07/12 Birthday - Zodiac Information

July 12th Zodiac

Date: July 12th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Color: Vanilla
In One Word: Separation
Shape: Circle Split in Half
Strength: Seeing
Weakness: Torn
Most Compatible With: Virgo

There is something faded in July 12th, telling a tale of inner conflicts and holes that are hard to jump over. Each solution must come from a pure heart and be wholesome and deep, or it won’t be a solution at all. It isn’t exactly easy to carry such strong oppositions inside one's Soul and the story of people born on this date is often extremely emotionally demanding until they find a way to shine as unique individuals in this world.

July 12th Horoscope

SUN – MOON – (Pluto) – URANUS

Relating between their parents must have been filled with some sort of tension, for Uranus in this planetary row seems to be there to conquer and divide. July 12th carries a special story of internal extremes, irreconcilable differences that a person nurtures inside their personality, and a deeply rooted problem between their emotional and rational worlds. Dominance comes with a prize and matters of the heart often blur their image of reality, making them vulnerable to all extreme choices when balance is to be found.

The second row speaks of the change their Sun needs to go through, deep and thorough, uncompromised. It is up to them to learn who they really are in their deepest core and go through feelings of loss and giving up until they see what they cannot do without and what they must let go of.

Love and Emotions

No matter their sexual orientation, Cancer representatives born on July 12th have an important contact with the opposite gender to resolve. The touch of their parents carries some sort of a glitch and a spark, that makes them vulnerable in contact with people who are supposed to be full of intimate support and love. This could make their relationships shorter and less predictable than they would like them to be. A bit unstable and torn between intellectual and emotional choices, they need someone to be their friend while able to truly listen and feel their emotional states along the way, too.

Before they find themselves happy in love, they will discover they carry a story of ancestors that needs to be resolved. Their task is always one that doesn’t feel like it is primarily their own, and they need to learn about their deepest personality before they manage to find someone that doesn’t push them into compromise until the entire relationship loses its meaning. In time, as they start to recognize their own inner light and power, they find a partner they can create with. This makes them stable, connected more deeply, and gives a chance for a relationship that will last them a lifetime or longer.


The final touch of July 12th is found in the role of the Sun, the manager and the gravity center to all other entities in the sky. Leadership and the perfect middle ground stand to call on those born on this date, as they rush through their path of self-discovery that allows them to see themselves clearly and shine with their most honest presentation of Self. Their main goal in this life is to find their core and create their own fate with bravery and confidence that they can and will do whatever they truly wish to.

What They Excel In

A person born on the 12th of July spends their life learning about relating to other people, trying to balance out feelings with reason, and their heart with their brain. This makes them excel in understanding others as they learn how to understand themselves. Their expertise is always in connection to others, to relating, matters of the heart, and callings and careers that include help and support for those in need. They may lead the way but only if they are turned to esoteric knowledge or research that is deep and quite obsessive.

July 12th Birthday Gift

The choice of the perfect present for a person born on the 12th of July isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first. Their diversity gives many options that will be seen as a gesture of love or good will. They understand common gifts such as red roses, candles and picture frames, and could be smitten by a personal note added to them, such as shared pictures in that frame you bought. They appreciate memories held close, and someone showing them that they never forget the beauty of times spent together in the past.

Positive Traits for July 12th Born

Loving, ready to care for another human being and deeply humane, they are considerate, open, and willing to shine a light on any shadow, scattering negativity from those who are traumatized or under too much pressure.

Negative Traits for July 12th Born

Torn into two personalities, divided from within and unsure if they should follow their heart or their mind, they find it hard to fit into the world around them as their dilemma grows and they lose sight of their wanting and desires.

Healing Crystal

To help them find purity in all their actions and thoughts, marialite is a great choice of crystal for those born on July 12th. It helps one find their Soul's path in this lifetime in such a way that their ego won’t suffer, and their heart won’t be broken and bruised. This is a stone that helps them deal with stress and resolve karmic debts that holds them back, opening their world for change that is needed in order for them to lead a more fulfilling life. Making one stronger to incorporate changes into their environment, their body and their train of thought, it is a powerful crystal that aids transformation.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Cancer representatives born on July 12th:

"Venetian Gondoliers Giving a Serenade"

When we take into consideration the fact that venetian gondolas had their use to transport corpses in the plague era, this romantic symbol seems to lose some of its idealistic glow. In its positive interpretation, this symbol comes down to the celebration of life itself and saying goodbyes in a timely manner to things that reached their expiration date. It is the magic of love coming from a great deal of pain, where history filled with sorrow serves as a foundation for wonders of today. The status of a gondolier nowadays is something uneasy to obtain and an important achievement for those born in Venice. This points out characteristics and stable authentic needs that combine their roots and their personality being potent to shine in a position that is a matter of prestige.

Famous Birthdays on 12th of July

  • In 1904 Pablo Neruda was born, a Chilean poet and diplomat that won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1971. Although his father opposed his interest in writing and literature, his surroundings supported his talent from an early age.
  • In 1937 Bill Cosby was born, an American comedian, actor and screenwriter, the star and the producer of The Cosby Show. He is a controversial public personality, in a stable marriage for years and yet accused by more than 50 women of sexually related crimes.
  • In 1951 Cheryl Ladd was born, an American actress known best for her role as Kris Monroe in the series Charlie's Angels. Her acceptance of Uranus in her planetary row combined with the lights is best seen in the fact that she kept the last name of a husband she divorced.

Important Historical Events on 12th of July

  • 1580 – The publishing of the Ostrog Bible, one of the early printed Bibles in Slavic language.
  • 1862 – The US Congress authorizes the Medal of Honor.
  • 1962 – The first concert of The Rolling Stones.
  • 1971 – The first time that the Australian Aboriginal Flag is flown.
  • 1979 – Kiribati island becomes independent from the UK.
  • 2006 – The beginning of the Lebanon-Israel war.

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