has its analogy in one’s rational mind and the field of incredible ideas - Aquarius.

You don’t have to be a Psychology Astrologer to understand that these connections can greatly improve the quality of your life. If you get well acquainted with both views on any problem that is being repeated in your life, it will be an immense relief to discover the patterns that cause it in the first place. Resolutions of any problem ahead lie in our ability to solve what we’ve already been through, and if we approach our life as this wonderful equation, this branch of Astrology will help us know two variables in advance.

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