July 27th Zodiac

Date: July 27th
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Color: Baby Blue
In One Word: Ladder
Shape: Zig Zag
Strength: Intellect
Weakness: Stretched Thin
Most Compatible With: Gemini

A date such as the 27th of July holds a lot of rational thoughts and things that might stress out one's heart and one's lungs. It is a time for rollercoasters, exciting experiences and risk, and this points out the ability of those born at this time to deal with their own inner oppositions and battles. However, it brings a lot of tension, separation, and often anxiety, and serves as a turning point that isn’t always easy to bear.

July 27th Horoscope


It is the openness of heart that should lead the way for those born on July 27th, for Uranus won’t ever settle for small and uninhabited places. They feel the need to make changes, live somewhere high in the clouds, and often choose their home to be in big cities, large buildings enriched with use of modern technologies. However stressful their inner opposition might be, when they are in touch with their sensitive emotional core, they find ways through the riskiest and most challenging of situations, understanding that they are to set free of beaten trails and known patterns that others in their life repeat day after day.

Creative expression is to follow as their ideas pile up, and it is as important for them to find a way to use their inspiration and be productive, as it is to get in touch with their true nature. Seeing the beauty in life, falling in love, and enjoying the moment just as it is, they open up for incredible ways to shine and show the world what they are truly able to bring into it.

Love and Emotions

July 27th is a stressful time for any sort of relationships except those between friends. Misunderstandings are possible, as well as strange conversations that burst the bubble of love much faster than one would like. Their romances tend to be cut short by circumstances that no one would anticipate, and it is important for them to let go instead of sticking with people who don’t make them happy and don’t make them smile. Their hearts are at stake if they start torturing themselves with feelings of inadequacy while believing they are unable to ever make a solid bond.

The most important ingredients of any relationship in their life are freedom and friendship. Their future might be set with someone they have known for ages, someone they have had an affair on and off with, and always a person that understands their words better than anyone else. Passionate, grounded relationships that keep them tied to one place and a standard routine won’t make them satisfied or happy if there is no spark to light their heart every day and give them wings.


Uranus is the setting point of these Uranus bound characters whose Sun sign seems to show everything that stands to oppose it. This distant planet is an opposition in its core and they are to resolve it and set free through the middle ground they find while filling their stomachs with respect for other people, and themselves. To be able to connect to higher planes and truly feel the magnificence of their lives, their routine and their body should be in check, or they won’t be able to digest what comes from the outer world as well as they anticipate they might.

What They Excel In

A Leo representative born on July 27th excels in everything that opposes the primal nature of this Sun sign. This means that their talent for humanistic sciences is grand, their need to help the people strong, and their mind open for everything that is new and out of the ordinary. When they are ready to learn and open enough to be who they were made to be, they become eccentric programmers, designers, scientists and astrologers, and those special individuals that easily get in touch with the higher realms, constantly ahead of their time.

July 27th Birthday Gift

With individuals born on the 27th of July being in some sort of a constant inner opposition, their birthday gift can be an utter disaster even if it resonates well with their intellectual spheres. The right way to go is through their heart, their family, and their way of relating on a subtle, intimate level. Although an electric device or the new technology peak might be your best bet, it is even better to choose a piece of modern art with a powerful message or a piece of clothing that will lift their spirits up and make them feel unique.

Positive Traits for July 27th Born

Open-minded, ready for a new adventure and always in touch with modern, innovative approaches, they are a field of information ready to be shone on the world. Good friends, adaptable and loyal, it is in their power to change anyone's life if they aren’t stuck in their own.

Negative Traits for July 27th Born

Eccentric and easily turned to egoistic choices, they are torn on the inside and might bring riots and unnecessary stress into the world of other people. Stressed out and fighting battles that don’t serve their mission, they need to find inner peace to be as warm and bright as they were made to be.

Healing Crystal

The right choice of stone for Leo representatives born on July 27th is kammererite. It is used to balance the brain and heal one's world of traumatic experiences, enhancing their ability to find balance and the middle ground they seek when relating to others. This crystal will make them more open for sides of life they have neglected, leading them to harmony of body and soul, while protecting their home from unwanted energies and their heart from pain of the inner struggle.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on July 27th in each year that isn’t a leap year:

"A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back from a Hunting Expedition"

The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on July 27th in a leap year:

"Rock Formations Tower over a Deep Canyon"

There is a loud and important statement seen in these symbols, be it the power of nature or just one person. Both have a shape to follow, something with meaning and a purpose we can anticipate or recognize through archetypal meanings. On the other hand, something old and unchangeable shows the constant that individuals born at this time need to find, as they hold on to things that last instead of allowing life to throw them from one side of reality, to the other. It is the solid foundation of the Self, that gives them grounding needed to refuel and find ways to fly.

Famous Birthdays on 27th of July

  • In 1921 Garry Davis was born, an American pilot and activist who created a fantasy travel document named "The World Passport" to follow the concept of world citizenship.
  • In 1968 Julian McMahon was born, an Australian model and actor, recognized for his roles in Charmed and Nip/Tuck. He dropped out of his university studies to become a model, causing a rift between him and his parents.
  • In 1984 Taylor Schilling was born, an American actress best known for her role in Orange is the New Black. She pointed out that she doesn’t fit in any box and that no part of her can be put under a label, this including her sexuality.

Important Historical Events on 27th of July

  • 1866 – The completion of the first permanent transatlantic telegraph cable.
  • 1890 – Vincent van Gogh (born on March 30th) shoots himself.
  • 1921 – It is proven that insulin regulates blood sugar.
  • 1940 – The character of Bugs Bunny is introduced with the release of the animated film A Wild Hare.
  • 1949 – The first jet-powered airliner takes flight.
  • 1990 – Belarus declares its independence from the Soviet Union.

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