Karmic Astrology

When we speak about a mystic branch of Astrology such as Karmic Astrology, it gets clearer why the entire teaching is often dismissed by the scientific society, and how it stands in different religions and systems of faith. To believe in Karmic Astrology and get in honest touch with it, we seem to have to believe that reincarnation is actually possible and we lived and lived, over and over again, for who knows how long.

Our Past and Future Lives in the Now

Reincarnation in a traditional sense is not the only way to approach Karmic Astrology, and we’d might like to consider our „past lives“ being all a part of this moment, stacked in our subconscious and unconscious mind, creating a basis for the circumstances we live in today. After all, regression therapy and turning to past life experiences, only brings us closer to the depths of our mind and what lives inside it. We don’t have the ability to know whether we lived three centuries ago in the form of a beam of light, or as a medieval witch, but we know there is so much unexplained within our mind.

If we try to implement all techniques this branch uses to explain our current conditions, things that only happened a few years ago, or maybe even yesterday, on a smaller scale we might discover they actually work. We induce our karma every step of the way, every day making actions that have certain consequences. If we compress multiple lifetimes into one, we might discover that there’s a lot to be learned from what we know we experienced as children, adolescents or simply put – yesterday.

Important Factors

In Karmic Astrology, important elements in one’s chart are houses, planets that speak of our deep unconscious mind and karma – Mars and Saturn, every retrograde planet, Lunar Nodal axis and every separating aspect we have. All of these signals point to something that is deep in our mind and hidden from plain view, as well as something that already happened, events and feelings from the past, and our “debt to be repaid.”

A special additional tool for discovery in this field is the last conjunction of the Moon as the last entity the Soul touched, as well as its first upcoming conjunction to signalize the lesson that is yet to be learned. In general, the Moon represents our Soul and plays an important part in any karmic astrological analysis.

The Role of Houses

Just like Natal Astrology, Karmic Astrology relies greatly on our physical body presented by the houses in the natal chart. This is where house systems come in handy, and although many astrologers use Placidus house system for karmic readings too, some like to turn to equal house systems, in a way favoring the unimportance of the location on the planet where our past lives took place. If we are pro psychological approach, or simply believe in a philosophical reason for Placidus house setting in our natal chart, we will probably decide to use it without much doubt.

In general, houses are extremely important in Karmic Astrology. Their position and natural order serve as a basis for our understanding of cause and effect. Each action we make in one of the houses reflects directly to the next life’s consequence determined by the preceding house. This means that our house of partnership and relationships now (our seventh house) is a direct consequence of our struggle for life, sexuality, regeneration and finally death in our previous life. This rule can be applied to each house of the zodiac, and we will see that through them we actually create future karma, and are able to understand which actions led us to where we are now.

Evolution of the Soul

The main unit for any lesson to be learned is consistent with three lives we lived. To understand this better, imagine if the first life we live is the one in which we decide to take a stand for one side of a certain conflict. In the next one, naturally, we will end up on the opposite side, understanding their own motivation, faults, weaknesses and strengths. Only once we understand both can we really understand the middle ground and ways for the conflict to be resolved. This is what our third life is reserved for. Although this imagery might seem a bit plastic, this is the basic pulse of fate and the way our karma is considered to work.

We cannot (nor should we) refuse any role that was given to us. The key is to be as noble as possible and play it with respect and understanding for everyone around us, even for our enemy. It is necessary to take both roles, of the aggressor and their victim, and be happy in both, full of wisdom, tolerance and fine choices. This will allow us to climb on the next evolutionary step and truly resolve any conflict at hand.

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