06/18 Birthday - Zodiac Information

June 18th Zodiac

Date: June 18th
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Color: Bright Red
In One Word: Battle
Shape: Arrow
Strength: Brave
Weakness: Angry
Most Compatible With: Libra

A date such as June 18th carries an immense masculine energy inside it that can be truly hard to balance out and contain for the month of June and its role seen through fine, beautiful and satisfied Venus. There is a lot here that speaks of grounding and finding a way to act upon impulse, instinct, always in sync with the heart and every word that comes our way from the outer world.

June 18th Horoscope

SUN – MARS – (Pluto) – VENUS

Clear fences need to be made for Mars in this planetary row to stay calm and alert, like a soldier with a strong leader. This is a planetary row that strangely points to the role of Venus rather than the two raw masculine symbols standing next to it. The task of Venus is to balance them out, make action in sync with their desires, with all initiative obvious, passionate and truly creative. The story behind the pose of those born on June 18th must be the story of clear boundaries towards other people, so that their personal world can be built and manifested in glorious beauty once their inner balance and the state of satisfaction is found.

The Sun and Mercury stand together in the next step of our numeral analysis, telling the tail of self-expression and another type of balance they have to find – one between the wellbeing of their own personality and the wellbeing of a group they feel they belong to. Prioritizing and healthy lifestyle will take them towards their core, where answers to their lost will and ego troubles may finally be found.

Love and Emotions

Such a passionate Soul must have a deep approach to sexuality and matters of sensual touch and love manifested through physical closeness. Without this type of intimacy, chances are slim that their bonds will last. They might give in to the temptation to judge those who are "promiscuous" just because they do something similar to what they would do. Their focus should really be obvious and clear every step of the way, or they might cut too many ropes out of simple frustration.

They are conquerors and those who win over other people's hearts, this making their partners quests before they truly fall in love for the first time. This distance from their own heart typically won’t last, but it might stick around for long enough that they lose focus of what truly matters in their workplace and around certain people. As they form the awareness of the difference between being madly attracted to someone and being deeply in love, they develop their ability to use their weapons and shields for protection of those they care for instead of poking them just because they need to fight and show their inner swallowed aggression.


The meaning of life of those born on June 18th is always set in matters of love and balance between them and the other person. Relationships will guide them wherever they even think of going, and their inner world needs the inspiration of love every step of the way. On a quest for love and a tender touch, they might meet many different people who think they’d make them happy, or they might distance themselves enough to feel bad when around and move over, creating the distance desired from the start.

What They Excel In

Every person born on June 18th excels in work that needs a lot of energy and physical strength, and this makes them excellent sportsmen, builders, workers in construction and third-shift learners, students, or employees. They are energetic and powerful, ready to lead the way and do something loud, characteristic, that also allows them to point their energy towards hard work instead of dispersing it on people who don’t deserve being treated in some way.

June 18th Birthday Gift

Humorous and direct enough, they will understand a joke even if it isn’t the tenderest one, but this won’t satisfy their Venus as much as an act of love might. Choose something with a clear message, something to guide them in the right direction or inform them of travel destination they wish to visit sometime. Pay for their gym or a set of weights, or think about a new pair of rollerblades or a bicycle they can ride next to you. In love with movement, they will cherish everything connected to it.

Positive Traits for June 18th Born

Sharp-minded, quick, movable and ready to take action, they are energetic Gemini with a new idea to light their way every minute. They are innovative, brave and fierce, and take risks without overthinking when they are necessary.

Negative Traits for June 18th Born

Angry, loud, unable to express emotions with fineness and tact, they could be too straightforward and hurt people with opinions they impose, however good their intentions might be.

Healing Crystal

Tantalite is a highly protective stone that will help a person born on the 18th of June shape their anger and their need to stand guarded. Showing them what to fear and what won’t endanger them, this stone presents a wonderful support to the field of personal boundaries. A person wearing it will feel calmer, emotionally controlled and lighter on stress. It is named by one of the sons of Zeus and as such shows the powerful, godly energy coming our way from the primal deity himself.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Gemini representatives born on June 18th:

"A Gipsy Emerging from the Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is Encamped"

On a chase to rise above the collective and see the world from a perspective that isn’t typical, the mind of those born on this date must be filled with all sorts of useful information. A wonderer and someone to set foot out of their typical zone of comfort, they are ready to try out something new, turn away from the collective and embark on their own path, for as long as they feel secure, well-grounded and protected.

Famous Birthdays on 18th of June

  • In 1816 Helene Napoleone Bonaparte was born, a French daughter of Napoleon with his mistress. He never acknowledged her, even though she was said to bear a striking resemblance to him.
  • In 1942 Paul McCartney was born, an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, known as the band member of the Beatles, and by his lasting solo career later on. Even his choice of charities speaks of Mars in his planetary row (animal rights, seal hunting, land mines, vegetarianism, etc.)
  • In 1952 Isabella Rossellini was born, an Italian actress, screenwriter and director, noted for her tenure as a Lancôme model and roles in Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, she was subjected to painful exercise, stretching, body casts and surgery on her spine.

Important Historical Events on 18th of June

  • 1178 – Five monks observe the formation of the Giordano Bruno crater on the surface of the Moon.
  • 1815 – The battle of Waterloo leads to Napoleon Bonaparte (born on August 15th) abdicating the throne of France for the last time.
  • 1873 – A $100 fine is issued to Susan B. Anthony (born on February 15th) for trying to vote in the 1872 presidential election.
  • 1900 – China's empress orders all foreigners killed, including foreign diplomats and their families.
  • 1908 – The beginning of the Japanese immigration to Brazil.
  • 1948 – Long-playing record album is introduced by Columbia Records.

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