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September 14th Zodiac

Date: September 14th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Color: Harvest Gold
In One Word: Reality
Shape: Sickle
Strength: Responsible
Weakness: Depression
Most Compatible With: Capricorn

September 14th is a serious date filled with issues that need to be fixed so that the right foundation can be set for the ideal of the future. People born at this time feel responsible to make things right and depending on the position and strength of their natal Saturn, they will recognize injustice or the right path to follow through ordeals served in their lifetime. Difficulties that show at this time are only signals that things need to change, and that it is up to them to build their own lives with ambition and belief in ways of the Universe.

September 14th Horoscope


When Sun and Saturn combine in a row, things tend to get difficult as responsibilities pile up and one is to learn about hardships of life as their rightful path. Virgos born on September 14th recognize injustice around them, and see things that are mistaken, faults in others and themselves, and need to fix them in ways that allow them to rest and relax so they can be clear in their rational choices towards the right goal. Ambitious and driven forwards by problems in their path, they need a lot of basic energy and their body nurtured to be able to truly dedicate their lives to the order they wish to maintain and create.

Loops in their lives will untangle and repeat until hard lessons are learnt. Although they may have many blessings to be thankful for, they will often focus on the dark side in their strong willingness to resolve it, and this shouldn’t induce the feeling of guilt in the process. Still, it is important that they recognize and show gratitude for the positive and light things that surround them, so they can balance out their altruistic, fix-it-all nature with joys that life is rich with.

Love and Emotions

Although there is a rational note to those born on September 14th that keeps them in solid and lasting choices for long periods of time, everyone born in this month has an ideal to strive for that is vivid and always present. This will be seen through their romantic bonds as they build them to the point where they no longer fulfill their emotional needs. They might sometimes get lost in the unseen or become depressed over beliefs in those close to their heart, trying to find someone to be dignified, respectful and loving enough to find them too.

Their love stories might seem less intense than those of others, but the inner depth and struggle of emotion is quite real and often hard to see for people around them. When they communicate openly about their issues, they could stumble upon surprised faces and misunderstandings that leave them feeling alone and bound to their own inner world. It is important that they realize that their physical, emotional and rational sides all need to be satisfied to some point, so they can form the bond they wish to stay in for life.


In lives of those born on September 14th, the purpose shines through clean Mercury coming out of Virgo. Their story is one of speaking, messages that ground them and make them feel confident around others, and the right social circle to connect to in tenderness and love. Roughness of life is to be balanced with its colors and beauty so that they can see the truth and let go to the flow of speaking and expressing their authentic personality as openly as they are meant to.

What They Excel In

A Virgo born on September 14th is ambitious and organized, aware of the steps that need to be taken to reach the goal and the point of resolution. They will endure in all activities that require time and a long battle, and often find their way to leading positions in large systems that need to be maintained and held organized and strict. Areas that might spark their interest and bring out the best in them are those in writing about history, gathering biographic details on people who once lived, as well as structural engineering, mathematics, and everything that is complicated and in need of fixing.

September 14th Birthday Gift

The right birthday gift for a Virgo born on September 14th may be a history book or a biography of their role model. They need something realistic to read, think about and touch, and you can always choose something useful and practical. Still, this shouldn’t be a gadget for their home but rather something that will help their career grow, a new computer, a pen, or a wrist watch. They need things that keep them in loop with organization and time, but it is good to make them beautiful and inspiring in some way, connecting their own inner extremes of beauty and responsibility into one.

Positive Traits for September 14th Born

Ambitious, dedicated, loyal and responsible, they are the right person to rely on in a time of need. They hold solutions to problems that others don’t even see and are to be taken seriously in their intent to make this world a better place.

Negative Traits for September 14th Born

Stuck, stubborn, and inflexible, they get rigid in their opinions and easily turn to dogma if they aren’t well supported in their creative efforts. They need to express fully and with enough childish joy if they are to reach higher goals they wish to reach.

Healing Crystal

Tinaksite is a stone known to help one release mental clutter and it is very good for those born on the 14th of September. It is a crystal that will allow them to let go of negative thoughts, worries and concerns, allowing them to balance out their lives with positive and light things that are already in it. Also, it is a protective stone that allows a person to see their boundaries and distance themselves from those who harass or bruise them in any way.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 14th in two years preceding a leap year:

"A Girls’ Basketball Team"

The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 14th in a leap year and a year following it:

"A Royal Coat of Arms Enriched with Precious Stones"

There is something extremely precious in the female principle in these symbols, as if the entire story of lives of these individuals is about seeking dignity and power through feminine jewels of wisdom, and a seemingly passive battle towards success. Their fight for justice needs to be empowered with love, belief, and devotion that is in its foundation gentle and caring, and their tenderness needs to guide them through relationships with power and energy that is archetypally given to all that is male. When in touch with their gentle side, they might just change the world.

Famous Birthdays on 14th of September

  • In 1965 Dmitry Medvedev was born, a Russian lawyer, politician and the 3rd President of Russia who was considered more liberal than his successor Vladimir Putin (born on October 7th). During his tenure, Russia recovered from the Great Recession.
  • In 1968 Michelle Stafford was born, an American actress, screenwriter and producer, best known for her role in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. She welcomed her first child with a gestational surrogate.
  • In 1983 Amy Winehouse was born, an English singer and songwriter, recognized for her expressive vocals and as the first British woman to win five Grammys. Her success, philanthropy and extremely deep expression still haven’t helped with substance abuse, self-harm and eating disorders. She died from alcohol poisoning when she was 27 years old.

Important Historical Events on 14th of September

  • 1829 – The Russo-Turkish War is ended as the Treaty of Adrianople is signed.
  • 1914 – Australian Navy's first submarine is lost at sea.
  • 1917 – The Russian Empire formally becomes the Republic of Russia.
  • 1959 – A Soviet probe crashes onto the Moon, the first human made object to reach its surface.
  • 1975 – Elizabeth Ann Seton (born on August 28th) is canonized, becoming the first American saint.
  • 1984 – The first flight of a gas balloon over the Atlantic Ocean.

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