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February 18th Zodiac

Date: February 18th
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Color: Folly
In One Word: Soften
Shape: Arrow
Strength: Transformation
Weakness: Forcing
Most Compatible With: Leo

A person born on the 18th of February has a powerful masculine side that needs to be tamed and brought to balance with the feminine one. It is a date of all sorts of archetypal problems between men and women, and in an extremely poor setting, it could lead to aggression and abusive behavior by them, or their partner.

February 18th Horoscope

SUN – MARS – (Pluto) – MOON

When Sun comes so close to Mars, things tend to burn too brightly and too much fire is to be expected. It won't be easy for the Moon to get used to this surrounding, and we will see that an Aquarius born on this date needs the company of men, no matter their gender, education, or upbringing. The energy they carry can lead to frustration if they don't follow all the right moral judgments and it won't be easy to find their own compass if they aren't in touch with their heart and each feeling they discover along the way. This is a warm and passionate person, ready to fight for their beliefs and everyone they love, but a bit too strict on the world around them and distant from their own emotional wellbeing.

In the second step of planetary positioning, our numbers lead to that famous number 11, standing for all those weird changes that need to be made on our path to enlightenment. This serves to remind us that we are talking about an Aquarius representative, and oppositions of different personalities will come as a natural order of things on a path to personal growth. In the end, these two ones form a two, and no matter the battle with father figures and authority, or difficulties to overcome differences, emotional understanding is their final destination.

Love and Emotions

With their entire life turned towards emotional growth, people born on the 18th of February feel a constant need to share something with other people. If they don't manifest their inner world in appropriate ways, they turn into dreamers on a chase for something that cannot be summoned if they aren't happy. Their love life is usually a battle of strong personalities and they won't settle for a relationship with a partner who isn't their equal in every possible way.

The respect they wish to find needs to be given just the same. If they start questioning their ways, they could come to find that they are expecting something they aren't prepared to give to the person standing in front of them. Still, as every Aquarius would, they take these things from a certain distance, rationalizing and enjoying the freedom their solitude brings their way instead of giving in to despair or sorrow.


In this lifetime, February 18th born need to find forgiveness and divine love in their hearts, discovering a way to slow down and care for their emotional needs before anything else. As they start learning to follow their senses and believe in their subtle feelings that define their reality, they will easily find a path to follow towards personal satisfaction. They are in search for home, and this home is found in their hearts when they embrace their family and their roots just as they are. They are the ones to take responsibility for continuing their bloodline in a direction different than the one everyone has followed before.

What They Excel In

A person born on February 18th excels in all types of sports, usually individual ones until they come to a level of social awareness that allows them to show empathy and understanding for those they are in the same team with. They can be pushy and persevere in all activities that make them question their strength, and will do many things out of spite, accomplishing greatness through the strangest of choices in life. They are good at shooting and a uniform of any kind looks good on them. Their need for status will bring them into a high position in time.

February 18th Birthday Gift

A gift for a person born on this date has no reason to be aggressive in any way, even if their act shows them to be interested in aggression. Be sure to check anything you wish to send their way for negative emotions, and show gratitude and love in your choices. While you can always give them something like an arrow and a bow, it is wiser to make something for the heart, listening to their stories of the past, their upbringing, and their relationships with people they love. Once you get into their intimate world, it becomes impossible to make a mistake when choosing a gift for any occasion.

Positive Traits for February 18th Born

Passionate, creative, focused, and understanding, this is someone able to sense the moment when the leader is needed, bravely becoming one. Fast and fiery, on their search for emotion, they wish to stay open-hearted throughout their lifetime.

Negative Traits for February 18th Born

With boundaries shaken, they can dismiss emotions, becoming overly rational and turned to the practical future in front of them. Unaware of their own sensitivity and hurt they might have caused to other people.

Healing Crystal

When a person born on February 18th is on a search for the right stone, they should consider malachite for their collection. It is a stone that enhances intuition and it will help them focus their energy into all the right goals. Resonating with the vibration of the heart chakra, it will gradually provide them with balance needed to satisfy their emotional inner Self too, while keeping the fire burning through their warm and cozy personality, and not as destructive as it can become.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 18th of a leap year and a year preceding it:

"A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis"

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 18th of two years following a leap year:

"Deeply Rooted in the Past of a Very Ancient Culture, a Spiritual Brotherhood in Which Many Individual Minds are Merged into the Glowing Light of a Unanimous Consciousness s Revealed to One Who has Emerged Successfully from his Metamorphosis"

This is an incredibly important moment in time, for it speaks of transformation in all its steps, and these symbols are speaking of the consequence of the inner process of change, that is to serve as a carrot leading their way and giving these individuals hope. There is an emphasis on mental clarity and connection to the Universal thought in the second symbol, reminding us that this is the end of the sign of Aquarius in all its glory and intellectual dominance.

Famous Birthdays on 18th of February

  • In 1933 Yoko Ono was born, a Japanese-American multimedia artist, singer and peace activist, best known as the second wife and widower of John Lennon of The Beatles. In 2012, she received the Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt Human Rights Award, given annually in recognition of extraordinary, non-violent commitment to human rights.
  • In 1950 Cybill Shepherd was born, an American actress, singer and former model, known for her parts in Moonlighting, The Heartbreak Kid, The L Word, any others. She has described herself as a "goddess-worshipping Christian Pagan Buddhist" or in other words belonging to a matriarchal religion.
  • In 1954 John Travolta was born, an American actor, dancer, singer, and producer, nominated for two Academy Awards. To find his own Universal though, he chose to convert to Scientology after being raised Roman Catholic.

Important Historical Events on 18th of February

  • 1885 – Mark Twain's (born on November 30th) novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is published in the U.S.
  • 1911 – 6,500 letters are delivered about 10 kilometers away from their starting point, by the first official flight with airmail.
  • 1930 – Pluto is discovered by Clyde Tombaugh (born on February 4th) as he studies photographs made in January.
  • 1930 – For the first time in history, a cow Elm Farm Ollie, flies in a fixed-wing aircraft.
  • 1954 – In Los Angeles, the first Church of Scientology is established.
  • 2013 – Diamonds worth $50 million get stolen by armed robbers during a raid at Brussels Airport in Belgium.

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