Medical Astrology

To truly understand what Medical Astrology is, we need to understand the connection of different body parts with each other, and the way the entire system of our body works. Medical Astrology is based on the correlation of each body part and each organ with a certain symbolism, and as such, works very well with Energy Astrology.


In the use of Medical Astrology, we have to keep in mind that our body is one whole, instead of splitting it into many pieces, but still keep our focus on specific things that might surface as physical conditions due to planetary positions. The most important thing to understand is the importance of each element before we start making conclusions on someone’s health conditions and their intensity.

Every physical state and our tendency to allow the problem to go this deep, is always connected to the element of Earth. This is why people with the lack of this element in their chart can be so interesting to observe in this aspect of life. An incredible example of elements in Medical Astrology is clearly seen in those that have only one planet in the element of Earth, as they rely on it greatly and in a way spend it, leading to all sorts of conditions related to its symbolism even if it is set in a very good place.

In order for any problem to reach the level of our physical body, it has to be neglected while it was on our mental and emotional planes. This is especially true for health conditions that require surgery and the removal of something that isn’t supposed to be found where it is. Although this may sound strange, every surgical procedure speaks of unchangeable variables, things we couldn’t resolve, and finally pushed deep enough into our unconscious, where they had to manifest as a foreign body within our own.


Whatever the problem in our physiology, it is a not a consequence of our conscious intent, but an unconscious energy of the action already made. We might say that all of them come down to the nature of Saturn and this would be, in a way, correct. They come as part of our genetic inheritance and karma, but this also points to our sense of responsibility and how much of it we are willing to take.

On the other side of this equation, the Sun stands proud and tall, as a beam of light and life force itself. It teaches us that there is nothing we cannot metabolize and turn into gold, if we only raise our awareness high enough. Each medical analysis of one’s chart comes down to these two bodies, the light and the darkness, that give the overall balance when combined.


Each organ in our body has its function and relates to a certain astrological image. There are differences in approaches to this symbolism, and you will sometimes have trouble defining which planet rules which organ and why. For example, our heart is connected to the Sun and the Moon at the same time, and it will not always be easy to recognize where the health problem comes from. Keep in mind that our goal in Medical Astrology isn’t exactly to point to the body part in question, but define potential challenges in their core and work on a way for them to be resolved. Our main goal is to balance our clients and help them find a way to revive the symbolism of planets lost, fallen and finally found. We have a task to move them from the point of dissatisfaction that led to their illness in the first place, and make room for personal growth in order to defeat it.

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