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October 9th Zodiac

Date: October 9th
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Color: Japanese Violet
In One Word: Cleanse
Shape: Large Triangle
Strength: Seeing
Weakness: Hiding
Most Compatible With: aries

There is a sense of seriousness to October 9th, as it carries many gifts to those willing to sink into their talents and true desires. A great risk is here that the image of Self will be tainted and pale, and while those born on this date might dream big, they will often feel their ideals to be inadequate or too far out of reach. With a sense of urge to connect the real world with faith and inner beliefs, purity of emotion is necessary for ego to develop properly and in the right direction.

October 9th Horoscope


The contact of Neptune with the Sun in the planetary row of those born on October 9th may be incredibly inspiring when they decide to go with the flow. Emotion plays a large part in their life and subtle levels of personal freedom need to be touched in order for their creativity to shine and spread a light on the rest of the world. They easily get stuck in confusing information, other people's emotions and opinions, and it might seem impossible at times to hold on to the healthy center of their authenticity without acknowledging atmospheres from their surroundings and things that remain unspoken but taint their world with judgment or pressure. They are dreamers and idealists that have a task to find their own way and set free from toxins of all sorts, those that taint their physiology as well as those that relationships in their life come with.

One sole truth exists in lives of these individuals and it is not found in the outer world, but within. They are to learn, reshape and transform into people they’ve always been, and it might be hard and dark at times when shadows are to be faced. Their touch with magic is one that requires full focus and absolute dedication, and no conversation will lead towards their goal if they don’t metabolize it within.

Love and Emotions

With their idealism and possibly a bit distorted image of the world, there is a high probability that people born on October 9th dream away from realistic expectations and jump into relationships that take away their power. Their partners might be strange, distant, or simply not present in the flesh, for as long as they try to find answers in their mind instead of searching for them in their heart. They need someone stable and centered to learn about their own personality in a healthy position, and they could deal with some aggression in bonds that don’t carry enough respect to set a foundation for something touchable and real.

Sensitive and a bit secluded from the world, their image might be far from the real emotion they carry within. It is important that honesty stands as the foundation for any relationship they make, so that romance can go hand in hand with realism and trust. When in the right bond with their own sensitive emotional world, they will find someone tender enough and stable enough to fulfill their needs and share a higher cause meant to guide them in stability and warmth.


As in lives of all of us, and most of all Libra representatives, their main focus and purpose in life is to dive into their authentic Self. This is emphasized by the fact that the Sun is calling on them to fulfill their role, so they can perform and create, fully embracing and supporting their child within. No failure should be taken personally, and every action needs to be done from the center of their being. Decisions made should never be based on opinions of others and they are to find their fine grounding in full awareness and light.

What They Excel In

A Libra born on the 9th of October excels in music and all forms of art and needs enough inspiration in their life even if it comes through pain. When in touch with their dark emotions and true needs, they become painters, poets and profits, those who see things with a sense of magic in them however difficult they might seem to other people. This makes them missionaries of the highest order, as they are to find the light in the foggiest of places and on this foundation, build something real through their connection with others and cleanse dark issues in their own life.

October 9th Birthday Gift

For those born on October 9th, the greatest gifts are spontaneous and dreamy enough, fictional enough and inspiring enough. They will enjoy a work of art, a song or a poem created just for them, and all those little signs of affection that remind them it isn’t important how they look or what they show to those who don’t see their glow. Their gift doesn’t need to be big or expensive, but rather thoughtful and pretty, something to smell good and help them surround their heart with subtle energies that spark up their senses.

Positive Traits for October 9th Born

Wide, inspirational and accepting, they can go along with others without much difficulty and flow with emotion in each relationship they create. They are missionaries with a cause to find their own role in the world and achieve greatness when in tune with the heavens.

Negative Traits for October 9th Born

Lost, depressive, or simply faded, their personality is in need of constant care and healing as they give in to toxic influences in their attempt to do the right thing by others, while failing to protect their own personality from distorted images of Self.

Healing Crystal

Elestial quartz is a wonderful healing stone for people born on October 9th. Highly spiritual in its vibration, it aids their potential to come to the surface by connecting them to the higher truths they seek. As an infusion of Divine Love, this is a crystal that allows healing of the etheric body and cleanses them of influences they need to put a boundary towards in their everyday routine. Conducting angelic energies and light, these stones always bring everything one needs from a spiritual plane at just the right time.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Libra representatives born on October 9th:

"After a Storm a Boat Landing Stands in Need of Reconstruction"

This symbol speaks well of the inner drive of those born on this date, pointing out their need to fix what is broken. To sail away and find their new horizons, they must work on their body and everything that has been lost along the way, and storms of life are truly there to make them stronger and give them a foundation to work from. The image of Self they are meant to show is supposed to be based on experiences that bruised them, but through healthy and overcome issues that no longer threaten them in any way. Without fear and with enough creative power, they will be ready to face anything that the future brings their way and rise more beautiful after each shipwreck.

Famous Birthdays on 9th of October

  • In 1858 Mihajlo Pupin was born, a Serbian American physicist, physical chemist and one of the founders of NASA, known for his contribution to long-distance telephone communication and numerous patents. He started his impressive scientific career as an immigrant and a manual laborer.
  • In 1940 John Lennon was born, an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, co-founder of the Beatles and a peace activist. He was shot and killed three weeks after the album "Double Fantasy" was released.
  • In 1969 PJ Harvey was born, an English singer, songwriter, poet, composer and writer, who disliked repeating herself in music and created very different-sounding albums in her career. Proficient with a wide range of instruments, her talent for music clearly guided her into the spotlight.

Important Historical Events on 9th of October

  • 1410 – The Prague astronomical clock is mentioned for the first time.
  • 1604 – The most recent supernova is observed within the Milky Way.
  • 1873 – The U. S. Naval Institute is established.
  • 1936 – Hoover Dam begins operation and generates electricity to transmit it to Los Angeles.
  • 1967 – Ernesto "Che" Guevara (born on June 14th) is executed.
  • 1986 – The opening of The Phantom of the Opera in London.

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