April 15th Zodiac

Date: April 15th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Color: Mikado Yellow
In One Word: Searching
Shape: Dashed Line
Strength: Speed of Thought
Weakness: Insensitive
Most Compatible With: Gemini

The middle of April is reserved for deeply personal matters that trigger the sense of awareness and Unity in the world of a person born on April 15th. They are seekers and curious, energetic individuals, always on a personal quest that will save them, save their loved ones, or save entire humanity. Movement is their fuel, but it could get hard for them to understand on which premises to choose their direction.

April 15th Horoscope


In search for a wall to break on their path towards freedom, those born on the 15th of April have several things to reconcile within. Their Sun is strong for they are born in the season of Aries, but Mercury makes it important to fit in the social bonds that surround them, becoming a member of a group or a team. They need to find a way to balance out their fiery nature with the natures of people around them, and this won't be easily done for as long as they follow any imposed pattern of behavior or personality expression from their father figures, role models, or their childhood home.

The second step of analysis shows that the numbers combine into the new row of the Sun with Pluto, speaking of a deep change that one's personality needs to go through. Only ultimate and completely natural truth can be accepted here, and every lie told to others or oneself might endanger their wellbeing and their health.

Love and Emotions

When speaking about emotions of those born on April 15th, we need to keep in mind that they are primarily rational beings with heightened instincts and a powerful gut feeling. This is what they will mostly rely on when they begin their romantic involvements and the gut feeling will show them to be right every time, setting their expectation at quite a realistic level of understanding. Still, this doesn't exactly allow them to dream as much as they need to, and it is wise for them to decide to let go to the flow of love every now and then, no matter their possible disappointment.

They need a partner who is supportive of their self-expression and someone to talk to, and they will find that their own emotional state is reflected in another person instantly. Connections they build with another human being are incredibly strong, but only if they are open for something other than rational choices and words spoken with absolute clarity. Happiness with another person hides in silence shared at peace.


A person born on the 15th of April has a task to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and ask themselves who they really are. If they follow one path only to become successful but remain unsatisfied, they could lose the motivation to try again. Knowing that one is good in several things at once can be a blessing if they know what makes them feel at home, and where they belong, not caring to be the best or the first among many. Their purpose in life is to find who they are, but in the purest and most honest form possible.

What They Excel In

A person born on April 15th excels in oratory and writing skills, sometimes programming and problem solving of any sorts. They are intelligent and aware of details that could taint the bigger image, and know where to search for faults if they need to be found. Their creative being needs to be nurtured throughout their life choices, and they should express in every possible way, communicating, writing, or texting, creating social contacts wherever they are desirable. They are wonderful neighbors, siblings, and relatives, and for as long as they manage to stay within reach but distant enough from other people, they will balance out their social touch with their inner need for grandness.

April 15th Birthday Gift

When looking for a birthday gift for a person born on the 15th of April, we should always consider something practical, something to be read like a manual, or a tool that will satisfy their need to be quick and instantly implementing. They are the perfect person to get a Swiss knife to put on their keys, a reading lens or something else they need every day that can be carried in their purse or their wallet. They will read, speak, and sing, and anything from a diary or a fine pen, to a portable karaoke will be a good choice.

Positive Traits for April 15th Born

Verbal, talkative, and ready to express their truth, they easily become the favorite person in a group and know how to charm those they interact with. They are open, brave, and curious, allowing their childish nature to blossom every day.

Negative Traits for April 15th Born

They are overly rational, out of sync with their emotional being and often uncompassionate, always ready to start a fight if they don't understand the reason for their troubles.

Healing Crystal

The stone that a person born on the 14th of April should choose to help them on their way is golden rutilated quartz. This is a stone with intense energy that will amplify one's thoughts until they are clarified, helping materialization of what is being imagined, envisioned, and said. It aids a person to get in touch with the Divine Mind and feel like being a part of one whole, while at the same time being in touch with the core of their personality.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 15th born in any year that isn't a leap year:

"The Possibility for Man to Gain Experience at Two Levels of Being"

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 15th of a leap year:

"A Man Possessed of More Gifts than He Can Hold"

In general, symbols for the 15th of April speak of the duality Mercury brings into the planetary row of this date. Those born at this time seem to have a lot given to them, but have too many choices that need to be made, and can't separate their mission from their ability. The connection between all things they are good at needs to be found, and however cheesy it may sound, the answer to their constantly questioned direction is hidden in their heart. They will feel the love for something that isn't found in other things that satisfy their ego, and this is the only road they should follow in life.

Famous Birthdays on 15th of April

  • In 1452 Leonardo da Vinci was born, an Italian Renaissance polymath, known for incredible accomplishments in science, painting, architecture, engineering, and cartography. He is known as the "Universal Genius" or a man with "unquenchable curiosity".
  • In 1959 Emma Thompson was born, an English actress and activist, known for her many roles including those in Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually. As an activist for human rights and environmentalism, she has been criticized for being too outspoken.
  • In 1966 Samantha Fox was born, an English singer, songwriter and glamour model that modeled topless at age 16 and launched her music career later on. The depth of her Sun troubles can be seen in her relationship with her father, who had managed her career until the point when she sued him for embezzlement and was awarded a significant court settlement. She had not spoken to him for almost a decade before he died.

Important Historical Events on 15th of April

  • 1071 – The last Byzantine possession in Italy is surrendered.
  • 1817 – The foundation of the American School for the Deaf, the first school for deaf students in the US.
  • 1861 – The call of President Abraham Lincoln (born on February 12th) for 75 thousand volunteers to quell the insurrection that is later to become the American Civil War.
  • 1923 – Insulin is generally available for use by people suffering from diabetes.
  • 1924 – The first road atlas is published.
  • 1964 – Before going on sale nationwide, the first Ford mustang rolls of the show room floor.

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