02/20 Birthday - Zodiac Information

February 20th Zodiac

Date: February 20th
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Color: Gunmetal
In One Word: Hardship
Shape: Payne's Grey
Strength: Depth
Weakness: Obsessive
Most Compatible With: Scorpio

The 20th of February is a date of great internal changes, as a one circled whole and the first date belonging to the Sun in the sign of Pisces. All sorts of mysteries will be unveiled here and confusion is inevitable, for this Soul doesn't have enough experience in the world of the spiritual, and needs to find real faith within to find themselves.

February 20th Horoscope

MOON – PLUTO – (Pluto) – SUN

Pluto is too dark for the Moon to feel safe and satisfied, and their archetypal battle is a battle of life and death, Taurus and Scorpio, the Moon's exaltation and fall. This is an uneasy time in the month of February, for it seeks emotional recognition and with the Sun at the beginning of Pisces it could make a person feel lost, not knowing why. Psychological issues are possible, especially if one doesn't come to terms with their shadows, dark inner cravings, and instinctive needs. It is typical for them to be judged for being "too emotional" and "too sensitive", but these claims only take away their ability to recognize that true inner strength lies in their sensitivity and emotions.

Love and Emotions

It is the "good upbringing" that truly sheds a person born on the 20th of February apart. They seem to be estranged from their own personality, unaware of their sensitivity, and very often pressured into things that come natural to other people and wouldn't come as natural to them. Standing out, they have many talents to share with the world, but very often need to move through a personal dark hole to reach the end of the tunnel and find light, discovering how to invest their creative energy and embrace emotions they carry within.

Only when they do so will they be ready for a significant other to enter their lives. Although they might have many meaningful bonds in their lifetime, before they reach the state of emotional awareness they will feel pressured, tied down, or jealous and bruised. Difficulty is inevitable and some sadness has to be let out so their Soul can rest and regenerate, and they can open up for experiences that truly make them feel loved.


Coming to terms with circumstances in the real world, individuals born on the 20th of February will discover that their true purpose is a deep sense of faith and belief in God, the Universe, or any form of higher force. Many of them will discover the right religion in this lifetime, and hardship will push them into analysis of their psychological state, dreams, and everything hiding deep in their unconscious world. This is a lifetime when one must take responsibility and discover that with it comes greater freedom, shining a light on everything they are that was shoved under the rug of family circumstances and limitations.

What They Excel In

Each person born on the 20th of February excels at work that includes in-depth research and analysis, psychological research, or a special approach to abused children and emotionally manipulated individuals. They will help themselves by helping other people, and the deeper they sink into emotional burden of others, the more ease they will feel in their personal world. Scientific and historical issues will attract them, but too much darkness in their life, working in closed, dark places or digging up remnants of what once was, won't make their hearts any lighter.

February 20th Birthday Gift

To choose a gift for a person born on February 20th, we have to be fully aware of their sensitivity and their tendency to dismiss any sign of weakness their nature has to show. If you have managed to touch their intimate core, you already know what the perfect present would be, and if you haven't, the safe choice is always to play on the Piscean card and bring something romantic, beautiful, and inspiring. They will always feel joy receiving flowers, chocolate and candy from people who don't know them that well, and gladly be a part of grand gestures to show they are loved or supported in their path.

Positive Traits for February 20th Born

Deep and wildly emotional, they can find a reason for any action and forgive even the darkest of deeds. Going with the flow, they are magicians prepared to turn the act of Nature to their benefit, but only if they are brave and aware enough to see the world as a friendly place with all its negativity and darker shades.

Negative Traits for February 20th Born

Damaged, destructive, jealous, lost and prone to feel self-pity, they don't trust others and could find the world to be threatening and difficult, while seeing their own nature as naïve and too sensitive to belong.

Healing Crystal

Seraphinite is the perfect stone to aid those born on the 20th of February to heal their emotional world, and help them in their search for spiritual enlightenment. It helps one make contact with the Divine Feminine and spirits of Nature, where all answers to their inner troubles lie. It is a powerful stone to heal the physical body and may allow a person to become aware of the diseases that are linked to issues from past lives.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 20th of a leap year and a year preceding it:

"In a Crowded Marketplace Farmers and Middlemen Display a Great Variety of Products"

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 20th of two years following a leap year:

"A Squirrel Hiding from Hunters"

This is a date that shows simple life to give a variety of benefits, and not even the smallest of animalistic and instinctive needs will make a person feel bad and scared for their wellbeing. To connect the two symbols, we need to understand the differences they have, seeing that only a rational, human approach makes progress in the material world. Although this squirrel might be quite calm and we don't know much about its state of mind, it is obvious that danger is lurking around the corner, while it lacks ability to defend itself, having no weaponry of its own.

Famous Birthdays on 20th of February

  • In 1966 Cindy Crawford was born, an American model and actress, named in 1995 by Forbes magazine to be the highest paid model on the planet. When she was 10 years old, her 3-year-old brother died of leukemia.
  • In 1967 Kurt Cobain was born, an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, known as the lead singer of Nirvana. During the last years of his life, he struggled with heroin addiction, chronic health problems and depression, and committed suicide at age of 27.
  • In 1988 Rihanna was born, a widely popular Barbadian-American singer and songwriter. Her childhood was deeply affected by her father's addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol. She found a way to express her dark side on stage through music, and became a sex symbol of modern age in the process.

Important Historical Events on 20th of February

  • 1835 – Concepción, Chile is destroyed by an earthquake.
  • 1872 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art is opened in NYC.
  • 1877 – Swan Lake, a ballet by Tchaikovsky, premieres at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
  • 1935 – Caroline Mikkelsen (born on November 20th) becomes the first woman to set foot in Antarctica.
  • 1962 –John Glenn (born on July 18th) orbits the Earth three times, becoming the first American to orbit our planet.
  • 1965 – After a successful mission of taking pictures of possible landing sites for astronauts in the Apollo program, Ranger 8 crashes into the Moon.

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