07/17 Birthday - Zodiac Information

July 17th Zodiac

Date: July 17th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Color: Neon Yellow
In One Word: Sparkle
Shape: Square in a Square
Strength: Uniqueness
Weakness: Rebellious
Most Compatible With: Scorpio

July 17th is a date of strange things, individualism and stress. It isn’t expected to see this much energy with the Sun in Cancer and expectations of family and close friends might be rough on nerves of those born at this time. This is a date of change, connecting, and higher philosophies, where past is freed from in order for the new Sun to rise.

July 17th Horoscope


The stress in the row of people born on July 17th is quite obvious and typically won’t be avoided until their individualistic needs are met. Their youth can be stressful or even traumatic, leading them to personal liberation and high strivings as they grow older. This is a strange time to be born in, when no structure can hold one back, and the personality wishes to emerge just as it is, special and unique, through the right social circles and norms that are in no way standard or common.

With a clear need to express their truth, each person born at this time has to feel the need of the group and still act in their own way, with respect for their true Self. A challenge in its own, gaining freedom from certain groups and possibly their family becomes a turning point in their life, where they take responsibility for the person they wish to become and start following the dream.

Love and Emotions

With love being their point of inspiration and their main goal in life, those born on July 17th tend to put their whole heart into any relationship they form. However, ego battles and forces that tear them apart are typically strong and won’t let love prevail until they learn what they deserve and who they really are. Breakups and stressful circumstances are to be expected, as well as all unusual relationships that might not be well-accepted in their surroundings. Setting free from prejudice, they will choose partners that go ahead of their time, and sometimes end up with those who don’t really see their core from their own projections and insecurities.

To be truly intimate and choose monogamy, they need someone productive and grounded, but able to give them a relationship filled with friendship, communication and freedom. In order to express their inner needs, they are to talk about each issue that comes into their mind and baggage, stress and difficulties of the heart should never be off topic. Once they build up to recognize their true character's strengths, they will find someone as individualistic and special as they are to stay surprised, excited and happy.


The main goal in lives of individuals born on the 17th of July is to reach the point of balance. Extremes will drive them from one shore to the other and push them back and forth until they manage to find true value and inspiration in life. They are to form close relationships, enjoy life, and fill their world with art and beauty if they wish to be truly happy. The more they struggle with personal value, the greater the distance from satisfaction they seek and the love they are to feel in this lifetime.

What They Excel In

Each July 17th birthday enriches our world with the voice of change and emotional liberation. People born on this date excel in everything modern and new and should never get stuck in the past, holding on to outdated issues that don’t make them happy. Finding their way through programming, astrology, science and modern technologies, they are innovative souls always ready to create something artistic through given, unusual means.

July 17th Birthday Gift

Birthday gifts for individuals born on the 17th of July need to hold information that makes them excited. They want to be surprised by something new, innovative, by fireworks and electronic equipment, but still kept in touch with their soft needs and artistic expression. Get something sparkly for their phone or a touch of color for their computer. Organize a gathering of friends and a surprise party that will put a smile on their face, and don’t be burdened by social norms and practicality while making your choice for as long as you are tender and have their heart in mind.

Positive Traits for July 17th Born

Ready to evolve, they are innovative, filled with new ideas and free-spirited once they find liberation from the surroundings they were born into. Friendly and interested in social events, they become the light of the party when they find themselves in the right tribe.

Negative Traits for July 17th Born

Rebellious or too strange to fit in, when they feel invisible, frustration piles up until they burst. Tough on words or hard to understand, their main challenge is the frailty they feel around other people and strict or aggressive attitudes of others that make themselves strict and aggressive.

Healing Crystal

As a crystal to help restlessness, hanksite is a very good choice for anyone born on the 17th of July. It is a stone that purifies the body, helps one breathe in toxic places, and supports them to set free from traumas and experiences from the past that hold them back. Promoting multidimensional evolution, this crystal contains knowledge to accelerate consciousness that has been locked away. It is a boost for creativity and the awakening of the feminine need within.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Cancer representatives born on July 17th in a year preceding a leap year:

"A Woman and Two Men Castaways on a Small Island of the South Seas"

The Sabian symbol for Cancer representatives born on July 17th in a leap year and two years following it:

"A Willful Man is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power"

The power of Nature, the Universe, and everything bigger than one single human is emphasized here, pointing out possible circumstances in one's life they cannot control. Letting go and accepting their destiny is one of the primal prerequisites for those born on this date, as this gives them wings to fly once they are able to face their reality. No self-delusion will work to their benefit and this becomes obvious every step of their chosen path. Their small ego needs to fall in order for the real personality to arise.

Famous Birthdays on 17th of July

  • In 1935 Donald Sutherland was born, a well-known Canadian actor that is about to receive an Academy Honorary Award for his contributions to cinema. He graduated from college with a double major in engineering and drama. He has been married three times.
  • In 1952 David Hasselhoff was born, an American actor and singer who set a Guinness World Record as the most watched man on TV. The role that rose Hasselhoff to fame is a fine depiction of his planetary row, named The Young and the Restless.
  • In 1975 Darude was born, a Finnish DJ and record producer, known for his progressive, uplifting style of music. His stage name came from the nickname "Rude Boy" that morphed into "Da Rude".

Important Historical Events on 17th of July

  • 1203 – Constantinople is captured by the Fourth Crusade.
  • 1867 – The first dental school affiliated with a university is established in the United States.
  • 1902 – The first air conditioner is created in Buffalo, New York.
  • 1945 – Allied nations leaders meet in defeated Germany to decide its future.
  • 1955 – Walt Disney (born on December 5th) opens and dedicates Disneyland in California.
  • 1984 – Legal drinking age in the US is changed from 18 to 21.

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